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   Chapter 55 No.55

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The police officer grinned. "Yes, but only five, the rest has already been scrapped at the behest of our bosses. We can give them to you, so that you can clean up the streets!"

"Sounds good...", said the rebel leader. "I will remember you offer, my friend."

Around 500 Russian policemen eventually joined the Rus. Most of them had brought along their own weapons, and some of them even wore their heavy body armor, what made them look very formidable. Shortly afterwards, the Rus marched on towards the inner city.

Frank`s radio was crackling continuously and the general tried to conceive the situation, even if it was hardly possible. Artur had just informed him, that his crowd had already grown on to about 40000 people.

"The city center has become a cauldron. I have heard of over 200000 collectivists in the summer garden. Furthermore, the House of Justice is protected by over 4000 CLJ troopers and thousands of ordinary CASJ members. And the day is still young...", said Kohlhaas and swallowed.

"The number of our supporters will grow too in the course of this day, don`t worry, Frank", calmed him Alf.

"Yeah sure! Just wait and see...", came back.

"What shall we do now, general Gollchaas?", asked a Russian behind Frank`s back.

"We stay in this park and wait", answered B?umer before Kohlhaas could say anything.

In the eastern part of St. Petersburg, the soldiers of the Volksarmee met the collectivist troopers, who had entrenched themselves behind barricades or in houses. It came to fierce gunfights in the streets and soon the eastern suburbs of the metropolis turned into a battlefield.

This time, Tschistokjow`s soldiers even used some small, mobile mortars to drive the enemy out of his fortified positions. Soon, a bloody battle was raging for every street corner, and the Volksarmee suffered great casualties within only a few hours.

At 13.00 o`clock, about 60000 people were led by Tschistokjow. In return, Soloto had gathered not less than 350000 followers and the heart of St. Petersburg was shaking under the voices of countless people, who were ready for everything.

Soloto preached them what they wanted to hear. Today, as he declared, collectivism would also liberate St. Petersburg and save its people from poverty.

"But at first, we must destroy the enemies of equality, the murderous hordes of the capitalist exploiters! We must break the spine of Tschsitokjow`s reactionary and fascist movement. And we will break it today - in the streets of St. Petersburg!", shouted the CASJ functionary, while the crowd answered him with a deafening noise.

Artur Tschistokjow and his followers marched through Vasilevsky Island, a district west of the Palace Square, and finally encountered the first CLJ troopers, who immediately opened fire. The armed troopers shot back in return, and stormed against the barricades. The armored Russian policemen followed them to support their attack.


hen Tschistokjow also gave the giant crowd behind him the signal to charge. Screaming and yelling, over 60000 people surged through the streets like a forceful wave, dashing against the positions of the collectivists.

The first attackers were mowed down by machine gun fire, while their comrades jumped over their dead bodies, climbed on the barricades and drove the CLJ men back. It was another bloody chaos, but finally the mass of the Rus made it to chase the collectivists away, so that the demonstration could go on. The troopers destroyed or burned the barricades and the crowd marched in the direction of the university-terrain, where they were already awaited by even more opponents.

The CASJ members welcomed them with Molotov cocktails and clouds of cobblestones, but the raging Rus did not hesitate and stormed forward again, while thousands of students, who had gathered under the red-black banners, tried to hold them back.

One of them shot at Artur Tschistokjow in the chaos and failed his head just barely. The bullet hit the shoulder of a trooper behind the politician.

Now, the rebel leader was raging too, while his followers slammed into the mass of the students, beating everyone down they could get. Many of the Rus, who had grown up in poverty, hated these often arrogant young academics more than anything else. Many of the students had already taken leading positions in the CASJ and so a lot of members of the freedom movement attacked them with sheer frenzy.

After the street riot near the university of St. Petersburg, about 20000 people joined Tschistokjow`s crowd. Now the Belarusian revolutionary lead more than 80000 people through the streets.

The demonstrators marched across the Neva river, where it came to the next clash with a huge mass of collectivists at the other shore. Meanwhile, they had almost reached the Palace Square.

"Let`s advance to the city center!", shouted Frank and the truck convoy began to move with roaring engines.

The big transport vehicles raced across a long bridge and finally through the streets of the inner city. Some smaller groups of collectivists crossed their path and were immediately welcomed with gun-fire.

Shortly afterwards, the trucks broke through a half-finished barricade south of the metro station "Moscow" and the Varangians gunned down the CLJ troopers behind it. Then the heavy transporters unerringly rolled towards the Ulitsa Nekrasova.

In the meantime, Theodore Soloto had ended his mass rally and was now leading the huge crowd to the main administration building of the city, in order to occupy it with his men. But Artur Tschistokjow and his Rus were already there, waiting for their rivals.

Frank was sweating and tried understand the excited babble that came out of the radio.

"We shall come to the Palace Square?"

"Yes, the collectivists are attacking us! I have never seen a crowd like that, Frank. Hurry up, help us!"

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