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   Chapter 53 No.53

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Finally, a huge snake with a forked tongue suddenly stuck its ugly head out of the red robe, leaving its decayed human body lay on the ground. Then the snake crawled towards Nico.

"What is happening to you, master?", cried the young soldier again and tried to run away, but the snake lunged at him, slamming their fangs deeply into his flesh.

Nico struggled and screamed, but the snake completely devoured him with a loud smack within a second. It choked down the young soldier with skin and hair, to finally creep back to the awful throne, made of human remains.

"Your reward, Nico? Well, that was your reward! You were allowed to serve me as food, like all the other people too!", hissed the snake and curled up happily.

Forward Ever, Backward Never!

"A text message! Svetlana has wished me good luck!", said Alf, showing Frank the display of his cellphone. Frank yawned and crawled out of his sleeping bag.

"That's really nice!", he muttered sleepily.

Around them, the other soldiers of the Varangian Guard slowly woke up, while bright sunlight was breaking through the dirty windows of the gym hall, awaking even the last of the men.

"It is 6.40 o`clock now!", said Frank, stretching his aching back.

Tonight he hadn`t lain all too comfortable. Alf made some pushups and Kohlhaas looked with admiration at his big upper arm muscles. A few minutes later, the general did the same and tried to warm up too.

Shortly afterwards, the Varangians lined up outside the gym in rank and file. Their leader inspected them and explained the details of today`s mission in Russian. Tschistokjow had finally given his elite soldiers a heavy task - they had to conquer the House of Justice and to arrest or kill Theodore Soloto, if they had the chance.

So they got into their trucks and drove to St. Petersburg in a long convoy. At the same time, several regiments of the Volksarmee and thousands of other Rus tried to invade the metropolis.

Artur Tschistokjow wanted to lead his followers to the Palace Square in the heart of the city, and he hoped that his organization would be able to mobilize the masses on this important day. There wouldn`t be a second chance, if the takeover failed today, as Tschistokjow meant.

"The soldiers of the Volksarmee and the armed troopers will occupy the main administration building and the other strategic goals. We will concentrate our forces on the collectivist scum. Today, we will smash the CASJ!", shouted Frank at some of his Russian soldiers.

"We will kill them all!", growled a young Varangian who was screwing a bayonet on his rifle. The other men in the hold of the truck answered with a thunderous battle cry.

Kohlhaas beheld the soldiers around him. Some of them were brawny, brutal-looking guys with petrified faces. Others were still young

, tall, athletic and full of fiery idealism. He felt comfortable among them. With one or the other Varangian, he had already become friends and he asked himself, how many of them he would see again, at the end of this day.

Next to him was Alf, his faithful friend. Frank loved him like a brother. He could always count on B?umer, and also today he was glad that the giant from Dortmund was there. Kohlhaas clapped him on the shoulder with a smile and stared then silently at the ground.

"There is no reason for bad mood, buddy", he said.

B?umer shook his head. "I'm not grumpy, just tired. I think I should make a nap..."

B?umer yawned and closed his eyes. Frank wondered once more, how Alf could have the nerves to sleep in a situation like this. He just shrugged his shoulders and had to chuckle in the next second. That was B?umer - his best friend. Today, the tall German behaved as always, Alf was a constant in this otherwise so fickle world, thought Kohlhaas. The truck convoy came closer to St. Petersburg. It should become a hell of a day.

But the collectivists had not been unprepared. They knew that their enemies would try to take over the city today and so they did everything to prevent it. Nevertheless, they did not know how many Rus would invade St. Petersburg. So they had already occupied some important buildings the night before. Moreover, the had taken over the local television and radio stations, that were now sending appeals to the people since the early morning hours. The citizens of St. Petersburg should gather under the red-black flag in the city center, proclaimed the CASJ. Now, Theodore Soloto put everything on one card too, giving his men the order to conquer St. Petersburg for collectivism.

All the conflicts in the previous months could not be compared to the street fights that were now waiting for the Rus. This was already real civil war.

Tschistokjow`s followers came by train, by car or by truck. Thousands of them streamed into the city from all sides.

Meanwhile, the St. Petersburg chapter of the freedom movement had called their members and supporters together in the southern suburbs of the city. And the Rus had, as well as the collectivists, armed themselves with everything they could get. Those who had no firearms, had grabbed a club or something else.

The Varangian Guard reached the city at 8.00 o` clock in the morning and immediately became embroiled in a skirmish. Some collectivists had shot at the truck convoy in a side street, but this did not stop the advance of the Varangians. After a short shoot-out, the CLJ troopers retreated and the trucks drove on towards the inner city.

Several units of the Volksarmee followed them and occupied some important buildings in the outskirts. Then they tried to invade the city center too.

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