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   Chapter 33 No.33

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"In the end, everybody has a part of me, but nevertheless I will die alone", he thought to himself, restlessly turning around in his sleeping bag.

"I will call her tomorrow", he promised to himself in moments like that - to forget it again on the next day. It had always been the same in the last years. Frank was always fighting somewhere, always on the run, from Japan to Russia to elsewhere. And the young man feared, that it would go on forever in this vein.

Sad and frustrated, he sighed quietly. Was this the price for all the heroism? And was he a hero anyway? Maybe tomorrow everything would turn out to be an illusion, a soap bubble that would burst and nothing would remain of it...

Artur Tschistokjow, who was in those days more a general than a statesman, and his men took Nowgorod. This time everything ended without bloodshed. The collectivists did not resist and most of the policemen defected to the Rus. The motorized Varangians and the trooper units with their trucks and assault rifles had been intimidating enough for their enemies.

The ordinary citizens of Nowgorod cheered and finally hoped for order and peace. Russia flags shyly hung out of some windows, while a group of young women was throwing bouquets at the Rus, that were marching through the inner city. Impatiently, the people clogged the main streets to see the rebel leader from Belarus. Many inhabitants of Nowgorod had feared the collectivists and now they praised Tschistokjow as their protector and liberator. Finally, the head of the freedom movement delivered a speech in front of over 70000 people.

Frank and Alf breathed again at the end of this day. There hadn`t been any fights, and the opponents had already fled. Several regiments of the Volksarmee and some trooper units secured the occupied cities in western Russia, while the political functionaries of the freedom movement tried to restore order.

The occupation of these border towns was an initial success, but measured against the fact, that the collectivists already controlled great parts of Russia, it was hardly worth mentioning.

In the middle of October, Uljanin came to Moscow and reorganized his party. Numerous rallies and parades, a sea of red-black flags and angry masses, stirred up the Russian metropolis and its 16 million inhabitants. Occasionally, the Russian police was ignoring their orders from above and tried to stop the collectivist mobs. But they were chanceless.

On the 20th of October, bloody barricade fights began and about 50000 members of the CASJ attacked the police. The riots lasted for several days and Uljanin`s men left a trace of devastation all over Moscow.

Not a single GCF soldier had been sent out to protect the city and not single a tank or Skydragon had appeared. The international forces had long retreated, leaving the helpless policemen alone, while the wrath of the collectivists came over them. It didn`t take long, until the Russian police had surrendered. No

w the streets of the Russian capital belonged to Uljanin`s CLJ squads.

Kuluga and Tula, two cities in the south of Moscow, were also overrun by the red-black revolution, that had seized the old Russian capital like a raging wildfire. The members of the CASJ were now only waiting for Uljanin, who wanted to proclaim the collectivist victory in the heart of Russia`s most important metropolis.

In the meantime, CLJ units conquered Serpuhov and Kolomna and the entire south of Moscow. Finally, the leader of the CASJ followed them with his staff.

On the 30th of October, the collectivists occupied the Kremlin and the governor of the administrative sector "Eastern Europe", Maxim Blumenew, abdicated. Uljanin let him leave the city and Blumenew flew to North America a few days later.

"Artur Tschistokjow - The savior of Belarus will give you work and safety!", could be read under the image of the leader of the freedom movement, which was printed on the small data disc in Frank`s hand. The general, lost in thought, beheld the photo of the blonde man with a serious face. Anyone looking at it, could foresee the eerie power and strength of this fanatical revolutionary.

Meanwhile, Frank could repeat almost every word of the video presentation on this disc. He and his Varangians had already distributed thousands of them in the last weeks. Yes, he had watched the short propaganda movie countless times. The success of Tschistokjow`s regiment was shown to the viewer, while the video presentation warned of the "Gravedigger of Russia", Vitali Uljanin, in the same breath. The head of the CASJ was the mass murderer, the traitor, the red-black messenger of terror and so on. The same content was, only slightly compressed, on the leaflets, which were distributed by the Rus in great numbers all over western Russia.

Artur Tschistokjow was the "savior", Uljanin was the "devil" and the "Agent of the Lodge Brothers". The freedom movement wanted to rescue Russia, the collectivists wanted to destroy it. Black and white, good and evil - this was the soul and the core of all propaganda and it would always work well, thought Frank.

Meanwhile, he had dedicated himself to Tschistokjow, like a disciple to his Redeemer. Frank had fought and killed for this man, and he was still on the front, risking his life over and over again. And the same did his friend Alf and all the other Rus.

"I know you since several years now, but you are still a stranger for me, my friend", whispered Frank, staring at Tschistokjow`s photo.

Then he looked briefly around. Only some loud talking soldiers stood at the other end of the warehouse and smoked. Kohlhaas was sitting on a large cardboard box and was glad if no one was bothering him today with any new orders or vanities.

"I trust you, like a baby trusts its mother", it flashed through the general`s mind as his eyes examined Tschistokjow`s charismatic, expressive facial features. "Don`t ever deceive me, Artur!"

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