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   Chapter 63 No.63

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 5473

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"Soon, you will recognize the elemental force of the unleashed masses. I will take over Russia and serve the Great Plan as a true revolutionary. And when the biggest country on earth is in my hands, those snooty elders will finally pay respect to me", hissed Uljanin under his breath, clenching his bony fist.

The Varangian Guard had split up and was now driving in groups of three trucks through the large rural area west of Pestovo. Alfred B?umer also led one of these groups, which was meanwhile about 50 kilometers away from Frank`s unit. Kohlhaas and his men were on the way to Krasuba, another small town in the Russian vastness.

Yesterday, they had been shot at from an ambush by some collectivists in a small village. Frank and his men had chased and finally caught them. It had been ten young men with a gun. The Varangians had disarmed the guys, but had not killed them.

"Because you're still that young!", Frank had told them and had given them a flyer of the freedom movement. "Join us! You are Russians and all Russians should help Artur Tschistokjow!"

Ultimately, the trucks had driven on to the next town. This giant country seemed to have no borders and appeared endless, above all the rural areas. Nevertheless, it was important to show colors here, because Tschistokjow had a lot of sympathies in this region.

Apart from that, the ride through the rural areas was not very spectacular. The collectivists had established their rule primarily in the bigger cities and so it should remain at first.

On the 28th of November, around noon, Frank and his men came to Sandovo, a sleepy little town west of Rybinsk. The soldiers were hungry and stopped at the village square. Between the run-down houses they could eventually make out a little shop. General Kohlhaas straightened up and said: "We are going to eat something! Tonight, we`ll stay in that dump!"

His Belarusian soldiers muttered their consent and jumped from the loading areas of the transport vehicles. The village looked almost abandoned, only the shrill screech of some children could be heard somewhere between the houses. At the end of the square was a small church, it was astonishingly similar to the church of Ivas.

Soon dusk would fall and the Varangians had to look for an accommodation. Finally, the found several old, empty barns outside the village. They parked the trucks in front of them and went to sleep after a meager supper.

Frank was totally exhausted and curled up in his sleeping bag like a tired cat. Musty straw was tickling his scalp, but he had meanwhile become accustomed to all kinds of inconveniences. Around him, the soldiers started to snore, while a few men kept guard outside the barns.

"Good night,

sweetheart!", he whispered, looking at Julia`s photo on the display of his DC-Stick. Shortly thereafter, he fell asleep - to be brutally torn out of his dreams in the early morning hours.

Someone was screaming and Frank heard a shot. Only a few seconds later, a swarm of bullets hit the wooden wall of the barn and a wood splinters flew around. A Varganian staggered into the room, heavily bleeding, and got a shot in the back. The man collapsed immediately, gasping quietly.

The soldiers around Frank woke up and fetched their rilfes, while Kohlhaas crawled out of his sleeping bag and crept into a corner to peek outside. One of the trucks was burning. Dozens of dark shadows could be seen in the distance and they quickly came closer to the barn.

"What's going on here?", he shouted.

His haggard and sleepy soldiers did not know it. Meanwhile, the shadowy figures had become more numerous and were now pouring out of the nearby forest. In no time, they had surrounded the barns and yelled: "Get out! All of you!"

The Varangians hesitated for some minutes and the men outside finally answered with a volley of their machine guns. Some of Frank's men threw themselves instantly to the ground, others were hit by bullets and broke down screaming.

"Shit!", hissed Kohlhaas, threw away his gun and came out of the barn. His men did the same and followed him without making a sound.

Cones of flashlights danced over their faces. Meanwhile, the adjoining barn had caught fire, and some coughing Varangians stumbled out of the smoke.

"Go there!", said a sinister figure and came nearer.

Kohlhaas and his soldiers lined up in a row and recognized some of their comrades, who were already lying dead on the meadow. Again, they were hit by flashlights.

"This guy is a general! The rest are ordinary Varangians!", shouted one of the attackers and pointed at Frank's uniform.

"All right!", it resounded out of the darkness.

A moment later, Frank`s men were riddled with bullets, while the general was speechless with horror. With wide eyes he stared at the ground, where his men were lying in pools of blood.

"Now it's over!", it flashed through his mind, while he was seized by sheer panic.

The men of the raiding party searched the ground, looking for Varangians who were not yet dead. They killed the wounded with shots in the heads and came then back to Frank.

"Bad luck for you, my friend!", whispered one of the guys and grinned maliciously. Then a rifle butt hit Frank`s face and the leader of the Varangian Guard lost his consciousness.

"Leading general of the Volksarmee arrested and executed!", headlined Russia's biggest newspaper, that was meanwhile in Uljanin`s hand, on 12.01.2038.

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