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   Chapter 32 No.32

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No one dared to resist the red-black masses in Balakovo, and after they had occupied the city, the troopers of the CLJ killed everyone on open street, who was considered to be an "enemy of justice and equality".

The international media hardly reported about these bloody excesses or even tried to justify the brutal methods of the collectivists. Only the Rus were slandered once more and Russian television called them "terrorists" and "murderers".

Zarizyn should become the next stage of Uljanin`s revolution. Without any resistance, the CASJ took control over the city and expanded its influence towards the Black Sea. Rostov was occupied and conquered by the CLJ, while the street terror started to rage.

Political opponents were hunted down, shot and hanged on the market places and in the streets. Within a single day, several hundred people were liquidated by CLJ squads. A large part of Uljanin`s victims were middle class Russians, furthermore patriots, professed christians, so called intellectuals or nonconformist thinkers. At the end of September, the collectivist tide even reached the Ukrainian border and finally came over Moscow.

In the meantime, the Rus had established themselves in Bryansk after they had driven their opponents out of the city. Frank and countless other fighters carried the dragon head flag now further to the south and occupied a number of smaller towns.

Soon after, the city of Klincy and the surrounding villages were captured by some units of the Volksarmee. Tschistokjow`s followers continued with their advance until they finally reached Orel and Kursk. This time, the widespread chaos and the lethargic attitude of the security forces made it easy to takeover these two cities as well, what gave the freedom movement a much better strategical position. But it was impossible to advance to central Russia. The heart of the country was too far away from more or less safe Belarus and meanwhile the collectivists were ruling over it.

"In Nowgorod, the collectivists are not all too strong yet, their strongholds are in eastern and central Russia", said Frank, looking expectantly at Tschistokjow.

"Maybe you`re right", answered the rebel leader, scratching his head.

"We must lose no time. The rural region around Nowgorod is large and the collectivists will have problems to overrun it if we occupy the villages at first", explained Kohlhaas.

The President was musing for a moment, then he returned: "This is a good strategy, Frank! We need to get a strong position in St. Petersburg, Nowgorod could become the key for it!"

"Yes, exactly! And around Nowgorod is a huge

rural area, which extends up to Rybinsk. We must gain control over these region, as soon as possible."

"Anyway, Uljanin will take over Moscow. One way or another!", said Tschsitokjow angrily.

"Yes, and we are not able to stop him! Nevertheless, we have to conquer the western part of Russia. That`s all we can do at present!"

"And then we will expand our influence to the northern Ukraine. At first Nowgorod, then Ukraine", remarked the Belarusian head of state in German and smiled.

"The collectivists will occupy the region around Donez and probably even some other areas in the Russian west. In return, we should try to take over Kiev."

"Kiev!" Artur looked a little melancholically at his German friends. "I was born there. My hometown. In Kiev, we have a very active group of our organization, Frank!"

"All groups in the Ukraine shall immediately start with a propaganda campaign. Demonstrating, distributing leaflets and so on. We have to win as much sympathy as possible among the people."

Tschistokjow only showed a simper. "There will be civil war in Russia. I`m sure. It is only a question of time, my friends. But how can we survive a conflict like this?"

General Kohlhaas shrugged his shoulders. "I don`t know, Artur! The superiority of our enemies is immense, but we have to try it anyway."

"Well, then we should conquer Nowgorod at first. I`m counting on you and the Varangian Guard", said the leader of the Rus and sat effetely down on his chair.

Frank was happy that Alf was there. About hundred men of the Varangian Guard and he were sleeping tonight in an empty gym. When everything was quiet and Frank could only hear the quiet breathing and snoring of his soldiers, he was sometimes tortured by scattered thoughts. That night, he was depressive once again. The last few months, and the last years as well, had been a never-ending battle. The young man stared at the crumbling ceiling of the hall and let the thoughts wander through his head.

This state of rumination he had always tried to suppress, but this time, Kohlhaas wasn′t able to ignore his inner feelings anymore. The blinders, which he had given to himself, had vanished for a moment, so that he could not avoid it to reflect about his life.

Again and again, Julia's face appeared in front of his mind`s eye and he had to admit himself that he was still neglecting her. Nevertheless, Frank loved her, from the bottom of his heart, but he was always on the road. Tonight he slept in Pskov, a Russian city he had never heard of before. Soon they would advance to Nowgorod. And afterwards, Frank would be sent elsewhere.

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