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   Chapter 56 No.56

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"What`s about the House of Justice and...?"

"Forget it! We need you here! Don`t waste time, come on!", screamed Peter Ulljewski`s panicky into Frank`s ear.

Artur`s best friend was right in the middle of an unbelieveable chaos. All around him, bullets, bottles, stones and firebombs flew through the air, while cars and even houses were set on fire. This time, the number of the collectivists was far too big to hold them back anymore.

But the Varagians did everything to reach the Palace Square as fast as possible. They raced through the streets at breakneck speed, breaking through barricades and all kinds of other barriers, to drive across a bridge near the Pushkin Theater. Finally, they reached the giant mass of their enemies.

"Get out of the trucks!", yelled Kohlhaas and hundreds of Varagians jumped on the asphalt. They had appeared right on the flank of the hostile crowd.

The collectivists were confused for a moment, and CLJ men were rapidly called together to repel the attack of the Varagian Guard. A bazooka blew up one of the trucks and killed several men. Frank and Alfred hit the dirt and crawled into a doorway.

Suddenly, several hundred Russian policemen stormed out of a side street and opened fire on the collectivists. Three anti-riot tanks follwed them and the terrible sound of heavy autocannons filled the air.

Soloto`s horrified men were moved down by a murderous volley and bloody clouds sprayed up between the red-black flags. Kohlhaas clenched his fist.

"God bless the Russian police!", he whispered grimly.

Then he gave his men the order to attack. The Varangians pounced on their opponents, who were meanwhile seized with sheer panic.

At that moment, a deadly hail of bullets came over Soloto`s collectivists, cutting down whole swarms of them. Finally, the elite soldiers jumped right into the middle of the turmoil and unleashed a bloody melee. Frank tore a hatchet from his belt, which he always carried for situations like this, and hacked down a CLJ trooper with a well-aimed strike. Then he speared another with his bayonet. B?umer also raged like a madman, pumping his bullets into the body of every collectivist in his way.

The unexpected arrival of the Russian policemen and the furious onslaught of the Varagian Guard totally outfaced Soloto`s followers.

Now even the ordinary Rus started a counterattack and charged the wavering foe. With everything their fists could grab, they beat, stabbed and shot down their red-black rivals.

Finally, Soloto`s followers run away, and retreated back towards the summer garden. Nevertheless, Artur Tschistokjow had been hurt and was holding his thigh.

"Occupy the administration building!", he yelled at h

is troopers, squirming with pain.

Shortly afterwards, the main administration building of St. Petersburg could be taken without resistance, and a dragon head flag was run up on the roof.

Meanwhile, the fleeing collectivists had been chased by the Varangians a few hundred meters through the streets and many of them had been massacred by Frank`s soldiers. And the Russian policemen had done the same. The anti-riot tanks and the heavily armored officers had slaughtered a great number of Soloto`s followers.

General Kohlhaas was holding his bleeding cheek. The steel teeth of brass knuckles had barely missed his face in the bloody chaos of the fight. Alf gave him a plaster, and Frank stuck it on the burning wound.

"What shall we do now?", asked B?umer.

The leader of the Varangian Guard took a deep breath and called his men together. Some of them were wounded, others were lying somewhere in the streets. Frank ordered to bring the injured soldiers to the next hospital, while the rest of his men got into the transport vehicles. Before the elite soldiers left the Palace Square behind, they met with Tschistokjow and the other Rus. The leader of the freedom movement embraced Frank and tried to smile.

"We have captured the building of administration, my friend", he exclaimed in German.

Kohlhaas just nodded. "And now, Artur?"

"I have called for more soldiers of the Volksarmee, they will come in the next hours", said Tschistokjow.

Frank looked down on Artur's leg. His trousers were already soaked with blood.

"What has happened?"

"They hit my leg!"

"You have to be doctored, Artur!"

"Peter will bring me to a hospital. Go to the House of Justice. You have to take it, Frank", he moaned in German.

"Don`t worry, Artur. I`m sure that we can make it", assured Kohlhaas confidently.

"What is about your...your...?", asked Artur then, pointing at Kohlhaas face.

"Cheek! This is called "cheek" in German."

"Yes, is the cheek hurting?"

"I have turned the other cheek, Artur", returned Frank with a grin.

Tschistokjow perked his eyebrows up and looked questioningly at his friend. Kohlhaas smiled and went back to his men.

Elsewhere in the city, the street fights were still raging. In the east of St. Petersburg, the soldiers of the Volksarmee had almost reached downtown. Some important buildings, for example power generation plants and waterworks, were already in their hands.

Apart from that, they collectivists, who had retreated to the streets in the proximity of the summer garden, were now gathering at the Mesto Lenina, in order to start a counterattack on the Rus. Finally, they tried to cross one of the Neva bridges to get back into the inner city.

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