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   Chapter 29 No.29

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Frank went through the front door of the pompous, old hotel "Himmelblick" in the heart of Minsk. A porter in a blue uniform nodded at him with a smile and escorted Kohlhaas to the upper floor. Shortly afterwards, the young man reached a large conference hall and already heard Artur Tschistokjow ranting in Russian.

"Ah, General Kohlhaas...", remarked the leader of the freedom movement when Frank entered the room. That was all he said to his delay.

The other members of Tschistokjow`s staff were already there. It were the entire cabinets of Belarus and the three Baltic countries. Moreover, the complete leadership of the Freedom Movement of the Rus.

Artur spoke only Russian today. This time, there was no special treatment for his two German friends. But Frank`s language skills were already good enough so that he hardly had any communication problems.

"Russia has descended into chaos. The capitalist and collectivist conspiracy works hand in hand, while Uljanin`s so called revolution moves from east to west, rolling faster and faster across the country. Soon the red-black flood will have swept away all opposition. Nobody can stop them - except from us!", he shouted.

Dr. Gugin answered: "Mr. Tschistokjow, shouldn`t we wait how everything develops?"

A burly man with an angular face interjected: "How should the situation develop? Uljanin will overrun Russia and the Ukraine if it goes on like that."

The Belarusian president brandished his index finger like a spear. "Now it is time to start our own offensive! Russia is drowning in chaos, the police does not know what to do. The GCF soldiers have left the big cities to give the collectivists free rein. This is also a chance for us!"

"But the Global Control Force will immediately come back if we show up!", said a chapter leader.

"Yes, perhaps! Anyway, the collectivists will cause a state of anarchy all over Russia in the next weeks. They will attack the remnants of the Russian police and furthermore start a crusade against their political opponents. We should at least try to take control in the cities of western Russia to build up a frontlinie against Uljanin`s flood", lectured the president.

Wilden agreed with Tschistokjow and nodded. Frank listened to everything and didn`t say a word.

"I am sceptic, Mr. President. In my eyes, we will wear our people against a too powerful enemy", warned Gregori Lossow, the defense minister.

Meanwhile, Artur Tschistokjow had become more and more hectic, trying to make his position understandable: "If Uljanin`s revolution is once established everywhere and the collectivists have access to the entire power structure in Russia, then it will be much more difficult for us to stop them.

Millions of Russians yearn for renewal and not everyone likes Uljanin, especially in western Russia. We must act now, because now there is chaos everywhere!"


sow tried to say something, but Tschistokjow interrupted him. "We will concentrate all our forces on the political conquest of the bigger cities in western Russia. Perhaps we can even manage it to take St. Petersburg."

Some of the other men could not believe their ears and shook their heads..

"St. Petersburg? This is crazy, Mr. Tschistokjow!", they exclaimed in disbelief.

"It is worth a try! Anyway, this is an order! Tomorrow we will start our counterattack!", shouted Tschistokjow and finally ended the conference.

The most of his followers were confused and went outside, while the Belarusian president waved Frank nearer.

"You will be the general of the Varangian Guard, Frank!", said Tschistokjow in German.

Kohlhaas was puzzled. "What is the Varangian Guard?"

The Varangian Guard

On the next day, Frank Kohlhaas knew what the Varangian Guard was. Artur Tschistokjow and Peter Ulljewski had build up this elite unit of the Volksarmee a few weeks ago. It consisted of 1000 men. The best and most fanatical fighters from Belarus and the Baltic countries had been combined in it and now Frank should lead them.

The men had gathered in rank and file on the courtyard of the main barracks in Minsk and were waiting for him. Early in the morning, a jeep had brought Kohlhaas to his new unit. The General jumped out of the vehicle and looked at his soldiers with a broad smile.

Many of them knew him, because they had already fought under his command in the trooper units of the freedom movement. The tall soldiers smiled back and stood at attention.

"Ja priwjestowaju wasch, Soldati!", shouted Frank.

"Mej priwjestowajem wij, General Gollchaas!", answered the Varagians.

Frank grinned. "Chorochow!"

A little later, the general and his men hit the road and drove to Pskov, a Russian town near the Latvian border, where they were already awaited by a huge mass of Rus.

Artur Tschistokjow led to the growing crowd to the municipal building. Thousands of people followed him and after a few hours, over 30000 men and women had gathered in the city center.

Frank's troopers came on trucks and put some groups of armed collectivists to rout. Near the city center, the Varangians were attacked by CLJ men again, who had lied in wait in the streets.

They stopped immediately and fired back. After a few minutes, the collectivists ran away and fled right into the arms of the Varagians on the following trucks, who mowed them down with their assault rifles.

The local police officers were totally overwhelmed with a sudden strike like this and had apparently no desire to fight against Tschistokjow`s armed units. So the police station of the city was occupied without any problems and the surprised officers were disarmed. Finally, Tschistokjow walked under the loud cheers of his supporters into the town hall and announced the liberation of the city.

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