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   Chapter 61 No.61

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"Artur Tschistokjow`s bloody regime won`t be tolerated by the international community anymore!", announced the World President in New York and this time he seemed to mean what he said.

The leader of the freedom movement had meanwhile returned to Minsk. And while Frank spent his days with love and relaxing idleness, the Belarusian president and his cabinet tried to find an answer to the question: What can we do, if the GCF attacks?

Their chances were ridiculously small, that was obvious. In these days, Thorsten Wilden visited his daughter a few times and disappeared again then, to confer with Artur Tschistokjow or even the Japanese foreign minister. If Russia would really descend into civil war, then Japan had to help.

"I have to leave you tomorrow. We have the order to drive to Nowgorod", said Frank sadly.

"Yes, and I accept it. I will support you, from now on, and wait for you here. In the next days, I will help out a bit at the "Scythians Elementary School", and then I will take a look at the university of Minsk", replied Julia and tried to smile.

"This mission will just be a patrol, as the command has told me. Just driving around and driving away then..."

"The main thing is, that you come back to me", whispered the young woman and hugged him.

"Of course, I will come back, as soon as I can. I promise it."

They spent a passionate night and fell asleep without worry. On the next day, general Kohlhaas left the apartment, still spurred by his luck, giving Julia a last kiss.

Then Frank made his way to the barracks in the outskirts of Minsk and drove with the Varangian Guard north. During the trip, he thought of Julia all the time, and always smiled happily to himself when he saw her beautiful face in front of his mind`s eye.

The motorized unit advanced to Valdaj, where everything was quiet, because the villages and small towns here were already in the hands of the Rus. Most of the inhabitants greeted friendly when the trucks with the dragon head flags raced past them. This region seemed to be peaceful, and Frank was sure that the next days and weeks would remain quiet too.

In the last week of November, a group of collectivists occupied a school in the east of St. Petersburg, taking the teachers and students as hostages. Belarusian television reported explicitly about it. The red-black terrorists demanded the withdrawal of the Rus from the entire city, and threatened to kill all the school children and teachers.

Finally, the school was under siege for three days, until it was stormed by the police and the soldiers of the Volksarmee. In return, the hostage-takers left a terrible bloodbath, murdering 127 students and 14 tea

chers before they could be shot by the police.

This incident shocked the people in St. Petersburg and in the surrounding regions. However, the international press twisted the facts in the usual way, making the Rus responsible for the massacre. This meant another storm of lies and slander against Tschistokojow and the freedom movement, which lasted for weeks.

But the leader of the Rus used the incident in St. Petersburg in his sense, starting his own little media campaign with the Belarusian television and the few newspapers which were in his hands. However, the Belarusians and the people in the Baltic countries finally developed a burning hatred against Uljanin and the CASJ. Thus, the situation was further escalating and the way was paved for a civil war in Russia.

Meanwhile, Thorsten Wilden was in Tokyo since three days. Impatiently, he was waiting for a reaction of the Japanese foreign minister. For today, Akira Mori had invited him into his house in the outskirts of the capital, in order to discuss the behavior of Japan in the case of a future civil war in Russia.

The two diplomats were strolling through a beautiful garden, full of high trees and blooming bushes, and finally went into the house. Wilden gave his Japanese ally a friendly smile, while the Asian fetched a bottle of Sake. Then, the two men began to converse in English.

"Are you really sure that there will be a civil war in Russia, Mr. Wilden?", asked Akira Mori.

"We have conquered St. Petersburg and now there is already civil war! The collectivists will never accept their defeat in western Russia", replied the Belarusian foreign minister.

Mori pondered for a moment and scratched his head. Then he sat down on a chair and studied various documents.

"President Matsumoto is not sure, whether Japan should actually get involved into this conflict. We are glad, that we have survived the attack of the GCF", he remarked.

"Without the help of Japan, we will have no chance against Uljanin", said Wilden worriedly, beholding the bottom of his sake glas.

"This is no easy decision for us!"

"I know, Mr. Mori."

"What is if the World Government attacks us again? This could happen if we intervene in Russia..."

Wilden shook his head. "I do not think so. Please don`t forget that thousands of young men from all over the world have supported the Japanese in the independence war. Now, we want Japan`s help!"

Akira Mori pulled a long face and was obviously looking for a satisfying answer for his guest from Belarus.

"Our revolution must not fail, Mr. Mori! If we are successful and assume power in Russia, Japan will have an important ally in Europe", continued Wilden.

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