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   Chapter 60 No.60

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Frank had to admit that she was dead right. He stood around confusedly and finally remarked: "Let's have a walk through the village. What do you think?"

She put him off. "Oh, Frank! Don`t you understand, that all this doesn`t make sense in the long term?"

The young man's eyes widened. "What do you mean?"

"This banter with us. There is only war on your mind, Frank. You just life for the revolution, while I don`t play a role anymore."

Frank was baffled and looked for a suitable answer. "No, that`s not true! I love you!"

Julia stared at him with an expressionless face, stroking through her hair. "You love me?"

"Why don`t you come with me to Minsk?"

The daughter of the foreign minister shrugged her shoulders. "I don`t know..."

"Then come with me to Minsk! What are you waiting for? I want you by my side! Just come with me!", he demanded.

"Stop! Wait a minute! I am not one of your soldiers and I accept no orders, Sir", returned Julia angrily.

"All right, sorry...", muttered Frank meekly.

"What has happened to your cheek?"

"Nothing! Just a scratch. It have been brass knuckles!", answered Kohlhaas with some pride.

Now Julia postioned herself in front of him. "You should know, you idiot, that I'm constantly worrying about you. I just fear that they kill you one day. You are always involved in any conflicts and it looks like it would go on forever in this manner. What I hear about the situation in Russia is horrible. Let the others fight for once! You have done more than enough heroics, Frank."

"But I must go on! And your father as well! It's just like that! This is our destiny!"

"Do you think that it would change anything if I follow you to Minsk?", she suddenly screamed and started crying.

"Do you think that we can enjoy our quiet lifes here in Ivas in the long run, if we don`t fight?", returned Kohlhaas.

"I don`t know it, Frank! Anyway, I can not stand this terrible war any longer", wailed the young woman.

Without further hesitation, Frank embraced her and gave her a kiss, while she silently cried in his arms.

"This constant struggle is a horror - also for me. It is destroying us all, but we are not able to change it. It is a awful time we were born into. A never-ending nightmare. Believe me, I`m hoping for peace too, deep inside."

The daughter of the foreign minister didn`t answer and just kissed him.

"I love you, my angel", whispered Frank, hugging her tightly. Julia still said nothing and just clung to him, while she was quietly weeping.

Kohlhaas spent the night with Julia and left the house of the Wildens at

dawn of the next day with a happy smile. Cheerfully lilting, he walked through the village and enjoyed the fulfillment of his deepest wish. This time, he had ultimately conquered the heart of his beloved. All opposing tendencies had been defeated after heavy fights on the battlefield of feelings. Frank had occupied Julia's heart, secured it and finally marked it with his flag.

Moreover, she had actually promised him that night, to rent an apartment in Minsk. The beautiful woman wanted to be with him, and Frank was sure that his dream of a romantic future with her would come true in the end.

He had never been that close to her. It had been wonderful, when their hearts had joined up and embraced each other. But the young man kept his mouth shut. He talked about this night not even to Alf or Svetlana, who were now getting on his nerves with an entire armada of questions.

Around noon, he went to HOK to play Battle Hammer. This time, Frank`s orcs competed against HOK`s human knights – it seemed to become an exciting game.

All in all, it was relaxing and funny. Frank even managed it to get a draw at least. Furthermore, the pudgy computer expert had bought him a mass of new tin miniatures on the internet and Kohlhaas was looking forward to paint them.

Towards evening, he picked Julia up and went with her to Steffen de Vries cafe. This time, she stayed for the night in his house. For this reason, Frank had especially cleaned up his traditionally untidy bed room.

And now he was happy! Happy like a fish in the clear water of the ocean. It was wonderful to fall asleep with Julia in his arms, while her soft, blond hair was lying on his chest. The general wanted to stay in Ivas forever and become a real civilian. Yes, now it was time to fight for the others, as Frank said to himself. He had risked his life far too long.

The Last Chapter

The leader of the Varangian Guard, dreaded by his enemies, had suddenly become meek. He drove to Minsk with Julia and she moved into a small apartment in the city center. Sooner or later, they wanted to move together, just as Kohlhaas had always imagined it.

Meanwhile, it was November, and Frank had just ignored the recent news on Belarusian television. A lot had changed in the last weeks - for the worse.

The World Government had announced to support the collectivists with GCF units. Moreover, the World Union had begun to supply the enemies of the Rus with weapons from western Europe and North America. Now the Lodge Brothers even sent military experts to Russia, who should help Uljanin to build up a professional army.

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