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   Chapter 57 No.57

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After Peter Ulljewski has brought his best friend to the hospital, Yuri Lebed, the head of the St. Petersburg chapter, delivered an inspirational speech and finally ended the rally. The Varangian Guard had meanwhile reached the Ulitsa Nekrasova. It was accompanied by several hundred armed troopers and ordinary Rus. Frank ordered the trucks to stop in a side street and they waited. It was now almost 17.00 o`clock.

"Collectivist troopers block all the streets around the Ulitsa Nekrasova", explained the general, holding his bleeding cheek.

"How many are there?", B?umer wanted to know.

"I can`t say yet, perhaps several thousand!"

The radio croaked and interrupted them. Peter Ulljewski reported that Soloto and his followers were trying to advance to the main administration building.

"They want to expel us from the Palace Square, but the police will help us", said the head of the Belarusian secret service.

"Damn! The collectivists edge our comrades on the Palace Square again!", cursed Kohlhaas and stared at Alf.

"What are you waiting for, Frank? Give the command to attack the House of Justice! We are just wasting our time here!", urged B?umer.

"All right, but I have to coordinate the assault with our comrades from the Volksarmee at first", answered Frank and fetched the radio.

The general contacted an officer of the Belarusian army and talked with him for a quarter of an hour. Then he positioned himself in front of the Varangians.

"The soldiers of the Volksarmee will come from the east. Together we will invade the Ulitsa Nekrasova from several sides. Moreover, the Volksarmee has also some mortars that will help us against the CLJ troopers behind the barricades!"

"Sounds good", muttered Alfred.

"I`m looking forward for the end of this terrible day", gasped Frank.

Decision in St. Petersburg

Meanwhile, one hour had passed and the Varangians stalked through the streets towards the Vosstaniya Mesto, a large square in the south of the Ulitsa Nekrasova.

"Look at these guys!" Alf pointed at several thousand collectivists, who had gathered around a loud screaming CASJ functionary.

"Are there CLJ troopers among them?", asked Frank doubtfully.

"No, I don`t think so. I can only see ordinary CASJ idiots", returned Alf.

Some soldiers of the Volksarmee, who had followed the Varangians, peered across the square. Kohlhaas waved them nearer and whispered: "Let`s attack them! Otherwise they will stab us in the back, if we advance further in the direction of the House of Justice."

The Belarusian soldiers nodded. Not a minute later, Frank gave the order to charge and the soldiers rushed forward. When the collectivists recognized the Varangians, they screamed in horror and immediately took to their heels. Several dozens of them were gunned down, while the rest ran into some side streets.

"Follow me!", grumbled Kohlhaas without showing any emotions.

The sol

diers advanced across a broad main street that was littered with charred debris and wrecked cars. In the background, a big house was burning in front of a barricade, where a lot of CLJ troopers had entrenched themselves. When the saw the Varangians, they opened fire. Some of Frank`s men were riddled with bullets, while the others hit the dirt or tried to find cover.

In the meantime, Theodore Soloto and his followers had started their counterattack. Even more police officers had joined the Rus in the last hours, and had entrenched themselves in the streets around the main administration building.

Another part of the demonstrators was already marching through the neighboring district, while the rest prepared to stop the onrushing collectivists. Now, fierce firefights for every house and every street corner followed, what caused a lot of casualties on both sides. Meanwhile, the reinforcements of the Volksarmee had almost reached the city center, as well as further CLJ units.

"We should advance through the backyards and bypass the barricades", said Frank to his gigantic friend and explained his strategy.

A few minutes later, about 300 elite soldiers and the general swarmed out and scurried down a narrow path between two gray house walls. They crept through overgrown gardens, full of high grass and sprouting weed, while the rest of the Varangians and the Volksarmisten fired at the collectivists behind the barricade.

After a while, they had evaded the enemy on the flank and finally attacked in a flash. They grimly jumped out of the narrow gap between the houses and shot at everyone in sight. A grenade was hurled right in the middle of a group of CLJ troopers and the explosion threw some of them on the asphalt with torn limbs.

Seconds later, the rest of the Rus stormed forward and mowed the remaining enemies down in a brutal stabbing and shooting. Drenched in sweat and heavily breathing, Kohlhaas called the survivors of his unit together and advanced into the Ulitsa Nekrasova.

"The rest of our men is here too!" Frank sighed wearily and turned his head to Alf. "I can`t go on any longer!"

"Damn! Keep your nerve! We will conquer their headquarter now", answered B?umer and nodded at his exhausted friend.

Then the Rus entered the Ulitsa Nekrasova from three sides and struggled through to the House of Justice. The soldiers of the Volksarmee, who came from the east, fired at the collectivist headquarter at the same time with their mortars.

After another hour, the House of Justice was a smoking ruin, and the surviving opponents, who had entrenched themselves in it, were finally defeated with a last, daring assault.

General Kohlhaas climbed over piles of rubble and some dead soldiers. Everything was covered with dust or had vanished behind thick clouds of smoke. Somewhere beside him groaned a few wounded men. Whether it were friends or foes was not recognizable anymore.

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