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   Chapter 28 No.28

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"I don`t know it, Frank", answered Wilden. "Perhaps the Japanese would help us in a sitation like this, but I`m not sure. Nevertheless, we are too weak to survive a civil war…"

"And if the GCF attacks Belarus?", asked Kohlhaas.

"I do not know! Japan can`t help us with its army. We are on our own here", returned the foreign minister.

Frank stared thoughtfully at the wall. He was not able to find a solution and Wilden was helpless too.

Meanwhile, things took their course in Russia, while Artur Tschistokjow concentrated his actions on rebuilding his country. He brought a national youth organization into being, which he called the Children of the Rus.

The young Belarusians were excited and joined the freedom movement in great numbers. The national television reported about the foundation meeting full of enthusiasm, and showed the president at a mass rally in Minsk.

A few days later, Tschistokjow went to Tallinn and supported his colleagues at the rehabilitation of the ailing agriculture and forestry of Estonia. The leader of the Rus was always working and allowed himself not even a single free day. He slept only four to five hours a night, and continued then to accomplish his countless tasks as a president of a renegate state. Piece by piece, the stress was devouring his body and even more his mind. Tschistokjow was often irritated and overwhelmed, and it still became worse.

In the early morning hours of the 4th of June, 2037, CLJ troopers took over the power in Nizhny Novgorod and Ryazan. The main administrative building and the police stations were occupied by the collectivists, while the officers were disarmed. The few GCF soldiers in these cities had already withdrawn to give Uljanin`s men free rein.

The chairman of the CASJ finally came to Nizhny Nowgorod and delivered a speech in front of a huge crowd of people. Now, his attack on Russia had reached the next level.

Shortly afterwards, the cities of Kazan and Samara were taken by the collectivists. Here and there, some Russian policemen still tried to keep back the aggressive hordes of CLJ troopers, but they had no chance against their numerical superiority. In Samara, over 40 policemen were killed, while the forces of collectivism finally conquered one city after another.

Then, the leading functionaries of the CASJ brought the red-black revolution to Yekaterinburg and Ufa, where the local administrative government was overthrown.

It did not take long, until the red-black flags were waving on the roofs of the city halls and all resistance had been eliminated. A few days later, Uljanin came to Yekaterinburg, declaring the victory of collectivism and the beginning of a new era of social justice and eternal equality.

And the red-black troopers marched on. Soon they had taken Celjabinsk and shortly afterwards Perm. Subsequently, they conquered the small towns in eastern Russia. On the 12th of June, Uljanin went to Astana in Kazakhstan and pro

claimed the "Victory of the People".

In the last weeks, his CLJ units had overrun the country like a swarm of wasps, smashing all resistance with brutal violence. Finally, the revolution reached even Uzbekistan, where the non-Russian population followed the collectivists with great enthusiasm. Many Uzbegs joined Uljanin`s CLJ squads, after all, the goateed man had promised them numerous privileges and preferred settlement areas in Russia.

The media reported about the revolution in the east of the administrative sector "Eastern Europe" in an objective and unemotional way. Although Uljanin had repeatedly threatened the powerful in Russia, his revolutionary measures and the many acts of violence of his followers were hardly condemned. When a reporter seemed to be "anxious", his alleged fear of the approaching revolutionaries was nothing but a part of a big theatre.

Until the end of June, the Siberian cities of Omsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk were in the hands of the collectivists. In the course of this, it came to heavy clashes between Russians and Asians, which were quelled by CLJ units.

In August, all bigger cities in Eastern Russia were under collectivist control. Then Uljanin tried to conquer the rest of the country.

In Yaroslavl and Tver, in the north of Moscow, the red-black masses marched through the streets, occupated the cities and crushed all resistance. Their political opponents were arrested or just massacred in a night of the long knives. Several hundred people were executed by Uljanin`s CLJ troopers as "enemies of the revolution" or "traitors of the workers".

During the riots in Yaroslavl and Tver, the World Government and the international media just looked away. And the collectivist revolution became more and more bloody and brutal. Soon the armed units of the CASJ were raging around Moscow, hunting down every Russian, who could become a future enemy of collectivism.

Meanwhile, Frank and Alf were back in Minsk. Kohlhaas had moved into an apartment in the western part of the Belarusian capital. Nevertheless, he still regarded Ivas as his real home.

The two rebels were sitting in front of their TV with a mixture of horror and amazement, watching the events in Russia.

"Uljanin overruns the whole country and they will just let him take over the power!", gasped Frank and took a sip from his beer bottle.

"This is nothing but a hypocritical game!", growled Alf.

"There has even been a collectivist demonstration in Paris yesterday. The cops haven`t done anything to stop the so called revolutionaries. Can you still remember, when they have slaughtered the rebellious citizens after our bomb attempt on Wechsler?"

"Yes, of course!", said B?umer angrily.

"What shall we do now? Waiting until Russia and the rest of Europe will be flooded by the collectivist wave?", wailed Kohlhaas.

B?umer had no answer. However, Artur Tschistokjow had one and sent for his general on the next day.

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