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   Chapter 42 No.42

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The scientists appeared relieved. "Now I`m standing in Tschistokjow`s office..."

"What can I do for you?", asked the leader of the Rus.

The older man opened a suitcase and took out some DC-Sticks and a laptop. Then he said: "I want to show you something, Mr. President!"

A little later, Artur Tschistokjow was staring at the screen of the laptop in amazement. He beheld some blueprints and construction plans and didn`t knew what to say. However, he did not understand much of what he saw, but Prof. Hammer immediately started to explain everything.

"I have lead the faculty of physics at the university of Hamburg until I have left half a year ago. For about 30 years, I am already dealing with laser and plasma technology and I claim to be one of the leading scienctists in this sector in "Central Europe". I have lectured at several universities: Berlin, Vienna, Paris. Most of the time in Hamburg, my hometown", told the scientist and looked at his surprised interlocutor.

"Laser and plasma technology?"

"Yes, exactly! In the course of my decades-long researches, I have won a lot of new insights. Among other things, this technology can be used even in the military sector..."

"What's that gun there on the screen?", Tschistokjow wanted to know, pointing at the laptop.

"This is a plasma gun", said the white-haired man.

"Plasma gun?"

"Yes, a plasma gun! It is my invention!"

"You have worked on a plasma gun?", asked Artur puzzledly.

"Right, Mr. President! And I am still working on it. However, I work not only on weapons. Laser and plasma technology can fortunately be used also in many other ways!

But you can guess, that certain people are particularly interested in my military researches. What you see here on this screen, has never made public before. These construction plans are my intellectual property and nobody knows about them."

"But why did you come to me?", inquired the leader of the freedom movement.

His guest was silent for a moment and looked around nervously. "That's a long story. Of course, I would have also had the possibility to go to your enemies, Mr. Tschistokjow, but I didn`t do it.

Believe me, your opponents are very interested in these things. The GSA has asked me again and again about my inventions, after I have published a scientific report about the using of my technology for military purposes.

Anyway, they don`t know that I already have complete construction plans for new weapons. They wanted me to come to North America or the Middle East, to put my knowledge into their services. I did not do it!"

"Plasma gun! This is crazy! Verrückt!", remarked Tschistokjow in German and laughed.

"The GSA has put me more and more under pressure. They offered me huge sums

of money and threatened me, if I would dare to refuse", told the scientist.

"And now you want to help me with your inventions?", asked the rebel leader, perking his eyebrows up.

Prof. Hammer smiled and replied: "Well, maybe I can help you somehow, Mr. Tschistokjow. I do this with burning conviction, because people like you, and also president Matsumoto, are the only sparks of hope in this terrible times!"

The Belarusian president was still overwhelmed, while the German showed him further plans and told him about his life. The old man stayed in Tschistokjow`s office until deep in the night, and the Belarusian president listened to his words in disbelief.

Enemy Territory Pushkin

The 10th of March, 2037, was a cold and rainy day. Frank and Alf had got up early and were now waiting for their comrades in a suburb of St. Petersburg. The whole city had already been shaken by clashes between Rus and collectivists for days - 16 people had so far been killed. Vitali Uljanin had personally come to St. Petersburg to lead the demonstrators through the inner city. That his rivals wanted to demonstrate too, was no secret anymore. For weeks, both sides had called up the people to join their rallies.

An atmosphere of tension had settled in the streets like a black cloud. The local newspapers and television had warned the citizens of St. Petersburg of massive riots, while the media in central and eastern Russia, which were already controlled by the collectivists, had preached hate and violence.

"No Rus will leave St. Petersburg unharmed!", headlined "The Red-Black Flag", the official party newspaper of the CASJ, on 10th of March.

Today, Uljanin expected about 200000 people at his rally. Frank and Alfred had hardly slept in the night before the big event and meanwhile they were extremly nervous.

At 11.00 o` clock, the first waves of Rus streamed into the city from all sides. The collecitivist were already waiting at the stations and it came to the first conflicts of the day.

The beginning of the demonstration through Pushkin had been scheduled for 13.00 o`clock. As meeting point, Tschistokjow had chosen a shopping center in the west of the notorious district. Thousands of his supporters had already come and their number was still growing.

Ultimately, almost 50000 people gathered under the banner of the dragon head. Hundreds of armed troopers flanked the marching columns with loaded guns.

Then it began. Flag waving and singing, the huge mass slowly moved forward. Artur Tschistokjow was in the first rank, Peter Ulljewski, his oldest and best friend, walked next to him. At first, the Rus went through a dirty neighborhood full of gray apartment blocks, and started to scream at the top of their lungs.

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