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   Chapter 16 Rise To Fame

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"Eh, what's wrong with the weather?" People whispered.

Yun Shang smiled lightly. She bowed her head, reached for the pear on the table, and took a bite. Everything was the same as it was in her previous life, except for the mistake made by Hua Jing and Wu Na's decree that she had brought back. Another small change had been the location of the Ceremony. Instead of holding it at Jinluan Hall, the ritual was now being carried out on Penglai Island. Since the celebration was not supposed to be grand, as per the decree, fewer people were in attendance. Beyond that, everything remained unchanged. Just as it was in her previous life, on the eve of the Ceremony, it had begun to thunder and rain.

Emperor Ning was shocked but lit up with pleasure. He said," How correct our Master Wu Na has been! Thanks to Yun Shang's unremitting pray for the people, it's going to rain after such a long drought."

Smiles animated the public's faces and they all acclaimed repeatedly," Princess Yun Shang's sincerity moved the Buddha, so it rains and this year, people can finally have a good harvest."

Yun Shang smiled and ignored how infuriated Hua Jing looked. She said," We should thank Master Wu Na. I just conveyed his message and sister still got to hold her Coming-of-age Ceremony."

Hua Jing hummed coldly as Yun Shang spoke. Then she left. The guests looked on in confusion. Yun Shang looked at the Empress and Emperor Ning. While The Emperor smiled sincerely, The Empress glared at Yun Shang, with hostility.

Yun Shang lowered her head, and looked at her cup on the table. After a while, Hua Jing returned wearing a slip skirt. She showed off to the crowd and then gave a bow to The Empress and Emperor Ning.

A maid approached with a hairpin. The Prime Minister's wife took the hairpin and was about to express her felicitation when thunder resounded, and the skies opened up.

"Oh my God. It's raining..."

Emperor Ning stood up excitedly and pushed aside the umbrella that had hurriedly been opened by the eunuch beside him. "Good rain! Good rain!" he said.

All the ministers addressed The Emperor with a bow, and chants of 'Long live, Your Majesty!'

Emperor Ning laughed loudly and said," Princess Yun Shang is meritorious in praying for rain. I have decided to raise her to the rank of Princess Hui Guo. I will also reward her with one red shawl skirt, one pink gilded thin yarn skirt, and one emerald Jasper hairpin.

Yun Shang took a quick bow and said," It's my honor, Your Majesty!"

Hua Jing's Coming-of-age Ceremony had been ruined. After Yun Shang's award, the rain became so heavy that The Emperor ordered all guests to disperse.

Upon returning to the Qinxin Hall, Qin Yi and Qin Meng laughed happily. "Your Highness, it's said that the rank of Princess Hui Guo, which is also known as the highest rank among all princesses, has only ever been given to the Empress's daughter. It's truly amazing that you have received this title. It means you would also get a Princess Palace as well as a fief."

Qin Yi laughed happily before remembering that Princess Yun Shang had been soaked in the rain. She stopped laughing and hurriedly said," Qin Meng, her Highness is wet. Prepare some bath water for her." Then she took out a clean cloak and went to Yun Shang," Your Highness, let me help you change out of your wet clothes."

Yun Shang nodded. After Qin Meng left, she said to herself," My birth mother will be very happy when she learns of all that happened today."

Qin Yi nodded in agreement. "Yes, only if you live happily, will the Lady be assured." After a brief

pause, Qin Yi added," I saw the gloom on The Empress and Princess Hua Jing faces. I am concerned that they may do something bad to you."

Yun Shang nodded and whispered," I know that they didn't scheme something awful before because I was no threat to them. After what happened today, I know that they will not wait any longer. Today, I was named Princess Hui Guo and took the honor meant for Hua Jing. They will not tolerate such humiliation. They will find it easier to kill me in a bid to spare all future troubles while I am still young."

Qin Yi frowned and sighed," Your Highness, we are incapable of striking back. When the Princess Palace is finished, let's move there."

Yun Shang smiled at her and said," Are you pulling my leg? Did you ever see a royal girl move to the Princess Palace before getting married? Don't worry, let's wait and see what happens."

"As you say, Your Highness. You asked me to pay more attention to the people that work here. The other day, I found that a maid called Ya Qing who was working in the kitchen, left Qinxin Hall. I did not follow her as I didn't want to alert her. So, Your Highness, do you think the Empress is conspiring with someone in the kitchen? If so, Your Highness, you should be more vigilant of the foods served to you." Qin Yi whispered to Yun Shang, who then took a moment to think about all that she had heard.

"I understand. Besides the people in the kitchen, I am concerned about the people around me. Lin and you were taken away by the Empress's servants. The Empress was extremely careful and couldn't only bring two maids with her. I wonder whether Qin Meng and Yun, who I had chosen along with Lin, had also been taken away by the Empress's men and coerced into spying for the Empress. However, only you and Lin told me about your ordeals, so I'm afraid..."

"So, your Highness, do you suspect Qin Meng?" Qin Yi frowned, the innocent and ignorant face of Qin Meng flashed through her mind," But Qin Meng isn't the sort of person who is secretive about things. Besides, your Highness, you have used the fire to eliminate the spies that the Empress had arranged so painstakingly. So it is impossible for them to fight back quickly."

Yun Shang smiled," Do not underestimate the Empress. Just because I eliminated her spies, doesn't mean she cannot buy-off my servants. As for Qin Meng..." Yun Shang paused briefly," It would be better if the Empress hadn't picked her up. If she did, Qin Meng is obviously serving for her now and she disguises herself so well. If so, I would admire such a good spy."

"Your Highness, here comes your bath water." The lively voice of Qin Meng floated in from outside. Yun Shang hid her pensive expression. She turned and saw Qin Meng open the curtain, followed by four maids carrying buckets.

Yun Shang said with a smile," Why do I always have a feeling that Qin Meng is more like a child than I am?"

Qin Meng hastily walked up to Yun Shang and said," Your Highness, I can't agree more with you. You seem to be only eight years old, but you look like an adult who is princess-like."

Qin Yi looked at Qin Meng for a while, and then tittered," She is the princess. There's no doubt that she's princess-like."

Qin Meng rushed to explain," I mean she is as level-headed as an adult."

"I understand. The bath water has been prepared. Your Highness, let's clean you before the water turns cold." Qin Yi and Qin Meng held Yun Shang together to the bath bucket and helped her shower.

Since it was late, after putting on clean clothes and finishing her dinner, Yun Shang went to bed.

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