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   Chapter 52 No.52

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Over 30 Rus died only in September in the course of the propaganda campaign of the freedom movement. They were shot, stabbed or slain in dark corners or on open street. Nevertheless, the campaign continued, because it had to be done.

Occasionally, Frank phoned with Julia, promising her, that he would return to Ivas as soon as possible. But she had heard things like this a thousand times before. The young woman had become tired to listen to the same old assertions again and again. Anyway, there was still a big fosse between Frank and her, because Kohlhaas was an always turning cogwheel in the machinery of the revolution. When the young man was lying that night in his dirty sleeping bag for a few hours, he was found again by a strange dream vision...

Shots and explosions could be heard everywhere between the dark ruins. Frank was alone in this apocalyptic landscape of destruction, huddling behind a gray concrete wall that was littered with bullet holes and burn marks.

Slowly, he crept forward, while a terrible slaughter was raging around him. GCF soldiers and armed men in the gray uniforms of the Volksarmee were savaging each other.

Flame-throwers whooshed in the distance, cloaking the ruins in an eerie glow. Then he could see the outlines of tanks that broke through the field of rubble, wildly shooting at everything in their way. Fear seized Frank's heart and made it difficult for him to breathe, while the stench of burnt flesh was stinging into his nose. The rebel jumped over a dead soldier whose blank eyes were staring at him out of a smashed, bloody face.

"I must find him!", he whispered to himself, hurried across a street that was covered with corpses and rubble.

Then he ran down a dark alley and finally saw a group of bombers in the distance. They were racing across the sky with roaring engines and let their deadly cargo rain down on earth.

"Bam! Bam! Bam!", it thundered from afar and bright light lit up the dim, cloud-covered horizon. Frank began to run faster and finally came to a big square, where a dark building towered up into the sky.

It was a huge pyramid with a red light on its top. The light resembled an evil eye, and its ray went down on him in a flash as he approached.

Frank summed up all his courage and climbed up some stairs to enter the pyramid. The stone gate at the foot of the mysterious building was open and it seemed to expect him like the maw of a demon. Kohlhaas went inside and walked through endless corridors, then he climbed up some more stairs and eventually came into a large hall, which was lit by smoldering torches on the walls.

Ancient columns with reliefs, s

howing death and war, carried the hall. Frank went further into the huge vault and finally met two persons.

He came closer and realized, that one of the two men was sitting on a throne, which was made of human bones.

The other person was a soldier who lifted his rifle menacingly, positioning himself in front of the gruesome throne.

"It's you, my boy!", said Kohlhaas and introduced himself to the soldier. It was Nico, his nephew.

The man on the throne, wearing a fiery red dress, got up from his seat and went towards his guard. It was none other than the World President.

Nico looked as if he was in the mid twenties, Frank was puzzled. The young man stared at him with empty eyes, pointing with the gun directly at Frank's chest.

"General Frank Kohlhaas!", whispered the World President into Nico`s ear and grinned maliciously. "This is your uncle, my boy!"

"Yes, I am. Your uncle Frank...", said the uninvited guest and tried to smile.

Nico did not answer him and just stared into space. The World President put his arm around the shoulder of his bodyguard and hissed: "Your uncle Frank has long resisted us! He wants to kill your master! He has already killed many people and now he wants to take my life!" The soldier said nothing and kept a straight face.

"What`s wrong with you, Nico? What have they done to you?", asked Kohlhaas his nephew with wavering voice.

"He is an enemy of humanity, an enemy of justice, an enemy of the brotherhood! Kill him before he kills your master!", ordered the World President, clapping on Nico`s back.

Frank was scared and confused. He showed his empty hands to his nephew. "I do not want to kill anyone! Here, I have no weapon. I just wanted to see you again."

"Do not listen to him! He must die! Kill him! Shoot him! I will give you a great reward! Kill him! Kill him!", shouted the man in the crimson robe.

A shot rang out and Frank felt how he was thrown backwards. Incredible pain was rushing through his body and he was breathing heavily. With the last of his strength, he put his hand on the chest, where a warm flow of blood poured out.

"Well done, Nico!", he heard the World President`s malicious voice. Shortly afterwards, he suddenly had the feeling to fly above his body, watching the scene from the ceiling of the hall.

The young soldier smiled meekly at his master and said: "I have killed him, my lord! Do I get my reward now?"

His master was silent for a few seconds, then he uttered a bloodcurdling scream and Frank saw his body burst like a breaking cocoon.

"What is happening to you, my lord?" Nico fell on his knees and was speechless with terror.

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