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   Chapter 46 No.46

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The collectivist leader hesitated for a moment and thought about an appropriate answer, then he confidently replied: "Well, here and there, these reactionists have taken some towns. That`s right, but it is not important and nothing but a temporary phenomenon. The collectivist movement is expanding to western Russia and the Ukraine, as I have planned it. Even in China, we have already..."

A gray-haired member of the council with a broad beard interrupted him: "Brother Uljanin, we thought that you would bring Russia more quickly under control and we are, if I may remark this, somewhat disappointed that there is still so much resistance!"

"Tschistokjow and his Rus are ridiculous! In the long term, they are chanceless against the power of the red-black masses", answered Uljanin in anger.

The chairman of the Council looked at him with cold eyes, drumming his fingers restlessly on the tabletop.

"Maybe you underestimate the leader of the Freedom Movement of the Rus, brother Uljanin..."

"No! Certainly not, Excellency! But I promise, that this man and his movement will be wiped out in the near future", admitted the leader of the CASJ.

"And you are sure that you don`t need any further assistance of the GCF?", inquired the World President.

Uljanin looked at him defiantly and seemed almost offended. He rubbed his hands and tried to withstand the arrogant gaze of the head of the World Union.

"No! There is no reason for it, Sir!"

A banker from London asked for the word and the chairman of the council nodded. "How is the situation in St. Petersburg?"

"St. Petersburg?" Vitali Uljanin looked nervously around for a few seconds. "The city is almost in our hands..."

"Almost?", he heard the banker say gleefully.

"Yes, the Rus are down and out. They play no important role in St. Petersburg."

"Thank you, brother Uljanin!", said the chairman of the Council of the Elders. The interlocution was over.

Shortly afterwards, the collectivist leader left the room and heard the elders chatting and laughing behind the thick oak door. The goateed man appeared extremely displeased, because apparently the wise seemed to have doubts concerning his abilities.

"Soon they will see the might of my revolution!", he

Whispered angrily and walked slowly towards the foyer of the magnificent lodge house.

Some weeks ago, Artur Tschistokjow had equipped Prof. Hammer with a secret research laboratory. The German scientist, whose family had been detained by the GSA, after his escape from "Central Europe", called himself an "ardent admirer of Tschistokjow".

The Global Security Agency had put the old man under pressure for months, even threatening to kill him if he did not cooperate. Finally

, Prof. Karl Hammer had decided to flee to Belarus. His inventions were found to be extremely interesting for the small army of the renegate state. First of all, however, everything was still in the preparation phase and a small team of scientists had been provided to support him. The inventor was still working on his plasma gun and in April he presented a first prototype which had been completed thanks to the generous financial donations of the Belarusian state.

Only a small group of trustworthy Rus knew about Prof. Hammer and his researches. Frank was one of them, as the leader of the Varangian Guard. Likewise, Thorsten Wilden and defense minister Lossov. On the 18th of April, the men drove to Druja in Latvia, because the German physicist wanted to show them the new weapon.

A steel door opened and gave access to a weakly lit underground passage. Pale light filled the long corridor and the visitors passed another door, before they were greeted by Prof. Hammer.

Frank did not know what to make of the technical mumbo jumbo around him. A futuristic-looking weapon, perhaps three times as heavy as an ordinary assault rifle, had been clamped on a metallic framework. The muzzle of the weapon was aiming at a thick steel plate.

"Now I'm really excited!", said Wilden quietly.

Frank looked at him questioningly. "Does this guy want to shoot at this massive steel plate? That`s crazy."

Artur Tschistokjow nodded at them and smiled expectantly.

"I have to adjust something...", murmured the scientist and fumbled around on the strange weapon.

Defense minister Lossov asked the president what the old man was doing, but Artur did not know it and just shrugged his shoulders.

"They are to protect the eyes", said Prof. Hammer and gave his guests some goggles.

"That`s what I call a freak!", whispered Frank.

Wilden nudged him lightly and did not want to be distracted.

"The plasma gun!", called the professor with a happy smile and positioned himself behind the weapon. For some seconds there was a strained silence, but then followed a loud hissing and a bluish flash lit up.

For a second, Frank remembered the glaring light of the holo cell. A faint crackling scurried through the room, then the guest stared at the steel plate – speechless and gaping.

"It works! It works!" The scientist jumped up and down like a hyperactive Rumpelstiltskin, while the other men were still silent.

The strange weapon had eaten a fist-sized hole through the steel plate. It was unbelievable! Frank had never seen something like that.

"Great!", said Artur Tschistokjow with admiration.

Professor Hammer fired the plasma gun again and some shots later, the steel plate resembled a Swiss cheese.

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