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   Chapter 34 No.34

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As the word "mother" came back into Frank`s mind, he thought of her for a short moment. He had almost forgotten his mother, as he admitted and felt guilty. And it was the same with his father and his sister, who were already dead since several years. Could they see him now? Now, as he was sitting here in this gray warehouse, on a box, in the outskirts of Minsk? What would his father say? What would his mother think about him? What would his parents think of all this here? Would they be proud to have a son, who was admired by his comrades, because he was a great killer?

Frank came to no conclusion and ultimately he said to himself, that he alone was carrying the responsibility for his deeds and could only be judged by God. This world had become a vale of tears, a huge battlefield and again and again Frank said to himself, that he was fighting for a better future.

"Killing today, for a better tomorrow...", muttered Kohlhaas and remembered the text of an old heavy metal song from his youth. Distraughtly, he shook his head because of all these absurd ideas.

"This world has lost its mind! You are the only light in this night full of madness and hatred", he whispered and stared at Tschistokjow`s picture. He drilled his gaze into the portrait and meticulously studied every feature of the rebel leader.

"The good thing is, that this photo can not change. It can never change, it will always be as it is. An unchanging thing that can not be falsified. It must remain unchangeable -forever! Yes, this is good and true. You are true, Artur Tschistokjow. There can`t be any doubt", muttered Kohlhaas.

"Do not disappoint me, my friend! At least, one thing on this damn planet must remain true and honest..."

The chairman of the Collectivist Association for Social Justice looked down on the huge mass around him. He was standing on a small stage, surrounded by a roaring, red-black crowd, that lusted for every word he said. Meanwhile, the cunning man had nearly fulfilled the task, the elders had given to him. Moscow was drowning in the collectivist flood, which had been unleashed by him. Now, only the west of Russia had to be conquered by his men. And after this, they would take the Ukraine and then the revolution would even reach central Asia. Afterwards, the collectivists would take over Poland, the Czech Republic and finally western Europe.

Uljanin hoped, that the Council of the 13 would allow it to him one day, to carry the flag of collectivism around the world. But it depended on the decisions of the wise. It had to be a part of the Great Plan, because every action had to serve it. Uljanin was merely a lackey, an agent, but he had begun to love his role.

"We will prevail! Forever! The nations of the earth shall serve us and creep thr

ough the dust beneath our feet. We will devour them with skin and hair", the collectivist leader said quietly to himself and smiled.

The people in front of him were crying, shouting and screaming, a riptide of human beings, flooding through the streets of Moscow.

"Freedom! Equality! Justice!", it resounded out of tens of thousands of throats.

The head of the collectivist movement looked at his followers with a slight tang of contempt. Many of these men, who praised him today, were desperate, sad creatures. They had dirty faces and looked starved, emaciated, unshaven, unwashed and pale. But they were eager to follow his orders.

Nevertheless, some of them, though not the largest part of the collectivist mass, were not poor. For example the students of the university of Moscow, who had joined the CASJ. Many of these young academics had become functionaries in the collectivist movement and they liked it to theorize in front of the poor, reciting Mardochow`s maxims a thousand times.

Often, these sassy, self-righteous young graduates told the despaired and poor people around them, how Mardochow and Uljanin would end their pain one day. However, most of the uneducated men and women did not understand much of what they preached them, but the promise of a better future always sounded like music in their ears.

"The revolution has conquered Moscow!", shouted Vitali Uljanin with a trembling voice, throwing his arms into the air.

The human carpet around him started to roar and the sea of red-black flags waved back and forth.

"Now it is done! You will be free! You will find social justice! Equality! Equality! Equality!", screamed Uljanin, holding his fist high.

His followers answered him with the same gesture and chorused: "Equality! Equality!"

"But before I can save you, my collectivist brothers, we have to free also the rest of Russia from the capitalist exploiters and Tschistokjow`s fascist hordes!

These reactionist murderers have occupied several towns in the west, but we will drive them back! We will exterminate this criminal breed, with root and branch!

They are responsible for the fact, that I can not help you so far! They are to blame, if you are still hungry and I can not accomplish my work for the great equality! The Rus are the enemies of our revolution and the enemies of Russia!"

The seething mass answered with a deafening, hate-filled screaming, while thousands of men were brandishing clubs, axes and all kinds of other weapons. They looked archaic and barbaric, like a horde of ravenous prehistoric men.

"We start today, everything that keeps us away from eternal equality must be destroyed! Follow me, my brothers! Follows me, wherever I lead you to, because I will lead you into a bright future!"

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