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   Chapter 17 Sudden Illness

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Qin Meng's voice rang through Qinxin Hall just as the morning sun shone. She asked," Qin Yi, do you think that we should wake the Princess earlier today? Since Princess Yun Shang received a title last night, by convention, consorts below the highest rank will come to congratulate her after breakfast this morning. However, the Princess is fond of her sleep and doesn't wake up until lunch. Wouldn't it be improper if the Princess is still sleeping when the consorts arrive?

Qin Yi thought about it and replied," Let's prepare some food first, and get the toiletries ready. Then we can send some people to wait outside for the consorts, who will most likely arrive after they greet the Queen and finish breakfast. We can wake up the Princess when we see the consorts coming from the other side of the lake. Since the view is clear from here, we will have enough time. Let the Princess sleep as much as possible.

Qin Meng nodded and walked joyfully out of the gate to inform the servants to prepare the water. Qin Yi smiled at her retreating figure and turned around. She wanted to ask the kitchen to cook some porridge but suddenly, she stopped and thought to herself, 'By convention, from among the several Princesses of Emperor Ning, Princess Yun Shang was the first to receive such a title. How would Qin Meng know that the Princesses with lower ranks than the Princess Yun Shang, would come to greet and congratulate her? Qin Meng didn't seem to care for these things earlier.'

Qin Yi frowned and thought for a long time but just couldn't figure out what the problem was. She only felt that there seemed to be something wrong with Qin Meng.

Just as she had finished her tasks, Qin Yi heard the eunuch outside the door speaking," Qin Yi, I see some people coming from the other side of the river."

Qinxin Hall was relatively remote, and there were very few people coming and going. It must be the consorts coming to congratulate the Princess. Thinking about it, Qin Yi instructed the eunuch," Go and bring all the things that have been prepared. I will use them when the Princess gets up. Then she opened the curtains and entered the inner hall.

The inner hall was very quiet. Qin Yi took a look at the lump on the bed hidden behind the mosquito net and smiled. She went to open the windows and whispered," Your highness, it's time to get up."

Having called twice but receiving no response, she shook her head. Princess Yun Shang was smart and lovely, but her only shortcoming was that she loved to sleep late. Qin Yi approached the bed, opened the mosquito net and leaned over. She tried to hold Yun Shang to sit her up, but she found that the body of the little girl was burning hot.

Shocked, she quickly checked Yun Shang's face, and noticed that she was red and her forehead was hot as well.

"Help! The Princess is feverish. Call the imperial physicians now…"

"What? The Princess is having a fever?" Came the voice of Qin Meng from outside. She rushed inside and checked the princess. "How come does she has such a high fever? I will call the Imperial Physician right away…" Although she had disappeared, she could still be heard in the inner hall.

Several palace maids and eunuchs rushed inside after they heard Qin Yi's cry for help. Qin Yi thought it over and commanded," Lin, send a few palace maids to inform the consorts who are coming that the Princess has caught a cold after getting wet in the rain yesterday and that she won't be able to meet them. We don't want to risk spreading her sickness. Tell them to come over another day. And just stay in Qinxin Hall. If any consort inside, explain to them as well. Others, go and bring some hot water.

Everyone nodded at her instructions and went out to do the

ir jobs. It was some time before Qin Meng came in along with an old man with a white beard. She said," Qin Yi, the imperial physician is here."

Qin Yi promptly sat Yun Shang up and walked towards the physician. "Please come and have a look. What is wrong with the Princess? Her body is burning hot and her face is red…"

The physician sat at the Princess's bedside. He checked her pulse and said," Princess Hui Guo has caught a cold after getting wet in the rain yesterday. She has a high fever which should be brought down as soon as possible. Tell some people to bring some alcohol to wipe her and I will give a prescription. You should send someone to the Imperial Hospital to get the medicine, then decoct the medicine, and feed it to the Princess.

Qin Meng nodded and spoke," Qin Yi, you take care of the Princess. I will get some people to bring the medicine, and I will fetch some alcohol." She stood besides the Physician as she spoke, and handed him the pen and some ink. She rushed out the door as soon as the Physician had finished writing.

Yun Shang's fever finally broke in the afternoon. Emperor Ning came to visit and asked Qin Yi and Qin Meng to take good care of her. He left when he was satisfied that the Princess was feeling better.

When the lamps were lighted, Qin Meng, leaning on the chair and stared at Qin Yi, who had been constantly wiping Yun Shang's body with alcohol. She yawned and said to Qin Yi," You have been working all day. Go and get some rest. I will take care of the Princess."

Qin Yi smiled," Well, you have been yawning all day as well. I'd better watch the Princess since she is still feverish. You go to sleep first and take over my job tomorrow morning when her fever reduces more."

Qin Meng considered Qin Yi's proposition and nodded: "Okay, thank you for your hard work. Tomorrow I will get up early for sure." Yawning, she opened the curtains and walked out.

Qin Yi continued to wipe Yun Shang's body with alcohol for a little while longer. When she raised her head, she saw Yun Shang is staring at the top of the bed.

"You are awake, Your Highness?" She said with joy. "You just scared me to death. Still feeling sick?"

Yun Shang heard the voice, rolled her eyes, and looked at Qin Yi," I have a sore throat and my body aches. What happened to me?

Qin Yi walked to the table and poured some water for the Princess. "Drink some hot water first, Your Highness. You got a cold due to your exposure to the rain yesterday. I noticed that your body was burning hot in the morning, so I called for the physician. You have been asleep the whole day. What happened to you today, really scared me. By the way, the medicine is still on the stove. You should drink some water first, Your Highness. I will bring you the medicine.

Yun Shang sat up. Her whole body felt sore. Frowning, she took the water glass handed by Qin Yi. Just as Qin Yi turned to get the medicine, she heard a noise. When she opened the curtains, she saw two people standing outside.

"Ahhh…" Qin Yi couldn't help but let out a cry of fear.

"Hmm? What happened, Qin Yi?" Yun Shang turned to look at the doorway and saw two people walking inside, both of whom were in black cloaks with their faces covered. When they entered the room, the person in front pulled aside the cloak, and her delicate face was revealed.

"… Mother?" To her surprise, the person was Lady Jin, who lived in the Cold Palace and didn't have much freedom to go in and out. How did she make it to Qinxin Hall?

Lady Jin smiled, walked to the bedside, and sat down. Qin Yi brought a cup of tea for her and asked," Your Majesty, why did you come here? The hall is filled with spies arranged by Empress Yuan Zhen. If someone sees you…"

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