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   Chapter 47 No.47

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"This weapon can even destroy a tank!", muttered Wilden.

"But with a single plasma gun, we can`t do anything. The question is if we can produce them", returned Frank.

"Maybe the Japanese can help us. It would be worth an inquiry", answered the foreign minister.

"Some industrial plant should be modified to produce weapons like that, but I have no conception of it!", whispered Kohlhaas.

"We will discuss this at our next meeting", interrupted them Tschistokjow, giving his German friends a wink.

The Belarusian president was entranced by Prof. Hammers invention and told his confidants to keep their mouths shut. Everything else could lead to a catastrophe.

A whole team of selected physicists, chemists and technical experts from Belarus and the Baltic countries was sent to Prof. Hammers laboratory to support him. And while the German scientist was in his concrete cave, always inventing, musing, improving and working, the political struggle on the surface went on with old hardness. In spite of Uljanin`s tirades of hate and the brutal street terror of his supporters, the collectivists lost more and more ground in St. Petersburg. They failed to oust their enemies from the suburbs of the metropolis.

Nevertheless, the CASJ saw it only as a matter of time, until they had finally worn the Rus down. Moscow and the whole Russian East were already firmly in its hand.

In return, Tschistokjow`s followers tried to expand their acivities to the east and started several propagandistic counterattacks wherever it was possible.

So they made another rally in Voronez, where the city was shaken by riots for days. Shortly afterwards, Frank, Alfred and the Varangians stormed the collectivist headquarter of the newly founded CASJ chapter in Kursk and captured some of Uljanin`s functionaries. Then they destroyed the structures in the CASJ in Gubkin and Belgorod in the south of the city. At the end of the month, the area was finally cleared of collectivists.

Soon after, they made their way to Orel, where CLJ troopers tried to occupy the city. When they heard of the approaching Varangians, they retreated and camped in the outskirts. Artur Tschistokjow immediately sent a regiment of the Volksarmee to Orel and the collectivists finally fled eastward.

In the Ukraine, the region around Donez was meanwhile in the hands of the CASJ. Red-black flags were waving on the roofs of the town halls and "Administrative Councils of the CASJ" controlled the public life in the cities.

In the meantime, Uljanin was organizing strikes in Maryopol, Berdyansk and Zaporizza, and spoke to the masses. In early May, the collectivists had also conquered these cities.

In the south of the Ukraine, the CASJ almost met no resistance. The few local groups of the freedom movement in this region were far too weak to stop the collectivist advance

Apart from that, the people in central and eastern Russia were still hoping to finally experience Uljanin`s

promises of "equality" and "social justice". So far, the CASJ hadn`t ended the social crisis. To the contrary, the large-scale expropriations led to famine in the rural areas and to a much bigger social disaster in the cities.

And even Uljanin`s melodious phrases didn`t change anything. Many stomaches were still empty – beyond all promises of a rosy future.

Nevertheless, the collectivist leader was still preaching that the "reactionary enemies of the revolution" were responsible for the misery. Primarily the Freedom Movement of the Rus was blocking the path into a better collectivist world without any forms of injustice. Artur Tschsitokjow tried to make the best of the situation and hoped that Uljanin`s revolution would lose its impetus in the long term.

After a further propaganda offensive and several demonstrations, the Rus took over the power in the northern Ukrainian cities of Nizyn, Pryluki and Sumy. All the town halls, administrative centers and press houses were occupied by gray uniformed trooper squads in a bold operation.

On the 12th of May, 2037, the Belarusian president visited his supporters in Kiev and spoke in front of several thousand people in an old football stadium in the outskirts. Moreover, he reorganized the local chapter in the largest city of the Ukraine and prepared it for the conflict with the collectivist movement, that already controlled the rest of the country. Frank and Alfred had meanwhile gone to St. Petersburg again, in order to support their comrades there.

For the 18th of May, Tschistokjow had planned a demonstration in the north of the metropolis. After weeks of preparation, he finally managed it to mobilize no less than 30000 of his followers. This time, the collectivists avoided an open confrontation and left it at their usual attacks on smaller groups of their opponents at railway stations or in side streets.

Artur Tschistokjow evaluated the cautious approach of the enemy as a first success and he was right. Since the bloody street fights in March, the St. Petersburg collectivists had become much calmer, at least, in terms of open attacks on the demonstrating Rus.

Into the Witch`s Cauldron

Today Artur Tschistokjow had summoned his group leaders in Minsk. He was determined to conquer St. Petersburg and was already planning the next protest marches.

"This is the headquarter of the collectivists in St. Peterburg, it is the "brain" of the entire CASJ structure in this city. The "House of Justice" - in the Ulitsa Nekrasova."

Artur Tschistokjow pointed at a big screen.

"And that's Theodore Soloto, the head of the St. Petersburg CASJ and the mastermind of Uljanin`s movement in western Russia!"

"What an ugly pig face!", hissed Frank in German, narrowing his eyes to slits.

"What did you say?", he heard behind him.

"Nothing important...", said Kohlhaas, shaking his head.

Artur was talking faster and faster now, and Kohlhaas had to sharpen his ears.

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