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   Chapter 40 No.40

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 5561

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In these tiny villages, it came to no incidents. All in all, the people reacted positively on their appearance and often the Varangians distributed data discs and pamphlets with headlines like "What are the Goals of Artur Tschistokjow?" or "Uljanin – The Face of Treason".

The trip to the east brought Frank and his soldiers in desolate, impoverished regions. Here they found a lot of dilapidated and already half abandoned villages. Haggard and unhappy faces gazed after them out the windows of run-down houses. Sometimes there was nobody to see on the muddy, rain-soaked village streets, except for an old woman or a straying dog.

When they drove further eastward, they came into a wild country with meadows, large forests and only a few small farms. Russia seemed to be endless.

A cold wind was always blowing through the Russian vastness, and some villages could not even be reached, because mud and snow were still blocking the roads. Finally, the trucks stopped near Rybinsk. This city was in the hand of the collectivists. It would have been a pointless provocation of the enemy to drive through the streets there. So they went back to Nowgorod and then made their way to St. Petersburg.

"Here we go! Artur says, that we shall distribute these data discs only in the suburbs. Prior in front of schools and in the neighborhoods", explained Frank.

"What? Even the Varangians?", wondered Alfred.

"Yes, every man is needed. We stay together in groups, if the red-black scum appears! The local chapter of the freedom movement is already working since weeks. They have warned us, because most parts of the city are in the hand of Uljanin`s men."

B?umer laughed gleefully. "I have thought, we are an elite unit, and not a bunch of paperboys..."

"Well, the distribution of advertising material is also very important. St. Petersburg can`t be taken without a good preparation", Kohlhaas gave back sullenly.

"These words out of your mouth, Frank!", muttered B?umer, looking listlessly at his friend.

"I have meanwhile realized, that the mental preparation of the population is the base for any political change", lectured Kohlhaas, while Alf raised his hands.

"Yeah, okay, Frank! Come on now!", he grumbled.

Shortly afterwards, the truck convoy drove through the western outskirts of the city. Then the Varangians distributed leaflets and data discs in some streets. Many of the people seemed to be frightened and hardly anyone dared to refuse the "gifts" of the uniformed Varangians. Today, the collectivists were nowhere to be seen in this suburb. Nevertheless, one time a few guys shouted insults at Frank and his men in a side street. But otherwise all was quiet. Apparently, Uljanin`s followers were waiting for a better opportunity to attack

their enemies.

Apart from that, a lot of ordinary Rus were nonetheless assaultet by members of the CASJ at that day. Some armed troopers tried to give them protection, but St. Petersburg was far too big to keep every street in sight. Furthermore, many of the Rus, who distributed leaflets or data discs today, were normal young men or sometimes even women.

In the north of the city, four members of the freedom movement were attacked at a subway station by more than 40 collectivists. Elsewhere, an activist of the Rus was stabbed down with a knife and another heavily wounded with brass knuckles.

Although the collectivists already controlled large parts of St. Petersburg, above all the inner city, they were nevertheless not that numerous and well organized as in Moscow or in the other cities of the east. But their organization was anyhow growing.

The propaganda campaign in the suburbs of St. Petersburg was the so far greatest operation the Freedom Movement of the Rus had ever started. Almost 200000 leaflets and data discs could be distributed in the city. In particular, the digital documentary "Who are the Forces Behind Vitali Uljanin?", which was distributed as a data disc, found a lot of interest among the people.

Of course, the collectivists hated this video, that had been produced by the Belarusian television, from the bottom of their hearts. Hence, the local leaders of the CASJ told their men to destroy any data disc they could get. However, the campaign became a great success and brought Tschistokjow a lot of sympathy. For the 10th of March, the leader of the freedom movement was finally planning a rally in the district Pushkin, a heartland of the collectivists.

"A march through Pushkin?", groaned Frank, clutching the cellphone in his hand.

"Yes! We must mobilize all of our men. The police will leave us alone. Meanwhile, they are more on our side than on that of the collectivists!", explained Artur Tschistokjow in German at the other end of the line.

"I hope so...", returned Kohlhaas and looked worried.

"See you, Frank!", said Tschistokjow and ended the call.

Alf wanted to know more details and tortured his friend with his questions. The general just rolled his eyes and remarked: "The last thing I need is that..."

"Be happy that the ordinary Russian policemen are facing us with so much sympathy. Believe me, meanwhile, the hate the collectivist scum too, after all the riots in the last months", said B?umer grimly.

"This rally will end in another big street fight, Alf. I`m too exhausted for all this. This never ending struggle eats me up", groused Kohlhaas.

"Get a grip, Frank!", grumbled Alf, positioning himself in front of his friend, while his muscular arms were twitching under his shirt.

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