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   Chapter 59 No.59

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In return, Akira Mori, Japan's foreign minister, and his colleague Thorsten Wilden, publicly proclaimed the unshakableness of their alliance.

Matsumoto moreover warned the World Government, telling them to keep their fingers away from Belarus.

And while everything was finally reaching an international level, Frank and Alfred turned their backs to big politics and went back to Ivas.

It was raining since daybreak and Frank had hardly left his bed. His limbs felt heavy as lead and only now and then he scuffed into the kitchen to drink a cup of tea. B?umer and Svetlana were upstairs and also wanted to be alone.

This morning, the young Russian woman had arrived in Ivas and had briefly talked to Frank. Then she had gone into Alf`s room, just closing the door behind her.

Kohlhaas was confused, exhausted and unhappy, in spite of the great victory in St. Petersburg. When it started to get dark outside, he put on his jacket and left the house.

He slowly walked down the muddy streets of the village and had a short small talk with a young man, who had also witnessed the battle for St. Petersburg. Frank barely knew him. Stefan Weinert was the name of the 18 year old guy and Frank learned, that he had already joined the freedom movement under Sven Weber`s leadership.

With the death of his friend and his constant absence, Kohlhaas had long lost the contact to the still very active youth of Ivas. But it was nice to talk with a young German from his home village, who was also fighting for Tschistokjow, as Frank thought.

After a while, it started to rain again, but Frank didn`t care about it. To the contrary, he enjoyed the cold drops, which were pattering on his face. Then he took a deep breath and felt relieved for a moment.

Shortly afterwards, he came to the village square and looked around with a melancholic mien, while he heard the raindrops drumming on the rooftops around him. How much he had missed this little village and how far he had been carried away by the events of the last time.

There were only a few lights in the old houses that surrounded him. The moon had already vanished behind a thick curtain of rain clouds. Frank sauntered about for a while and finally went to the cemetery.

Grave stones with Cyrillic inscriptions, overgrown with all sorts of weed, were waiting for him here in the rainy darkness of this evening. It were the graves of the former inhabitants of the village, who had died decades ago. They were long forgotten.

However, eight grave stones on this cemetery were new. Most of today`s inhabi

tants of Ivas, who had come to the village under Wilden`s guidance, were still alive. An older couple had died between 2031 and 2033. Furthermore, six young men. And these young men had all given their lives for the revolution, as Frank said to himself.

He had not really known them. Except for Sven Weber, his good friend. In addition, there were two further young boys from Ivas, which had also died in the name of the great fight for freedom. Thomas Baastfeldt and Dennis Müller. But they had been buried somewhere in eastern Asia, and their corpses had never been transferred back home.

"In which mass grave are you rotting, my brothers?", said Frank quietly, remembering the two volunteers of the Japanese war.

Then he stood in front of the grave of his friend Sven, whose gray stone seemed to stare at him. He crouched in the wet grass and stroke with his hand over the stalks.

"Here you rest, my friend. Buried as a hero. Was it really worth it?", whispered Kohlhaas, beholding the graves around him. Kohlhaas started to ponder again and was silent.

"Oh, Sven...", he muttered then, wiping a tear from his eye. "Maybe I'm lying next to you tomorrow. Then I will finally have found peace."

After Frank had sat at the grave of his friend for a while. Eventually he left the dark cemetery behind and went back to the village. Back home, he opened a bottle of vodka and emptied it with some strong sips. Another followed. A few hours later, he fell asleep and dreamed about nothing in this night.

On the following day, he visited Julia at noontide. When he met Agatha Wilden at the door, she welcomed Kohlhaas with only a few words.

"Julia is in her room", said Agatha.

Frank walked up the stairs and looked around in the hall.

"Just come in!", he heard from the side.

"Hello! Nice to see you. I thought that...", Frank interrupted himself.

"Yes, I know! How are you?"

Kohlhaas was silent for a moment, then he answered: "Are you happy to see me?"

"Yes, of course!", said the young woman, looking sadly at him.

"Well, I have always been on the road in the last months..."

"So it is!"

"But one day, this whole crap will be over..."

"Yes, when you're dead!", returned Julia with a cynical smile.

"I`m hard to kill", countered Frank.

Julia shook her head. "Of course, because you're the big hero. I read about you in the papers - how brave you are.

And if I want to see my father, then I only have to open the newspaper too. Yesterday he was even on TV again, but he hasn`t been with his family since a long time."

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