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   Chapter 49 No.49

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"Please give me some time to think about it, okay?"

The rebel looked sad, because Julia had hit the bullseye with her hints. Then, they still phoned for a while. Finally, Frank went home and brooded for the rest of the day.

Alf came back to Minsk, while Svetlana remained in Ivas. The Varangian Guard set off, in order to patrol in the villages and small towns around Tula. There were no notworthy incidents in this rural area, although they did not enter Tula itself. The streets of this city belonged to the collectivists.

The mass demonstration through downtown St. Petersburg was planned for the 17th of June, and again the freedom movement started a huge propaganda campaign in the metropolis to reach as many people as possible.

Theodore Soloto regarded the march past the House of Justice as a brazen provocation and called his followers up to fight the Rus by hook or crook. The collectivists finally decided to march on the same route and prepared themselves for bloody conflicts with Tschistokjow`s men.

But this time, Vitali Uljanin would not come to St. Petersburg, leaving the fight against the Rus to Soloto. The collectivist leader himself was on the road in the Ukraine to build up his revolutionary movement.

Virtually all GCF soldiers had meanwhile left Russia and the World Government was glad, that they could be used as occupiers in the Middle East or other crisis regions.

Now the Lodge Brothers confided only in Uljanin and his collectivists. Furthermore, they were not all too interested in the ongoing conflict in western Russia, because it was not important on the global political stage.

Even if the freedom movement controlled some cities in western Russia, for the Council of the 13, the final triumph of collectivism was absolutely inevitable in the long run.

However, the Russian police behaved passively since months, because the ordinary officer had no interest to risk his life for a few hundred Globes anymore. Moreover, the policemen received their salaries irregularly, what made them even more lethargic. Meanwhile, they were just watching and waiting, which revolutionary movement would win the struggle in the end.

Apart from that, in the areas that were controlled by the CASJ, they had already been replaced by CLJ troopers.

The command to fight on the side of the collectivists against the Rus was meanwhile ignored by the majority of the Russian policemen.

To the contrary, the most of the them showed more sympathy for the freedom movement than for the rampaging mobs of Uljanin. The leader of the Rus was quite satisfied with this situation, because now both sides could fight for the power in Russia among themselves.

Ultimately, over 70000 people came to Tschistokjow`s rally in the inner city of St. Petersburg. His supporters flocked together at the Mesto Lenina, while the collectivists were gathering for their own demonstration. And the red-black crowd was even bigger!

At 12.00 o`clock, the inner city resembled a seething cauldron. Like warring tribes, the Rus and their opponents s

houted insults at each other, before they startet to throw stones, bottles and Molotov cocktails. It came to the first heavy clashes of the day with several dead and injured people.

But Tschistokjow and his followers did not waver and marched loudly screaming across the Liteynii Bridge, while thousands of collectivists followed them. Other opponents blocked the street on the opposite shore and could only be driven back after another riot.

At the same time, the Varangian Guard and the local CLJ had a wild shoot-out in the streets near the marching route. Everywhere, the air was filled with hateful screams and a background noise that already sounded like a rising civil war.

At 13.30 o`clock, Artur Tschistokjow led his crowd through the Zakhareyvskaja Ulitsa and finally entered a maze of narrow side streets, where the Rus were already awaited by thousands of collectivists. Both sides immediately attacked each other with clubs, iron bars, knives and brass knuckles. CLJ troopers started to fire from the house roofs, while the armed Rus answered with their guns. Dozens of protesters were hit by bullets and died on the asphalt. Nonetheless, the remaining demonstrants marched forward, steadfastly and stubbornly.

"Artur Tschistokjow! The liberator of Russia!", it resounded out of the sea of waving dragon head flags.

"Reactionary pigs! Minions of the capitalists!", yelled the enraged followers of Uljanin.

The Rus marched on, meter after meter, while the streets around them filled with screaming red-black mobs. But not even bullets stopped the crowd which was lead by Artur Tschistokjow himself.

Shortly afterwards, the Rus had almost reached the

House of Justice, but what they saw there, made even the hardest trooper become nervous. Theodore Soloto had called his followers together and hundreds of CLJ men were waiting behind barricades, while thousands of ordinary CASJ members were blocking every street around. They had armed themselves with everything they could find.

Then the CLJ troopers opened fire and a storm of bullets mowed down the Rus in the first rank. Tschistokjow`s armed gray shirts instantly hit the dirt and shot back. The deafening noise of rifle fire drowned everything else for a moment, then the collectivists rushed forward with a warcry on their lips.

This was already civil war! Within minutes, the demonstration turned into a giant street battle. Bones were broken and skulls were smashed, some men fired indiscriminately, while others beat or stabbed down anyone in their way.

Now Frank, Alf and the Varangians appeared with their trucks and immediately shot back. After a fierce battle, both sides parted again and the Rus were still trying to advance to the House of Justice. Some of them were bleeding or limping, others were lying dead or wounded on the asphalt.

Meanwhile, Tschistokjow`s followers could see the collectivist headquarter – it was only hundred meters away from them. But their enemies were still blocking the streets and their number was growing with each passing minute.

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