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   Chapter 54 No.54

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Artur Tschistokjow beheld the numerous troopers in their gray shirts and black pants, while cheering citizens came out of their houses, waving Russia flags and joining the growing crowd. The Belarusian president, Peter Ulljewski and many of the leading functionaries of the freedom movement had already met at dawn in the west of St. Petersburg.

"Do you think we can make it today?", asked Artur his oldest friend.

"Chapter leader Lebed says that the collectivists seem to be well prepared. They have already occupied some buildings, including the media district", answered Ulljewski and appeared nervous.

"We are still waiting for more men. If everyone has arrived, we will march towards the inner city", explained the leader of Rus.

Peter nodded and disappeared in the crowd to look for the leaders of the trooper units. Today, any mistakes could be deadly.

"Attention! Attention! Citizens of St. Petersburg! This is Theodore Soloto of the CASJ! Today, Tschistokjow`s fascist hordes try to take over the power in our city! Help us to fight back! Join the collectivist revolution here in St. Petersburg! We will bring you freedom and justice! Join the CASJ! Come to our mass demonstration! Today, at 13.00 o`clock in the summer garden!"

Frank turned off the radio and looked at Alf with concern. "This won`t be a blitz anymore."

"Damn!", grumbled B?umer and clung to his machine gun.

Suddenly the truck convoy stopped, as a barricade blocked its way. Frank peered across the street and saw some red-black flags behind a big pile of boards and rubble.

"Get out of the trucks! Swarm out!", he shouted into his radio.

The soldiers got out of the transport vehicles and took cover. Some of the trucks sped away and turned into a side street.

In the distance, a hand grenade detonated and screams were heard, while the Varangians opened fire. A few minutes later, several trucks appeared behind the collectivists and 200 Varangians immediately encircled them.

"Come on!", shouted Frank, and his soldiers attacked the collectivists from the front. Now there was no more escape for the surprised enemies.

The shoot-out did not last long. After a few minutes, most of the CLJ troopers behind the barricade had been killed or heavily wounded.

"This was just a small squad", remarked Kohlhaas, looking at his men who were destroying the barricade, that was still blocking the street.

Shortly thereafter, the passage was free. About a dozen dead CLJ troopers lay between debris and planks, the soldiers dragged the bodies to the sidewalk. Then the truck convoy drove away to take position in a nearby park.

Tschistokjow`s followers had gathered in the west of St. Petersburg. Soon, their mass had already grown up to 3

0000 people. This time, women and even children were among the demonstrants in great numbers. Many people cheered enthusiastically, when they recognized the Belarusian rebel in the crowd. Everybody tried to shake his hand, while some women even brought him flower bouquets to express their admiration.

The leader of the Freedom Movement of the Rus itself, however, was bad-tempered. The fact, that Soloto`s men had occupied several important radio stations and were now constantly sending their propaganda appeals, made him more than angry. Nevertheless, he tried to hide his bad mood in front of his supporters as good as he could. Finally, the mass started to move. Loudly chorusing, the Rus marched through the streets and more and more people joined them.

"Artur Tschistokjow! Freedom for St. Petersburg!", shouted the Rus at the top of their lungs and waved their dragon head flags.

Meanwhile, it was 10.21 o`clock. Everywhere in the city, the men of the freedom movement were gathering on squares or in the streets and it had already come to first clashes with the collectivists.

In the inner city of St. Petersburg, Theodore Soloto had meanwhile mobilized an even bigger crowd and the number of the people, who followed the red-black flag on this day, was still growing. When the Rus had already reached downtown, they suddenly came across several hundred Russian policemen.

Artur Tschistokjow immediately gave his followers the order to stop, while his troopers took their rifles from the shoulders. A police officer came nearer, waving his hands and trying to calm down the armed troopers, who still appeared sceptic.

"Do not shoot!", shouted the man. "We want to help you!"

Artur Tschistokjow came out the crowd, stared at the police officer and perked his eyebrows up. "What?"

"Do not shoot, Mr. Tschistokjow!", shouted the man again. "The St. Petersburg police is on your side! We want to help you to drive the collectivists out of our city!"

The rebel leaders shook the police officer's hand and answered: "I'm glad to hear this! We have never been your enemies! At last, you have finally realized who destroyes this country and also your future!"

"We have already recognized this months ago, but we had our orders from above. You know what I mean, Mr. Tschistokjow."


"At first, we had the order to fight against your movement - to be one day replaced by the CLJ troopers of the CASJ. Our masters have betrayed us, from the beginning!", said the police officer.

"Today, this madness will end! Welcome to the freedom movement!", returned the Belarusian president and the crowd behind him started to cheer.

"Do you still have some of your anti-riot tanks?", Artur wanted to know then.

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