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   Chapter 45 No.45

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 5547

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"Yes, they play "Romeo and Juliet" today. I would like to see it", explained the beauty.

"What is that for a play?", asked Kohlhaas skeptically.

"Oh, I really love it! It's about a forbidden love between two young people", said Julia with an expectant smile.

"Forbidden love?" Frank was confused.

"Yes, isn`t it romantic? And I have never seen it in a real theater. Only once as a movie!"

"We could also hang around in Steffen de Vries cafe...", suggested the young man and appeared helpless.

"No way!", he heard. "Just be spontaneous once, and don`t behave like a bonehead, Frank."

"Why I`m a bonehead?"

"You always want to go to Steffen de Vries, this is more than boring. I can take the car of my mother. But you should wear a real suit, Frank."

Kohlhaas twisted his mouth. "But why?"

"If you go to the theater, you should be dressed appropriately, Sir", said Julia and was as precocious as her father.

"Hmph!", muttered Frank.

"Yes! We`ll do it tonight!"

"Driving to Kaunas to watch "Romeo and Juliet?"

"Yes! What did you think? That's an order, soldier!", she joked, stroking Frank gently through his hair.

"Hmm...", was his eloquent response.

At 17.45 o`clock, the daughter of the foreign minister took Kohlhaas with her to Kaunas. A romantic play was waiting for the fearless street fighter who was still confused.

Meanwhile, Julia was talking and laughing and laughing and talking, during the whole ride.

"Anyway, it can`t be worse than the Sapporo front", said Frank to himself and followed Julia into the theater of Kaunas.

The Freedom Movement of the Rus expanded its promotional activities in St. Petersburg now on a grand scale. Day by day, Tschistokjow`s supporters distributed leaflets or hung up posters. The constant clashes with the collectivists didn`t scare them anymore.

Occasionally, the local chapter of the Rus even organized some smaller rallies in the suburbs of the metropolis. So the freedom movement was growing at breakneck speed, but the streets of the inner city were still dangerous places for Tschistokjow`s men.

On the other hand, Uljanin was fuming with rage, when he heard, that St. Petersburg was still not completely in the hands of the CASJ. Hence, he called up his men to proceed against the Rus with an even more brutal street terror. Moreover, he put bounties on the leading activists of the freedom movement. Even gangs of non-Russian immigrants, he tried to recruit as thugs for his CLJ units for good pay.

So a new and much bigger wave of terror came over Tschistokjow`s followers in St. Petersburg, and they were brutally attacked in the following weeks. The collectivists burned their cars, assailed them in dark corners and parks or just shot them in the open


The members of the freedom movement finally tried to answer in the same way, although the CASJ was much stronger and powerful than Tschistokjow`s organization.

But in the end, the terror of the red-black mobs did not lead to the desired goal. Many citizens of St. Petersburg recognized the true face of Uljanin`s movement and a growing number of them started to support the Rus.

Even some collectivists, who had initially joined the CASJ with some kind of idealism, finally left Uljanin`s organization and changed sides.

At the beginning of April, the Rus made three rallies simultaneously, each with several thousand participants, in the suburbs of St. Petersburg and earned a lot acclaim from the people. The attacks of the collectivists had meanwhile slightly declined in the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

However, Frank, Alfred and about 100 Varangians were on the road in the regions around Smolensk. They showed presence in the smaller towns in the east of the city, trying to intimidate their political opponents.

In return, the collectivists had already started to implement their plans. Homeowners, middle class entrepreneurs and even the few remaining farmers were expropriated forcibly. Who did not oblige and didn`t give his property voluntarily to the new rulers, was confronted with brutal coercive measures. Furthermore, people who were known as Russian patriots or publicly practiced the Christian Orthodox faith, were treated as "enemies of equality", what meant that they were imprisoned or liquidated. It were hundreds of thousands.

Soon, masses of refugees fled towards the western part of Russia or to Belarus and the Baltic countries. Artur Tschistokjow hosted his compatriots with open arms and many of them joined his organization, in order to fight against the collectivists.

On the 7th of April, several regiments of the Volksarmee occupied the cities of Luck, Rivne and Zytomyr in the Ukraine. It was another blitz that hit Uljanin`s unprepared men hard. Finally, Peter Ulljewski and his DSR units followed the regiments of the Volksarmee and smashed the structures of the CASJ with merciless rigor.

In the meantime, Vitali Uljanin had flewn to New York to meet the Council of the 13, in order to make a report about the development of the collectivist revolution in Russia. All in all, he was in cheerful spirit, because he could exhibit a lot of great victories.

His men had only suffered a few minor setbacks, but that did not change his conviction, that the hated Rus would soon be destroyed and whole Russia would be in the hands of the CASJ.

"What`s about these cities, that have been taken by Tschistokjow`s men?", asked the World President, the most prominent member of the global brotherhood.

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