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   Chapter 62 No.62

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"What`s about more money and weapons?", suggested Mori.

The gray-haired German shook his head and was not content with the answer.

"This is not enough! We need the help of the Japanese army - in Siberia!", explained the German.

"Attacking Siberia?"


"But Siberia is nothing but thousands of kilometers of ice and stepps. There are only a few towns and cities, what means that there is not much we could attack, Mr. Wilden."

The Japanese foreign minister seemed to be overwhelmed with the wishes of his colleague.

"My plan is a Japanese land invasion that reaches Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk!", said Wilden firmly.

"Irkutsk? Krasnoyarsk?" His interlocutor stared at him with wide eyes.

"The only way..."

"We have not the power for an operation like this, Mr. Wilden."

"The collectivists and the GCF are not very strong in the eastern part of Siberia. Their forces are concentrated in central Russia, remember that", returned Tschistokjow`s foreign minister.

"This sounds crazy, Mr. Wilden!"

"If Belarus is smashed by the GCF or overrun by the collectivist revolution, then Uljanin and the World Government will isolate and attack Japan again. Your nation needs allies, in order to survive in the long term. I promise you, that Tschistokjow will do everything to make Russia to a major power again. And we will always fight on the side of the Japanese people!", said the German grumpy.

Akira Mori sighed and took another glass of rice wine. Then he shrugged his shoulders and replied uncertainly: "I will ask president Matsumoto..."

Vitali Uljanin felt uncomfortable in his role. Theodore Soloto and his CLJ units had finally lost control over St. Petersburg and the Council of the Wise had already received the unpleasant news. So they had sent one of the elders to him, in order to conceive a strategy for the coming civil war in Russia.

The leader of the CASJ was fuming with rage and saw it as a humiliation, that he had to justify himself in front of this man from North America, because of the defeat in St. Petersburg. For days, he had obsessed about his fantasies of revenge, swearing one thing to himself: Artur Tschistokjow would soon pay for his audacity, but apparently he was stronger and more determined than he had expected. Now he had no more alternative, but to accept the help of the Global Control Force.

The gray-haired councilor beheld Uljanin with a hint of arrogance and said: "Well, brother! I have the impression, that your revolution is not able to destroy the freedom movement in western Russia. It means, in the eyes of the elders, that the GCF has to help you to take over the power in enti

re Russia. What do you mean, brother Uljanin?"

"Give me just a little more time. We'll drive these bastards out of St. Petersburg again", growled the goateed man.

"The council has no time for such games. We demand quick and unambiguous results in western Russia, but you have not been able to show them - so far. Anyway, we will send you some GCF divisions to support your organization. And then, the elders demand the extermination of the Rus, Mr. Uljanin."

"The formation of a powerful red-black army can`t be done overnight", returned the collectivist leader angrily.

"Take my advice!", said the councilor coldly.

"How many GCF divisions will we get?"

"This is not yet clear. Soon, large contingents will be needed in India, Mr. Uljanin. But you`ll get enough helpers. Don`t worry."

"I`m not worrying because of the Rus. Believe me, we can also smash them with our own men - sooner or later", hissed the head of the CASJ.

The elder grinned cynically. "As we have seen it in St. Petersburg."

Uljanin didn`t answer and just stared at his superior, narrowing his eyes to slits.

"Why does the Council of the 13 send so many soldiers to India?", asked the goateed Lodge Brother then.

"We have our reasons...", answered the councilor with an arrogant smirk.

"However, we will soon have conquered the Ukraine and then we will take over the power in the rest of Russia. What`s about Japan? Will Japan intervene?"

"I don`t think so. Matsumoto is happy if we leave him alone", said the visitor from North America.

"Actually, the collectivst revolution does not need any support by the GCF", grumbled Uljanin.

"No more discussions, brother!", returned the elder. "You will get more money and more weapons - and now even GCF troops. This should be enough to conquer a land like Russia, shouldn`t it?"

The head of the CASJ got up from his seat and escorted the councilor to the door of his office. Suddenly, the guest turned around again and positioned himself right in front of Uljanin, looking him straight in the eyes.

"Finally, one last advice, brother. Do not always question

The instructions of the Council of 13! If we decide something, then it is God's word. Just to be clear! Bye!", said the gray-haired man, raising his forefinger.

"Yes, Sir!", stammered Uljanin and bowed.

When the guest had left, the leader of the red-black movement sat down on his chair and stared angrily at the wall. Uljanin had the impression, that the high gentlemen of the Council of the Elders did not take him all too seriously anymore. Just now, he had been treated like a silly boy. Full of anger, he kicked against his desk.

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