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   Chapter 58 No.58

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Meanwhile it was already 20.13 o`clock, and the shadows of the night were slowly crawling over the city. With a blood-smeared face, in a filthy and sweaty uniform and completely exhausted, Frank walked through the smashed front door of the House of Justice. He went up some stairs to the upper floor and took a dragon head flag from one of his soldiers.

Kohlhaas screwed up his face of pain, hunger and fatigue, then he held the banner out the window and his men burst into a deafening cheer of triumph.

They had actually made it. The House of Justice had been taken. Completely exhausted, Frank slid down the wall and closed his eyes. Only one wish had remained in his mind, the wish to fall asleep, here and now.

The loss of their headquarter was a huge shock for the St. Petersburg collectivists. After several hours of fighting, they broke off their attack on the main administration building, after they had suffered great casualties against the Rus and the soldiers of the Volksarmee. Theodore Soloto finally fled with his staff members deep in the night to the northern city and took refuge there in a house. In other districts, the street battles between Rus and collectivists were still going on until the early hours of the next morning. The following day, the soldiers of the Volksarmee occupied the press houses and radio stations, what was another defeat for the local CASJ.

Artur Tschistokjow, who learned the news about the victory on his sick bed, was almost bursting with joy. His men had ultimately conquered Russia`s second-largest city and the struggle for St. Petersburg had come to an end.

"Soloto has fled! They have said it on the radio", remarked Frank, taking a sip of mineral water.

"I think this rat is hiding somewhere in the underground...", answered B?umer.

"Anyway, it is over. However, I hope so. Today we will just patrol in some streets - nothing else", said Kohlhaas, sighing with relief.

"Is Artur all right?"

"Peter told me an hour ago, that they have successfully cut out the bullet. Yes, I think he is all right, more or less."

"We have finally won. What a battle!", muttered Alf.

His friend was holding his head and still looked tired and worn out. "Yes, thank God!"

Three soldiers were playing cards next to them and laughed occasionally, while the other Varangian were sleeping. Most of them were also totally exhausted and barely spoke a word.

"This has already been real war. Sometimes I had to remember the hell of Sapporo", said Frank quietly.

He went to the window and looked down on the dark street. Everything seemed to be abandoned, only a dog was barking somewhere in the distance.

"Do you think, this madness will end one day?", asked Frank his friend.

"It will still last a long time...", said Alf with his almost proverbial composure.

The situation in St. Petersburg was slowly

easing again. Together with the Russian police, the troopers of the freedom movement and the soldiers of the Volksarmee restored some kind of order in the devastated metropolis.

Except for minor raids and ambushes, the resistance of the collectivists had faded away. Now, Peter Ulljewski and his DSR units started to hunt down the remaining CASJ functionaries and servants of the World Government in a large-scale operation.

Nevertheless, Theodore Soloto had disappeared and no one knew, whether he was still in St. Petersburg or had already fled to the east. The Belarusian secret service did everything to get the hated enemy, but it did not find him.

All in all, about 15000 people had died in the battle for St. Petersburg. But now the power of the CASJ was gone and the Rus ruled the city.

Outside the metropolis, the collectivists had overrun almost entire Russia and the Ukraine. Furthermore, Uljanin was not willing to accept his defeat in the west and was already planning a counterstrike. So the bloody riots and barricade fights should only be the prelude to a much bigger conflict. But first, Artur Tschistokjow`s freedom movement celebrated its victory.

Frank and Alfred still stayed in St. Petersburg unitl the end of October, in order to help to consolidate the rule over the important metropolis.

The soldiers of the Varangian Guard spent their days with endless patrolling or helped Peter Ulljewski`s DSR units to arrest or execute collectivists, Lodge Brothers, collaborators of the World Government and other treasonous people.

Finally, the Rus eliminated their enemies with the same ruthless brutality as the CASJ did it in central and eastern Russia. Meanwhile, Artur Tschistokjow controlled the television and radio stations in St. Petersburg and used them to educate the population in his sense.

"It is more important to win people`s hearts and minds, than to force them with the sword", he often said in these days.

This time, the international press and television gave the events in St. Petersburg a lot of attention. They spat their venom on Tschistokjow and made him to a violent monster. They depicted the collectivists throughout as "poor victims" and reported almost daily about the "appalling human rights violations" in Belarus and western Russia.

"Western Russia is drowning in blood!", headlined the biggest newspaper in North America.

"Stop the mad dictator Tschistokjow!", cried the press in the administrative sector "Central Europe".

The World President and the other leaders of the World Union expressed their "deep concerns" in front of the cameras, promising to intervene in eastern Europe as soon as possible.

Finally, the powerful had started to take notice of Tschistokjow. The fall of St. Petersburg had hit them hard and now they suddenly began to take the Freedom Movement of the Rus seriously.

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