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   Chapter 39 No.39

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The freedom movement had expanded its influence in the northern Ukraine and the numbers of its members was growing. On the other hand, the enemy had taken the industrial area around Donez after several strikes and mass demonstrations. Now Uljanin`s men controlled the streets in this large and important region. CLJ units searched the cities for supporters of the freedom movement and executed everyone who was suspected to be a Rus.

All in all, Vitali Uljanin was content with the progress of his men in the Ukraine. In his eyes, it was only a question of time until Kiev and also the rest of the country would be in the hand of the CASJ. So his functionaries developed a restless activity, leaving their opponents no time to rest.

Nevertheless, more and more Ukrainians showed sympathies with the Rus. Others feared that their country would soon be ruled by Uljanin or Tschistokjow. In the latter case, they knew, however, that they would life in better conditions as under the collectivist yoke.

Moreover, Tschistokjow was admittedly of Russian descent, but at least born in Kiev. Therefore, the blonde politician became not tired to stress this fact in his speeches again and again.

"I feel with the Ukrainian people and I will give them back their freedom", he promised.

Now it was the question, who was able to prevail in the long run. Frank and Alfred returned to Minsk in the second week of January.

A thick blanket of snow blocked the roads in the endless vastness of Russia. Therefore, the political activism stagnated and it was quiet until the snow started to disappear. In February 2038, the struggle continued and both sides made their first rallies and demonstrations. In the western part of Russia, the collectivists proceeded now much more aggressive against the Rus and started a bloody guerrilla war in the cities.

Meanwhile, the Russian police looked away, trying to deal with the armed units of the two revolutionary movements. Overall, the frustrated police officers, who hadn`t received any salary payments since weeks, felt much more sympathy for the freedom movement than for the CASJ. For this reason, the Rus did a lot to convert the Russian policemen to their column. They promised them the termination of the collectivist chaos and the return of law and order.

Frank beheld himself in the mirror. He believed that his hair had become a bit grayer, and he had some more little folds. Some overgrown scrapes and scratches were running down his cheek and his forehead. But they were not to recognize at first sight, as Frank said to himself.

Furthermore, shadows had formed under his green eyes. Since when were they there? Frank wondered and did not find an answer.

"Maybe I'm just fancying all this", he thought and continued to stare into the mirror.

Kohlhaas was now 36 years old. Damn old or at least not young anymore, as he meant. Meanwhile, he had become a general o

f the Volksarmee and the leader of the best unit of it. He was a great warrior, perhaps even a talented butcher. A lot of men had been killed by his bullets and blades. Therefore, his comrades were worshipping him.

He was also not stupid. Frank had a sharp intellect and was able to think strategically. The Varangians followed him, because of his inner strength, his iron will and his great courage. But nevertheless, the general was tortured by a feeling of emptiness and permanent exhaustion.

"I am marching from battle to battle. This is my destiny. One day I will be an old man – if they don`t kill me before - and I will have nothing but a pile of medals", he sometimes mused.

He imagined a group of little children, standing in front of his house, who were shouting: "There lives the old gentleman, Mr. Kohlhaas! He has once been a great fighter. He was like Achilles, like Siegfried, like Leonidas! Oh, how great would it be to become a man like him."

But it would not be his children. No, other people's children, because Frank would never have an own family. It would be his fate to live and die as a lonely man. A lonely but admired soldier, a forever fighting hero in a hamster wheel.

What would be if it was all in vain? If their rebellion would finally fail and nothing would remain of it?

He became increasingly unhappy, sad and listless. Nevertheless, Artur Tschistokjow would call him again soon. Today, however, he wanted to go out with Alfred, roaming through the pubs at night and going into a tavern, where they sometimes played "New Iron Metal", Frank's favorite music. Today the general wanted to drink and forget.

Until five o` clock in the morning, Frank and Alf had walked through the streets of Minsk. B?umer had flirted with a pretty Russian girl, while Frank had thought of Julia once more. Some young Russians had reverently come to their table and had asked, if he really was "General Gollchaas". He had just nodded, with a broad smile.

Suddenly, the owner of the pub had come as well to shake their hands. Then they had drunken for free.

"I am also a member of the freedom movement, Mr. Gollchaas", the pub owner had told. "We are proud, that you visit us today, general."

Beyond all his depressions, Frank had been happy when he heard these words. Apparently, he meant something to many people. It did not solve his inner problems, but it sounded good, really good. Totally inebriated, the two men finally returned to Frank`s apartment in the gray of dawn.

A few days later, they drove back to the barracks in the outskirts of Minsk. Here, the Varangians were waiting for the next mission. The motorized force advanced into the rural area in the east of Nowgorod. With waving dragon head flags, the trucks drove through the villages and towns to show their colours. How strong were the collectivists here? They didn`t know it and it was their task to find it out.

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