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   Chapter 35 No.35

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The people around Uljanin fell into a feverish frenzy and were overturned by boundless enthusiasm. The leader of the CASJ smiled contentedly down on them. How easy it was, to manipulate the masses.

Death Toll for Ivas

Sven smiled and shook Frank`s hand. Then he went into the living room, where Alf was lying on the sofa. It seemed that Kohlhaas apartment in Minsk had meanwhile become his second home, because B?umer was hanging around here since days.

"Sven! That's a surprise!", said B?umer, straightened up and turned off the television.

"I have been on the road in the villages around Nowgorod, with loudspeaker vans. That was an exhausting campaign", answered Sven, while Frank gave him a soda.

"Nice that you visit us, old boy. We have been on the road too and haven`t seen Ivas for a long time", explained Kohlhaas. "What`s about the other villagers?"

"They are constantly working for the Rus. Distributing pamphlets, driving around with loudspeaker vans, demonstrating and so on", replied the young man who had been maimed in the Japanese war.

His remaining eye was staring at Frank and Alfred. Then he smiled. "What has happened in Smolensk?"

Kohlhaas grinned. "You have watched TV, haven`t you?"


"Oh, we have just kicked the asses of some collectivists and GCF soldiers. My Varangian Guard and me", said Frank proudly.

"A great success, without any doubt. Good work, general!", remarked the guest from Ivas.



"I would be glad if you join my Varangian corps!"

The young man with the disfigured face pondered for a moment and answered: "No, Frank! I`ve already lost one eye and three fingers in the Japanese war. Moreover, I`m in the first rank at our demonstrations and this is already dangerous enough. I lead the boys from Ivas. Meanwhile, we are a punchy team."

"Are those teenage boys, who have made that crap back then in the neighboring village, still active?", asked Alf.

Sven laughed. "Yes, the whole youth of Ivas is still active. These boys have helped us in a lot of propaganda campaigns. Meanwhile, they are all right."

"And Ziegler?"

"Well, Michael is no longer a wimp. He has been with us at the first demonstration in Smolensk and was beaten up by some collectivists. But he is nevertheless still active. You can count on him."

Frank sighed. "I`m missing Ivas so much! Sometimes I think my ass will one day end up somewhere in Mongolia. Rallies here and street fights there – this whole shit makes me sick!"

B?umer perked his eyebrows up and nodded. Sven clapped Frank with his hand, which had only two fingers, on the shoulder and said: "We have no t

ime to rest too, my friend. Even the propaganda units are working around the clock. But what shall I say, you know all this..."

"Have you seen Julia again?", inquired Kohlhaas.

"I haven`t been in Ivas all too often, Frank. She was in Steffen de Vries little shop, when I saw her last time", returned the guest.

"Aha, I will call her tonight...", muttered Frank quietly.

Sven Weber stayed overnight in Frank`s apartment and the three men drunk a lot of alcohol. On the next morning, the guest from Ivas met with some other Rus and finally drove to Kromy, a town south of Orel, to distribute the lately designed pamphlet "Who are the Powers Behind Vitali Uljanin?".

There had been a lot of reports on Belarusian television about this topic to enlight the public about Uljanin`s true identity and the forces behind his pseudo-revolution. The collectivist leader was exposed as an agent of the World Government, while his ideology was dismantled by Tschistokjow himself.

With tens of thousands of data discs and leaflets, which were distributed throughout the western part of Russia, and a big information campaign on the Internet, the Freedom Movement of the Rus started a large-scale assault on the leader of the CASJ.

All in all, the operation was very successful and reached millions of Russians who slowly began to scrutinize the collectivist ideology. Uljanin feared this campaign more than anything else.

When Frank and Alfred brought their friend to the door on the next morning, they could not imagine, that they would never see him again. Sven Weber paid for participating in the awareness campaign with his life.

The tireless fighter, who had already sacrificed so much in his young life, was killed by a group of collectivists in Kromy. It happened in the early evening hours in a little side street. The murderers shot Sven three times in the temple. Moreover, two of his Russian comrades were seriously injured. One of them died on the way to the hospital.

Sven Weber had instantly been dead, as Frank and Alfred learned a few days later from the Rus, who had survived the assassination attempt.

Thorsten Wilden had finally broken the terrible news to Kohlhaas, and the general had just gaped speechlessly. At first, Frank had hardly been able to believe it.

Shortly afterwards, B?umer knew it too and likewise stared into space with a deep shock in his guts. Their best friend had been murdered. Some collectivists had ended his life in a city, whose name Frank and Alf had never heard before.

"What the hell means "ubogij"?", asked Alf glumly, trying to decipher the Cyrillic text on the computer screen.

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