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   Chapter 51 No.51

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The great hall was hung all over with dragon head flags. It were dozens of banners, hanging on the sides of the hall or from the ceiling. Dozens of uniformed members of the Children of the Rus were also holding flags in their hands, standing in rank and file at the entrance.

Behind the stage, at the other end of the hall, a giant dragon head flag had been placed. Under it was a big banner with the inscription: "Victory through perseverance! Russia will live!"

When Artur Tschistokjow finally entered the hall, he was welcomed with a thunderous applause. Friendly smiling, he walked slowly towards the speaker`s desk, that was also decorated with the symbol of the freedom movement. Then he began with his speech:

"My dear comrades!

The next month will bring the decision in the fight for St. Petersburg. I have decided to occupy the city, because I think that we meanwhile have realistic chances. Currently, our enemies are confused and don`t really know how to stop us. That means for us: It is time to act!

And we have to act quickly before they can strengthen their position again. Soon our organization will start with the greatest propaganda campaign in the history of our movement and I am sure, that we can beat the CASJ, if we concentrate all our forces on St. Petersburg.

Regiments of the Volksarmee, armed troopers and of course also the Varangian Guard, furthermore thousands of other Rus, will now be mobilized.

We will occupy the strategically important targets in the city, organize strikes of the workers who have sympathies for us, and finally throw the CASJ out of St. Petersburg. The House of Justice and all other centers of the enemy must be taken as well. We must hit them hard with a sudden strike!

"Well, the band begins to play", whispered B?umer at his friend.

"We should try it, Artur is right", replied Frank.

The blonde politician behind the speaker`s desk raised his fist and exclaimed: "Despite of the risk, that this will be the staring shot of a civil war in Russia, we will occupy the second largest city with one great assault! I say: Now or never, my comrades!"

"Civil war will come soon anyway", shouted an elderly man from behind.

A group of young Russian troopers babbled loudly in the background and Artur Tschistokjow asked for silence.

"I know, that most of you are worried and I`m worried too. But we have to try it now, my loyal fighters! There is no other chance for our organization. Uljanin and his red-black poisoners will never rest and we can not either. Fate leaves us no other choice anymore!

From tomorrow on, we will start the great propaganda offensive in St. Petersburg - and the military attack will follow. If we should succeed in taking over this important metropolis, then the balance of power in western Russia will change overnight. Then we will have a mighty fortress, a bulwark! Do not forget that!

The time

is right, the GCF has almost completely left Russia to give the collectivist pseudo-revolutionaries, these agents of the world enemy, free reign. Nobody stands in their way anymore - except for us. My comrades, we all know who is behind this devilry. Let us bring freedom to the Russian nation and the sword to Uljanin`s hellish breed!"

The rebel leader still spoke for more than an hour and the orders were clear after his stirring speech. A few days later, Frank, Alf and the Varangians began work.

In the first week of September, the members of the Freedom Movement of the Rus advanced deeply into the streets of the suburbs of St. Petersburg. They distributed countless leaflets, newspapers and data discs. Other Rus drove through the city with loudspeaker vans, implacably preaching the doctrines of Tschistokjow.

The Varangians were patrolling around the clock in almost all parts of the metropolis and tried to protect their comrades from collectivist attacks. Their watchful eyes always searched the dark streets and corners for the political opponents, but St. Petersburg was far too big to keep everything in sight.

In a suburb in north of the city, some CLJ troopers fired at the trucks from a rooftop. Frank gave his men the order to pursue the collectivists. The hooded men disappeared in a rundown apartment block and the Varangians tried to get them. The searched apartment for apartment, always the weapon at the ready.

Frank and his soldiers walked through dark corridors, which were littered with debris and trash, the kicked in the doors of the ugly dwellings to find filthy and impoverished Russians, sitting in the corners.

Many of these poor people were followers of Uljanin and stared at the Varangians with hateful eyes. Women met them on the hallway, hissing something in Russian, then they spat on the ground in front of the Varangians to trudge back then into their bleak home holes.

In the end, Frank and his men found no one. Presumably, the CLJ men had already escaped through a back yard. Angry and frustrated, they left the ugly block of flats, got into their trucks and drove to another point of the giant city.

The Varagians spent the night in general outside of St. Petersburg in an old gymnasium or other, shabby accommodations. Sometimes they were also out at night, patrolling in the streets of the suburbs. This was tiring and monotonous, a form of political struggle that tortured Frank and his soldiers.

In the second and third week of September, the Varangians started to distribute advertising material in the city center. Here, they often met hostile people, who railed against them behind their backs. They got used even to this. At night, they were on patrol again.

But the Varangians could not be everywhere. St. Petersburg was a huge moloch and a confusing maze of streets. So the conflicts between the Rus and the collectivists went on.

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