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   Chapter 48 No.48

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"Soloto is a very dangerous and unscrupulous man", explained the chapter leader of St. Petersburg, Yuri Lebed, a man with reddish blonde hair and a serious look.

"Can you tell us more things about him?", asked Tschistokjow.

Lebed paused for a moment and replied: "Theodore Soloto is in my age. I've heard that he has studied philosophy and social sciences in Moscow. Eventually, he abandoned his studies and joined the CASJ. There, he had quickly made career. Many of us fear him because of his shrewdness and ruthlessness. He is clever, like a fox."

"We will defeat him anyway! No matter how clever he is", grumbled the Belarusian president and stared at the photo on the screen, that showed Soloto with a cynical grin.

"In June, we will demonstrate in the city center and directly pass the House of Justice!", added the blonde rebel leader.

Frank gasped and some men looked anxiously around. One or the other expressed objections.

But Artur Tschistokjow interrupted them and said: "I understand, that you are afraid. And do not think, that I am not. It is not pleasant, but it is necessary if we want to win the battle for St. Petersburg."

And the leader of the Rus was right, as Kohlhaas had ultimately to admit. Sooner or later, they had to venture into the heart of the metropolis. It meant, however, that hot days were waiting for them.

Alf was in Ivas to spent a few quiet days with his new girlfriend. Frank, however, was still in Minsk and tried to help Tschistokjow as good as he could. Wilden also visited him frequently and talked about the political course of the movement in the future.

Meanwhile, the general was exhausted and overwhelmed. Sometimes he was not even willing to answer a phone call anymore and was hiding in his apartment like a sick animal.

The last weeks had sapped his strength, and in the few quiet moments, he was musing about Julia and a common future in a time without endless fighting.

Even his friend Alf had already leapfrogged him in "women`s questions" and now he was constantly flirting and kissing with Svetlana. Although, the young Russian woman with the auburn hair and the bright green eyes was a nice and sympathetic person, he often felt a certain envy when he saw her with B?umer, always laughing and smiling.

Svetlana had graduated at the university of Minsk, and wanted to become an elementary school teacher, just like Julia. She was always very polite, so it was difficult for Frank to understand how a women like this could fall in love with a warhorse like Alf. But in terms of Julia and him it was the same question, if K

ohlhaas was honest to himself. Nevertheless, Julia had already been "shaped" by her father.

"Love is a factor, that can`t be calculated...", said Kohlhaas sometimes in a state of melancholy, when he saw Alf and Svetlana together. They were a more than strange couple. The broad-shouldered, bearded street fighter from Dortmund and the aspiring elementary school teacher, who loved babies and puppies. But apparently, Cupid`s arrow had really hit them.

When Alf and Svetlana visited the general in his apartment in Minsk, Frank often only heard the excited, shrill voice of the young Russian woman in the background. And sometimes also the comfortable hum of his gigantic friend. Occasionally, Alf reminded Frank of a grumbling brown bear, who was lying on the sofa in his living room.

Frank waited a few minutes and grabbed the phone in a state of pleasant anticipation, while Agatha Wilden was looking for her daughter, somewhere upstairs. Alf's happy billing and cooing with Svetlana had finally inspired him to call Julia again. Some minutes later, he heard her voice at the other end of the line.


"Yes, it's me! Hi Julia! I just wanted to talk a bit! Are you all right?", asked Frank delightedly.

"Yes, everything is okay so far. Nice to hear your voice. When will you come back to Ivas?"

Kohlhaas paused. "I don`t know, if I`m honest. I`ll be in Russia for the next weeks."

"I see...", returned the young woman.

"But as soon as I can, I'll come!", promised Frank then.

They talked about some meaningless stuff and Frank assured that he would miss her very much. Meanwhile, he was musing about the question, if he should ask Julia to move with him to Minsk. And finally he took heart.

"Uh, Julia, I wanted to ask you something else..."

"Really? Well, I`m listening!"

"Would you come with me to Minsk?"

She was silent for a few seconds. Then she replied: "I`ll reflect about it, okay?"

"You don`t have to leave Ivas completely, I mean because of your mother and so on, but I would be happy if you would..."

"You say it!", interrupted him the young woman. "My father is somewhere out there. He is constantly on the road, just like you!"

"But it will not go on forever like this", muttered Frank, but it seemed that he would not believe his own words.

"Not forever? Well, if you have liberated the whole world, then you`ll have some time for me - maybe", said Julia dryly.

Kohlhaas paused and puffed into the phone. Then he hesitated for a moment and returned: "Really funny! You could just try it. I miss you so much. That's all I can say..."

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