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   Chapter 5 Day Break

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"Mother, mother..." Upon returning to Qiwu Palace, Hua Jing hurriedly ran to the empress' side.

She was met with a frown from the empress. "What are you doing here? You should be in bed."

Hua Jing waved to the servants around the empress and they retreated. Then she said, "Mother, I heard that Nichang Palace was on fire. How is it now? Was that little bitch burned?"

The empress was gloomy due to the depressing experience back in Nichang Palace and snorted at what Hua Jing said, "Burned? You make it sound so easy! She was rescued by your father's guards, and she later claimed that she saw some suspicious figures. In the end, All my men I put around her were arrested!"

"How could this be? Can we trust the them not to… betray us?" Still a young girl, Hua Jing was unaccustomed to these matters. Listening to the queen, she felt nervous and unsettled.

The empress addressed her nonchalantly, "The people I chose are completely loyal. They would keep our secrets in torture or in death!" The empress paused briefly, before continuing, "But there did seem to be something wrong with Yun Shang. Of course, she didn't disobey my orders. But when the emperor called to have the servants arrested, she..

Hua Jing thought for a moment about what the empress had told her. "During the day time, she didn't speak to me at all. Maybe she was just overwhelmed by everything, but she didn't seem to do anything out of the ordinary. I really don't think we need to worry about that simple-minded girl, mother.. By the way, Lian Xin told me she was possessed by demons. They had to call a monk to perform an exorcism."

"An exorcism?" The empress repeated after her daughter and then smiled. "Well, we really do need to drive out certain demons…"

"Do you have a plan, mother?" Listening to her mother, Hua Jing already knew that she did. She was positive that her mother had the perfect plan to make that little bitch suffer, once and for all.

The empress smiled and gestured with her finger, "Come closer." Hua Jing did as she was told. She listened closely to her the cold whisper from her mother, "Your coming-of-age ceremony will be held very soon. During the ceremony…"

Meanwhile, while mother and daughter were busy conspiring, Yun Shang found herself at a loss for words. Considering the last five years of her previous life, Yun Shang felt it strange to now be so close to her father again. This, coupled with the fact that she was living in the body of an eight-year-old girl, made her feel uncomfortable.

"Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? Are you scared? Why don't you talk to your father?" The emperor had stopped walking and now looked down at Yun Shang with a worried look.

Yun Shang shook her head. "I thought you were busy thinking about something. I didn't want to interrupt you."

The emperor stopped again and looked closely at the little girl. In the dim light of the servant's lantern, she reminded him of the consort Jin. Thinking of her, he smiled and said with a smile, "You were never like this in the past."

Yun Shang tried recall the voice of her eight-year-old self, "I don't sound like me? Who do I sound like?"

The emperor was struck with the conflicting emotions of joy and sorrow. "You sound like your birth mother."

Yun Shang was surprised at the emperor's mention of her birth mother. She knew the emperor was talking about Lady Jin, who was living in the Cold Palace. She found herself with nothing to say but the emperor didn't seem to expect a response. He continued, "You birth mother was quiet and subdued. I used to think you were different, but it seems I was wrong. Lady Jin was also talented at the four classical arts, though I don't think you've studied any of them."

"Really?" Inside, Yun Shang felt a pang of emotion. On the outside, she smiled and laughed carelessly.

"You must be exhausted from all the commotion. Go to Wanshou to have a rest now. We are going to hold an assembly in Qinzhen Palace soon, and I need to prepare some official documents. I'll have the imperial doctors give you something to help soothe your nerves.

Yun Shang bowed and replied politely, "Yes, Father. As you wish."

She waited until the emperor left before she stood up and began the trip to Wan Shou Palace.

Yun Shang woke up from a nap at noon. However, after eating a light meal, she sti

ll felt tired. Just as she was about to go back to sleep, the head eunuch entered with about a dozen other attendants. From their attire, Yun Shang knew that they were all maids and eunuchs. As she sat up, she wondered what they were doing interrupting her nap. The head eunuch soon spoke up, "Your Highness, his majesty, the emperor, sent these servants for you. You may have your pick of the group. The rest will return at once."

Yun Shang nodded at the group. "I will pick two for close attendants and let you choose the rest as you need. I don't need too many, as long as we can handle the duties at hand."

In her previous life, she had always surrounded herself with as many servants as she could. She had learned though, that with more servants, there were also more spies. She aimed to avoid that ruinous path this time around. After picking two of the smartest eunuchs and a young maidservant, she noticed another maid, standing at the side with her sleeves rolled to her elbows. Surprised at what she noticed on the maid's wrist, Yun Shang asked her, "What is your name?"

The maid addressed her with a curtsy, "Your Highness, my name is Qin Yi."

Yun Shang nodded, "You look competent, I'll take you too."

"It is my honor, your highness, " the maid replied.

The head eunuch smiled at Yun Shang's choice of servants. "Qingxin Palace is a wonderful place. The palace is next to Yanque Lake and is surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. It is a quiet place, so unlike the clamorous Mingjing Lake. There you will find great peace and tranquility."

In Yun Shang's memory, in her past life, Qingxin Palace had always been given to the emperor's favorite consort. She remembered the palace fondly and looked forward to the beautiful scenery. Perhaps her luck had changed and things were finally beginning to get better. Thinking about the palace, she felt happy and light. She spoke to the eunuch again, "Since his majesty is on official business with his ministers, I won't bother him. Please send him my utmost gratitude. I will go to Qingxin Palace at once with these servants.

The head eunuch received the order and left Yun Shang at once. Yun Shang and her servants began the trip to Qingxin Palace.

Since Qingxin Palace had been suddenly given to Yun Shang, the entire place had been hastily cleaned and restored. Despite the imperfections, Yun Shang was completely satisfied with the place. She entered the palace and ordered all of the servants except Qin Yi to attend to her luggage. Even though Nichang Palace had burned down, most of her belonging had survived and been sent to Qingxin.

Only Yun Shang and Qin Yi remained in the grand entrance to the palace. Yun Shang carefully surveyed the girl in front of her. She found a beautiful, gentle young women with a pair of captivating eyes. Qin Yi's external beauty had been the main reason why Yun Shang initially ignored her. She wanted competent, resourceful assistants, not just good-looking ones.

"Who sent you here?" Yun Shang asked calmly after a long pause.

Qin Yin bowed to the little girl and took a bracelet off of her wrist. She handed it to Yun Shang. "Your Highness, do you know who this belongs to?"

Yun Shang took the bracelet and quickly looked it over. It was the bracelet she had given to Lady Jin. Yun Shang had picked Qin Yi only because of the bracelet.

"Lady Jin is my benefactor. But from now on, you are my master."

Still unsure why Lady Jin would send Qin Yi, Yun Shang held her birth mother in a new light. Perhaps she wasn't as weak as she had once thought. After all, to survive in the cruel environment of the imperial palace took a certain tenacity and wherewithal. Still, Yun Shang was unsure whether it was wise to get her mother involved in the trouble of late.

Letting out a light sigh, Yun Shang tried to clear her mind of fleeting thoughts and spoke to Qin Yi in a low voice. "Since my mother sent you, I will treat you as a trusted confidant. Although I have status here, I still have no one to confide in. You're the first person I think I can trust. I hope you don't let me down." Then she added, "I am not sure whether the other servants are friends or enemies. Please keep an eye on them for me."

Qin Yi nodded. "Yes, Your Highness, as you wish."

The two continued talking for a while before Yun Shang dismissed Qin Yi.

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