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   Chapter 38 No.38

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The rest of the functionaries started to whisper secretly. One of them, a medium-sized man with glasses, black curly hair, long sideburns and an impenetrable look nodded and smiled.

"Thank you, Mr. Uljanin!", he said.

The chairman of the CASJ kept a straight face, got up from his leather chair and positioned himself in front of his subordinates.

"I demand that Tschistokjow and his breed are stopped – at all cost. Recruite more men for our CLJ units in western Russia! Go on with the rallies! Let no Rus life undisturbed! Find out everything about their chapter leaders! Find out where they live! Gun them down! Put them down! Got it?", vociferated Uljanin angrily.

His staff members murmured their approval and finally left the room. The angry glance of their leader followed them.

Before the winter of 2037 swept over Russia, the Rus extended their actions till the suburbs of St. Petersburg. The last big demonstration of this year took place in Kolpino. There were some attacks of the collectivists, who demonstrated on the same day, what led to 14 deads on both sides.

However, Frank and Alfred had remained in Minsk. A few days later, they drove back to Ivas and looked forward to a quiet Christmas with good food and much sleep.

Frank wiped off a load of snow from the old wooden bench near the forest outside the village, put a soft blanket over it and sat down. Julia Wilden did the same.

They were silent for a while and beheld the snowy tops of the trees above them. Somewhere in the distance, the cry of an animal could be heard, otherwise there was only the wind, roaming quietly through the branches.

The young woman leaned her head against Frank`s shoulder and tried to warm herself. He stroked her gently through the soft, blonde hair and was lost in thought.

"What`s up with you? You are musing since hours, Frank", said Julia, looking thoughtfully at him.

"Oh, nothing, it`s all right...", answered the general.

"Are you happy to be back in Ivas?"

"Yes, of course! I`m more than happy! If I would have a choice, I would never leave this place again."

Julia gave him a hug. "That would be great!"

"But I have no choice, as you know. Soon I have to go back to Belarus!"

"The revolution calls for its hero...", she muttered with a certain lack of understanding.

Frank stared at the snow-covered ground and cle

ared his throat. "If it continues like that, then I`ll be just vanished one day."

Julia was astonished and stood up from the bench. "What do you mean?", she asked confusedly.

The leader of the Varangian Guard looked at her with a cynical expression: "Because I`ll be dead then! One day, they will finally get me and my luck will have left me..."

From one moment to the next, Julia became indignant. She had planned to talk with Frank a bit about her future studying and her work in the village school, but now Frank came with the same old story again. Julia had finally enough of all the rallies, street fights and revolutions.

"Then let the others fight for once!", she scolded.

The general shook his head and said nothing. Shortly afterwards, he returned: "The others are already fighting. And they die. Just like me. Sven is already dead, and soon they will get me..."

"To hell with all this crap, Frank!"

"Anyway, I`m doing it for you too, Julia."

"Yes, of course! I`m looking forward to the day when you finally bite the dust for me. That`s what I`ve always wanted, Frank!"


"But what? You are unable to live a normal life, that`s a fact. "If a man sacrifices himself for the cause, it is the greatest thing he can do!" Yes, listen to your beloved saviour Tschistokjow and die a heroic death, you fool!", hissed the daughter of the village boss.

A second later, Frank jumped off the bench and angrily uttered a curse.

"Do not talk to me like that, Julia! I`m not one of your little pupils, got it? You have to pay me respect!", roared Kohlhaas and positioned himself threateningly in front of the pretty woman.

Julia`s blue eyes sparkled at him, then she gave Frank a cynical grin. "So what? Do you want to beat me up now, general Kohlhaas?"

Frank paused. "No! Of course not..."

"It's better if I go now. I had really looked forward to see you, but I can`t stand this theatre anymore...", said Julia disappointedly. Then she turned around and walked back to the village.

"You're a fool, Frank! Apparently, the only happiness in your life is the success in your eternal struggle. You don`t want to see anything else, poor hero!", she shouted at him angrily and left. Kohlhaas remained on the bench and stared at the cloudy sky. Maybe Julia was right, he thought to himself.

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