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   Chapter 50 No.50

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 5799

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The leader of the Rus briefly mused whether he should order his troopers to attack the collectivists again, but finally

He decided to end the demonstration. For the many citizens of St. Petersburg, who had joined the rally today, even many women and old people, this would have been to dangerous.

"We retreat!", said the blond rebel leader disappointedly and the demonstrators changed their route.

Now, the Rus marched across the Vosstaniya Mesto and finally reached the Ostrovskogo Mesto, a large square near the shore of the Neva river. Here the demonstrators stopped and Artur Tschistokjow delivered a speech.

Two hours later, the rally was over and the Varangians and troopers did their best to protect the participants on their way back.

But the riots still raged until deep in the night. St. Petersburg was shaken by a wave of violence, that devasteted large parts of the inner city.

Trains and trams were attacked, shops were looted or set on fire, and even more people were killed. Some young members of the freedom movement burned down a lodge house near the Mariinnsky theater, while collectivist mobs flocked together with gangs of non-Russians, spreading terror throughout St. Petersburg and beating anyone up who crossed their path. The next morning offered a gruesome picture of destruction. Shop windows had been smashed, burned-out cars covered whole streets of houses and dead people everywhere. The battle for the second-largest city of Russia had entered a new phase.

"Of course it has been a success!", returned Frank annoyedly and gave his friend a nudge.

"But we did not make it till the House of Justice. Now the collectivists sell it as their victory", said B?umer.

"Fuck these bastards! Soon we will break their spine!", grumbled Kohlhaas grimly, clenching his fist.

"Their number seems to be endless. Artur was right, when he stopped the march. Otherwise, even more people had been wounded or killed", remarked Alf.

Kohlhaas uttered a few curses, stressing that he was already looking forward to drive the collectivists one day out of St. Petersburg.

"Believe me, in the long run, we will smash them. Meanwhile, more and more Russians are on our side. Even in St. Petersburg. If we increase our propaganda and fight back with all our might, we can finally make it", growled Frank.

"But there are so many of them, and they are ruthless and brutal", moaned B?umer.

"Then we will answer them in the same language! Violence is the only thing they understand!"

"Anyway, let`s wait and see", said Alfred and went into the secondary room.

Frank was staring at the TV screen and tried to calm down. He was watching a news channel from North America. Some kind of epidemic had broken out in southern India and several thousand people had already died, as the newscaster told. With a loud yawning, Kohlhaas switched the television off a

nd left the living room too.

Both sides, the collectivists and the Rus, interpreted the events in St. Petersburg as their successes. Theodore Soloto said on the internet that the CASJ had stopped the "reactionaries", while Tschistokjow stressed that the freedom movement had made it to march through the inner city, despite of the "collectivist blood mobs".

The struggle for power in the heart of the metropolis was now continued with unabated force. Propaganda material of the two revolutionary movements was flooding the city and political violence was the order of the day.

The Rus did not relent in their efforts and steadily increased their activities. Soon the first Russian policemen joined Tschistokjow`s organization and their number was growing. But the most sympathy the Rus still found among the desperate, uprooted and disaffected Russians.

The CASJ slowly lost ground and had to ease its iron grip around the districts of the inner city. Uljanin started to criticize Soloto and looked at the development with anger and sorrow.

In August, Tschistokjow`s men made several smaller rallies in the city center. They were all spontaneous and after a short time, the demonstrants disappeared again, leaving the CASJ no room for organized counterattacks.

The collectivists finally reacted with the usual terror and tried to kill Yuri Lebed on the 16th of August. The head of the local chapter of the freedom movement was ambushed and stabbed down by his political opponents at a subway station.

Nevertheless, the tough man survived the attack, although he had to stay in a hospital for a long time. Shortly afterwards, the Rus stroke back and beat up several collectivists after a CASJ meeting.

Soloto`s men answered for their part with the murder of a group leader of the Rus in the following week. Tschistokjow`s followers reacted immediately and killed a CASJ functionary in front of his home with a headshot a few days later.

The whole August was characterized by a bloody guerrilla war that was raging in the streets of St. Petersburg.

But all in all, more and more people left the collectivist movement and supported the Rus. On the 29th of August, Artur Tschistokjow came back to St. Petersburg, in order to speak in front of several thousand people in a festival hall in the outskirts. One day later, a similar event followed at the other end of the metropolis. Slowly, the freedom movement was able to gain influence in the biggest city of western Russia.

The conference hall in the hotel "Himmelblick" was packed with people. About 500 Rus had gathered here today, among them many functionaries of the freedom movement and furthermore the officers and commanders of the Belarusian army. Frank and Alfred were sitting in the first row. Behind them, a few Russians in gray shirts were whispering, while they waited for the arrival of the president.

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