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   Chapter 31 No.31

Prey World - Counterrevolution By Alexander Merow Characters: 6064

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"Now we`ll give these bastards a grilling!", he said to Alf grimly.

Only seconds later, cobblestones rained down on the truck and a bullet cut through the air. With a loud clang the windshield of the vehicle bursted and some more shots could be heard.

"Get down!"

B?umer jumped behind the truck. Frank and a group of Varangians followed him.

"Dirty Rus scum! Today you will be stomped!", yelled the collectivists.

Now whole clouds of cobblestones flew through the air and a Molotov cocktail hit one of the trucks. The front part of it immediately burst into flames.

"Why don`t we shoot back?", whispered Alf.

"Wait, the others will charge them from behind!", Frank gave him to understand and loaded his rifle.

A few minutes later, three trucks appeared in the back of the collectivist mob and stopped with squeaky tires, while the CLJ men were silent for a moment.

"Get them!", shouted Frank at the top of his lungs, jumping up and raising the rifle into the air. Then the Varangians attacked their enemies from two sides.

A volley from automatic gunfire hit the swarm of surprised collectivists and the first of them were riddled with bullets. They started to scream, tried to find cover and finally fled in all directions. Frank and the others drove them right into the arms of the Varangians behind them, who immediately shot them down with their machine guns. A moment later, the enemy was wiped out or was turning tail and run. Some dozens of dead or heavily wounded CLJ troopers were lying on the asphalt in pools of blood. Frank and Alf hurried forward and called the Varangians together.

"What shall we do now, general?", asked one of them.

Kohlhaas looked at him with a pugnacious glance and ordered his soldiers to get back into the trucks. The convoy drove through some dirty streets and finally reached the center of Smolensk. Loud screaming men with dragon head flags in their hands were marching down the street in front of them. This time it were their comrades.

The demonstrating Rus cheered, when they saw the truck convoy and made way for the Varangians. After a while, about 40000 people had gathered in the center of Smolensk and the GCF soldiers moved forward, as soon as they saw the demonstrators appearing in the distance. Thousands of collectivists and some units of armed CLJ men followed them.

"Here we are now!" Alf pointed at the city map on his DC-Stick.

"Well, we will attack them immediately! First the GCF soldiers, and then the rest", said Kohlhaas and fumbled nervously around on a button of his uniform jacket.

The Varangians heard the collectivists scream in the side streets around them, but the truck convoy unwaveringly sped further and broke through a police barrier. The officers jumped aside and hit the dirt.

"Our trucks are coming through the Novo Park, over the flank!", shouted general Kohlhaas into his radio, while the transport vehicles raced forward at breakneck speed. Shortly afterwards, the enemy was in sight.

"Get off the

trucks!", yelled Alf at some Russians.

The Varangians reacted immediately and prepared for the attack on the GCF soldiers and the collectivists, who seemed to be irritated because of their sudden appearance.

"Fire!", screamed Frank and his men sent a storm of bullets in the direction of Uljanin`s troopers.

Dozens of GCF soldiers fell as under the strike of a giant scythe, even before they had found cover. The servants of the World Government tried to retreat, but the Varangians quickly encircled them and the fight turned into a bloodbath.

Shortly afterwards, they came over the collectivists, who had already begun to attack the demonstrating Rus in front of them. Frank and Alf emptied one magazine after another, hurled hand grenades into the collectivist swarms and raged like berserks. The other Varangians followed their example, and within a short time, the collectivists and GCF soldiers were put to flight.

They ran through the streets, throwing their red-black flags to the ground, while the Rus chased them with burning hatred. Tschistokjow`s followers beat them to death with clubs, iron bars and axes or striked them down with their guns. In the end, the mass flight of the collectivists ended in a massacre.

After about two hours, the Rus had taken Smolensk. Hundreds of dead and wounded were covering the streets of the inner city, while the dragon head flag was waving on the top of the town hall. Artur Tschistokjow had never seen a slaugther like this before – except for the infamous rally in Gomel. Anyway, this time his men had won.

The lightning attack of the motorized Varangian Guard had hit the enemy like a hammer blow. Neither the collectivists nor the GCF soldiers had had a chance against the 1000 best-trained and highly motivated elite soldiers of the Volksarmee.

So they had to complain heavy casualties. About 80 GCF soldiers had been killed, furthermore over 500 collectivists. On the same day, Peter Ulljewski`s men had occupied the headquarter of the CASJ in the inner city of Smolensk. In the course of this operation, the DSR troopers had hanged the local CASJ chapter leader and his staff members.

There was no more doubt, Smolensk had witnessed the prelude to a civil war and the brutal manner of the Rus, that had this time been similar to Uljanin`s methods, shocked Tschistokjow`s rivals in the western part of Russia significantly.

But the collectivist movement had meanwhile conquered a lot of other cities, where all "counterrevolutionaries" had been arrested or executed by the CLJ. In the north of Moscow, for example in Vologda and Kostroma, the armed units of the CASJ and the Russian police fought against each other for days, but in the end the collectivists succeded. Uljanin`s revolution was now marching along the Volga. Mass demonstrations swept through Ulyanovsk and Syzran in early September. A few days later, the collectivists took over the cities and finally came to Balakovo, where their leader spoke in front of over 100000 people.

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