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   Chapter 37 No.37

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 6330

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A few days later, about 8000 Rus marched through the streets of Kursk to show their power. Although there were some minor clashes with the local collectivists, the rally ended without bigger riots or gun fights.

Shortly thereafter, Frank, Alfred and the other Varangians came to the city and arrested some collectivist agitators who were brought to a prison in Belarus.

Then they returned and protected their comrades during their propaganda campaigns in the northern Ukraine. Near Cernihiv it came to a brief shoot-out with a group of CLJ men, otherwise everything went quiet.

Meanwhile, almost all GCF soldiers had left Russia and were sent to several crisis regions around the globe, especially to the Middle East or the Iran. This meant, that the collectivists had free rein now. CLJ troopers disarmed and replaced the Russian police in more and more cities, while Uljanin enforced his new order by all available means.

Many thousands of unpopular persons fell victim to a nationwide wave of "purges" and the collectivists started with their expropriation campaign.

"All property is transferred into the hands of the people!", declared Uljanin. This meant in reality, however, the transfer of all assets into the hands of the new rulers.

Apart from that, the international banks were not even touched by the collectivists and only nationalized in pretence. The old owners, who were also Lodge Brothers, remained in their positions. Meanwhile, the leader of the collectivist movement revealed more and more of his destructive plans for Russia.

One goal was the total annihilation of the remnants of the old Russian culture. Hence, the collectivists started to knock down historic buildings and the few remaining churches, monuments and relics in the cities.

"The Russian nation and its culture must perish! Only then, the new order of eternal equality can be realized", hammered Uljanin into the heads of his followers again and again. And these began with their great opus of destruction, leaving rubble and chaos.

However, Uljanin`s unbridled destructive frenzy led to the fact that more and more Russians slowly asked themselves if the collectivist revolution would really solve their problems. But every publicly expressed criticism was muzzled by the fanatical CLJ men.

In the meantime, Artur Tschistokjow`s freedom movement was still growing in western Russia and the Rus had strengthened their positions. The awareness campaign about Uljanin and the forces behind his back had been of use. Thousands of new members and sympathizers filled the ranks of the freedom movement and the power of the collectivist onslaught against the western part of Russia seemed slowly to subside.

A demonstration of Uljanin`s men in Brjansk could be prevented in early December by the Rus, who attacked the collectivists with several hundred troopers. Shortly afterwards, it was the same in Nowgorod.

The Varangian Guard was everywhere in use and constantly drove the collectivists out of the small towns and villages between Orel and Kursk. In Kolpny, the 1000 soldiers strong elite unit came into the town by night and arrested several

functionaries of the CASJ who were shot on the spot.

The interaction between the armed trooper units of the freedom movement and the ordinary activists, which overflowded the towns and cities with leaflets and data discs, became better and better.

Meanwhile, the social situation in Russia was even more desolate. Not only the prices for food were still rising, but also those for commodities or fuel. The collectivist intervention in the economy and the complete expropriation of countless citizens exacerbated the social need up to an unbearable degree. A wave of famine and discontent shook central and eastern Russia, while the country`s infrastructure was now in danger to collapse completely.

In the course of this chaotic situation, more and more

Russians and Ukrainians recognized that the people in Belarus and the Baltic countries had a much better life under Tschistokjow`s reign. There was neither famine nor chaos.

To the contrary, the political and economic measures of the Belarusian head of state were slowly growing fruit. A makeshift social security had been established, many industry complexes and factories had been saved from closing, and even agriculture had already recovered.

Furthermore, the Belarusians and Balts were also spiritually and culturally in some kind of healing phase. Crime and squalor in the cities had declined rapidly, and even the birth rate was slowly rising again, thanks to the massive public support of families.

The ponderous but steady resurgence of Belarus could not even be stopped by the World Government in the long run. Despite of its economic boycott policy or anything else.

In addition, Japan and the Philippines also existed as export markets for Belarusian goods. That was not much, but nevertheless it was not nothing.

In the meantime, Vitali Uljanin had relocated his office into the Kremlin and was planning the next steps of the collectivist revolution with his CASJ functionaries.

"I have organized a steel worker strike in Luhansk. If we have Luhansk, then we will soon have the entire Donez region. And then the eastern Ukraine is in our hands", said Roman Chazarovitsch, the CASJ leader of the Ukraine.

"Well...", grumbled Uljanin and grimly beheld his staff members.

A pudgy man added: "In the west of Russia..."

But the Collectivist leader interrupted him harshly. "What`s about western Russia? Why is the revolution stagnating there?"

"These damn Rus have prevented our rally in Brjansk!", returned the functionary.

Uljanin leaned thoughtfully back in his leather chair and said: "That Tschistokjow is thougher than I have thought!"

"Some of our chapter leader have been arrested or shot. These pigs have motorized squads, that appear out of nowhere!", complained another CASJ leader.

"We have units like this too. Anyway...", Uljanin put him off.

"It must be our goal to take St. Petersburg. If we control also the second largest city in Russia, then the west of Russia will soon be in our hands! Therefore, I have appointed Theodore Soloto, one of our best orators and agitators, to lead the CASJ group in St. Petersburg from now on!"

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