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   Chapter 43 No.43

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 5642

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"Freedom for Russia! Come to Artur Tschistokjow!", it resounded through the streets out of countless throats, again and again.

The Russian policemen had apparently given it up to risk their health anymore in the conflict of the two rival revolutionary movements, and were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they had even received an order from above to leave the streets to the collectivists.

Artur Tschistokjow looked around. Some Russia flags hung out of the windows of the houses in front of him. In addition, also the red-black flags of the CASJ. Crowds of people stood on the sidewalks, some of them hailed the Rus, others spat on the ground and uttered terrible curses. Soon the demonstrators would reach Pushkin to march through even more dirty and hostile streets.

Shortly afterwards, a big mob of collectivists appeared in the proximity and hate-filled calls came over them like a cold hailstorm. The opponents raised their fists and a wrathful chorus of voices resounded all around Tschistokjow`s followers. But the Rus persistently marched forward, while their rivals were flocking together everywhere.

Meanwhile, Uljanin was speaking in front of 150000 people in the inner city. It was not the number of demonstrants that he had expected, but nonetheless a true sea of red-black banners was filling the center of St. Petersburg. The collectivist leader promised once more "freedom" and "social justice" and took a bath in the cheer of the crowd.

At the same time, Artur Tschistokjow and his followers reached their aim, a large square in the middle of Pushkin. The blond man took the microphone and began with his speech.

"All quiet so far!", muttered Frank and positioned himself behind a car. Alf and a group of Varangians followed him.

Kohlhaas peered across the street. From a distance, he could hear Tschistokjow`s voice. The general and his soldiers were surrounded by shabby, crumbling houses and sometimes Frank imagined that their windows were angry eyes which were staring at him.

"Secure this side street!", he shouted at some of his men and the Varangians disappeared.

"Nobody seems to be here", said B?umer and got into a truck.

With a loud hum, the vehicle began to move and drove through another street.

"Some of us will remain in the vicinity of the Ulitsa Miri to observe everything", told Frank his soldiers.

Alfred yawned and started to smoke a cigarette. Obviously he was relieved that this day was peaceful so far.

But only a second later, a loud clang could be heard right in front of the vehicle and a wall of flames rose up. The forepart of the truck immediately caught fire.

"Shit! It came from the roof of the house to our left!", shouted Frank and jumped out of the truck. The vehicles behind them stopped with screeching tires.

"There! The win

dow!" B?umer fired with his assault rifle at the house front and somebody was screaming behind a window, while mortar pieces rained down on the asphalt.

Then the enemy showed its face. Dozens of CLJ men appeared all around them and immediately started to shoot. Some Varangians were riddled with bullets and broke down.

"Ran into the house there!", roared Kohlhaas and hurried as fast as he could through the front door of an apartment block. B?umer and some of the others followed him.

The Varangians sprinted up the stairs and jumped into a dark hallway. Then they kicked in some doors and stormed into bleak looking apartments.

Dirty, pale people, scared to death and begging for their lives, were huddling here. Kohlhaas pulled a little girl out of a room and brought her to the hallway.

"Go into the basement and hide there!", he said in Russian.

Only seconds later, the little girl and her wailing parents ran down the stairs.

Outside the house, down on the street, the CLJ troopers had gathered. Between them lay several dead Varangians on the asphalt, while the truck was burning brightly.

"Secure the hallway! We shoot from up here!", shouted Frank and waved a group of soldiers nearer.

Some young Russians positioned themselves on the stairs. Frank and the rest of the Varangians went back into an apartment and fired out the windows.

While the Varangians had a shoot-out with the men of the CLJ, Artur Tschistokjow had finished the rally successfully. Now the crowd started to march back, but they were already awaited by their opponents. Every street was blocked with screaming red-black mobs and thousands of hate-filled eyes were staring at the Rus.

"Piss off! Traitors of the workers! Fascist pigs!", yelled the angry collectivists.

"Slaves of the Lodge Brothers! Treasoners against the Russian people! We`ll get you!", answered the Rus.

Their leader was no longer able to keep his furious supporters under control. Within a few minutes, the opposing groups threw stones and Molotov cocktails at each other. Finally, the first shots resounded through the streets and the riot escalated.

Over 50000 Rus attacked the mass of the collectivists, who had occupied the streets around them to the last corner. Tschistokjow had not expected anything else and just hoped to survive this day.

A few dozen CLJ troopers tried to storm the building and jumped into the doorway. But their assault ended in front of the muzzles of the Varangian`s guns. Frank`s soldiers shot them down in the next second.

Meanwhile, the dirty house front was covered with countless bullet holes and the collectivists outside were still firing at the windows.

"More and more of those damn rats...", growled Kohlhaas, crawled across the carpet into a secondary room and took his radio.

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