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   Chapter 30 No.30

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All localities between Pskov and Velikie Luki were simultaneously occupied by the Rus and Peter Ulljewski`s DSR units immediately began to arrest and liquidate the collectivist leaders in this region.

In contrast, Velikie Luki had become a place of chaos and anarchy. Some CLJ units and the local collectivist organization were preparing the takeover of the city, as they, just one day after the conquest of Pskov, were surprised by the Rus.

The hastily erected barricades of the CLJ men in the inner city were surrounded by Frank`s motorized Varangian Guard and the collectivists were forced to surrender. Soon after, several hundred armed troopers marched through the streets and Tschistokjow followed them. The Russian policemen joined the crowd and most of them were even grateful, that the Rus had eliminated the collectivist menace.

Ultimately, Tschistokjow`s followers gathered near the main administrative building and finally occupied it.

Alfred B?umer came, at the head of a group of troopers in gray shirts, waving his hands, when he recognized his best friend in the distance.

"Frank!", he shouted.

Kohlhaas jumped from the truck and gave Alf a hug. "B?umer, you`re here too?"

The tall man chuckled. "Of course, Wilden has tortured my nerves for days and finally sent me to this beautiful place. No revolution without uncle Alf!"

"We have made it! Velikie Luki is in our hands!" Kohlhaas raised his fist.

"Hey, Frank, I want to join your motorized elite unit. You can tell this to Artur!", said Alf and seemed to be a bit jealous.

"Ok, if you like. I would be glad, of course...", replied the general.

"Yes, I hope so. I can compete with any of these Russians there on the truck", grumbled B?umer, giving his friend a wink.

"Well, all right, Mr. B?umer! Welcome to the Varangian Guard, the elite of the elite!", boasted Kohlhaas and Alf climbed on a vehicle.

With roaring engines, the truck convoy drove away while the rest of the Rus was marching through the city, singing, and finally listening to Tschistokjow`s speech.

Till the end of the day, the Varangians hunted down the collectivists in the small villages around Velikie Luki and returned to the city in the night. Meanwhile, the dragon head banner was waving on the roof of the town hall.

While the public order was crumbling everywhere in Russia, Tschistokjow`s men tried to conquer the rural areas around Smolensk.

In Pocinok, three of them were shot by CLJ troopers at the end of August. A few days later, several hundred angry Rus came to the village and searched for the murderers of their comrades. They stormed the house of the local collectivist leader and killed him. Then they shot eight young men, who had been referred to them as members of the CASJ by the frightened inhabitants. Subsequently, Artur Tsc

histokjow criticized some of his group leaders energically, because of this brutal retaliation, but many of his troopers still backed this kind of counterterror. After they had brought the region under control, the Rus came back to Smolensk on 5th of September. And this time, they were prepared...

"Believe me, the collectivists in western Russia are not as strong as around Moscow or in the eastern parts of the land. Here, the CASJ is still under construction and this time they are not lead by Uljanin", remarked Frank confidently and adjusted his uniform.

Alf looked nervously around, while his friend clapped him on the shoulder. "Keep cool. Today we will smash them!", he said quietly.

The truck convoy drove through the matutinal dawn in the direction of Smolensk. An atmosphere of hate and tension had come over the city again. The collectivists and the Russian police were waiting in the city center and this time they were even supported by a small force of GCF soldiers.

Some people hurried across the street and tried to hide, when they saw the trucks of the Varangian Guard coming closer, others greeted friendly and a couple of young girls even threw flowers out of a window.

On some houses in the city center, the old national flag of Russia or dragon head banners could be seen, on others hung the red-black flags of collectivism. The stuffy air of this day promised a discharge in smoke and death.

Frank`s cellphone rang, it was Artur Tschistokjow.

"Oh, really? Well, we`ll see!", heard Alf him say after half a minute, then Kohlhaas put the cellphone back into his pocket.

"Several hundred GCF soldiers are in the city center. They even have some anti-riot tanks", explained Frank.

"Anti-riot tanks?", stammered Alf and swallowed.

"Yes, but we have something to stop them!", said Kohlhaas, staring across the street.

The crowd of Tschistokjow`s supporters was still growing, thousands of Russians had meanhwile gathered under the dragon head flag.

At 9.00 o`clock in the morning, about 20000 people marched towards the inner city, while 17000 were still waiting in the east of Smolensk. Artur himself led the bigger group. The yelling and chanting demonstrators marched through the streets, making a deafening noise, while the Varangian Guard stayed away from them and was operating independently. The truck convoy stopped and Frank's men searched the streets for collectivists. Then they drove on, towards the inner city, where they immediately encountered Uljanin`s CLJ units.

"Here they are!", shouted Kohlhaas. "Dawaj! Dawaj!"

The Varangians jumped out of their trucks and catched sight of a several hundred collectivists who were screaming insults and threats at them. Kohlhaas took his radio and gave some commands, three of the trucks disappeared in a side street.

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