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   Chapter 44 No.44

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He called the rest of his soldiers, who were observing the streets in the proximity, with a wavering voice: "Hurry up! The CLJs have pinned us down in an apartment block in the Tischinaja Ulitsa!"

B?umer peered over the sill and recognized a big horde of attackers who had apparently decided to storm the house again. Now screams from the staircase could be heard.

The next group of CLJ men had finally entered the apartment block. Kohlhaas scurried to the Russians, who guarded the staircase, and looked down. They were coming.

"A gift from Artur Tschistokjow!", hissed Frank and let a hand granade drop down.

A few seconds later, he heard a loud bang and the collectivists jumped apart. Then, they ran unwaveringly up the stairs. Shortly afterwards, they had already reached the first floor.

"You are as good as dead!", they yelled.

The Varangians threw further hand grenades down and this time they hit. A group of explosions let the staircase shake, while some CLJ troopers were torn to pieces.

Machine gun fire followed the detonations and several collectivists tumbled down the stairs. Frank and his soldiers attacked the survivors, gunning them down in a dark hallway. Subsequently Kohlhaas crawled back into the apartment - to be pushed out by Alfred in the next moment.

"They have hand grenades too! Down!", roared B?umer and a cloud of dust and debris was hurled out of the room.

In the meantime, the other Varangians had reached the house and attacked the sursprised CLJ troopers from several sides. A storm of heavy assault rifle fire rushed through the Tischinaja Ulitsa and dozens of collectivists were moved down by the elite soldiers.

The rest of the CLJ men fled in panic, while Frank and the others stormed out of the apartment block, back on the street. A little later, the enemy had disappeared.

Kohlhaas immediately gave his men the order to get into their trucks again, because Artur Tschsitokjow and the demonstrating Rus were in desperate straits.

When the truck convoy of the Varangian Guard sped over the cobbled pavement with a loud noise, racing straight towards another bunch of collectivists, Uljanin`s men jumped apart and screamed in horror. Now the mass of the Rus came into sight and general Kohlhaas saw, that his comrades were already encircled by thousands of collectivists. The truck convoy stopped and the Varagians swarmed out.

"If we fire at the crowd, we`ll hit our own men!", warned B?umer, pulling his hot-tempered friend back. Frank nodded and gave another order.

"Bayonets!", he shouted.

With a loud war cry the Varangians swooped down on the collectivist mobs and put them to rout.

A deafening cheering surged through the ranks of Rus, although some of them were seriously injured and tumbled

around with bleeding heads. Soon the demonstrants were able to march on and to leave Pushkin again. For today, their opponents had enough.

Nevertheless, some Rus were still ambushed on the way home by Uljanin`s men, but all in all, the rally of the freedom movement had been a success.

The CASJ had finally not been able to avert the Rus from marching through the streets of Pushkin. But also Tschistokjow`s followers had suffered some casualties.

About 60 Varangians had been killed by CLJ troopers whose losses were, however, significantly higher.

"Now they respect us!", remarked Kohlhaas after the bloody street fight and spoke of a great victory. The Belarusian TV did the same and also the newspapers of the country.

"Collectivist terror gangs stopped!", headlined the state newspaper, while the collectivists were vowing vengeance.

Two days later, Frank and Alfred returned to Ivas. This time, Svetlana from Minsk came with them. B?umer really seemed to have fallen in love.

Since the early morning hours, Frank was hearing the happy laughing and giggling of Alf and his new girlfriend. It was a torture for his ears and he slowly he became angry. The two behaved like two turltedoves.

Silently grumbling, the general shut the door of his room after he had placed the television in front of the bed. Around noon, he visited HOK to play Battle Hammer.

It was a nice and relaxing game, although Kohlhaas was beaten again by his corpulent friend who wiped his orcs off the table.

"I should read the rules again...", admitted Frank sheepishly, when the game was over.

HOK just grinned. However, the computer freak essentially had much more time to study all the rules of Battle Hammer meticulously. Ultimately, the defeated rebel grabbed some of the new miniatures, HOK had bought for him on the Internet, and went back home, where he was already awaited by Alf and Svetlana – the happily grinning couple. That was weird!

They had baked a cake and presented it proudly as he came into the kitchen. It was a surreal scene: The sweet Svetlana and the huge Alf in front of the old oven. Frank couldn`t suppress a laugh.

A little later, he started to paint some of his miniatures, trying to ignore the affectionate chatter in the kitchen as good as he could. Nevertheless, he was not able to concentrate on his work completely.

"Tomorrow I`ll do something with Julia", he promised to himself before he went to bed.

"What a surprise, the general is back!", said Julia with a grin, as Frank, neatly combed and well dressed, picked her up at the front door.

"Yeah sure!", came back quietly.

She hugged him and suggested to drive to Kaunas, the next larger town, to go into the theater.

"The theater in Kanaus? But..." The rebel paused.

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