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   Chapter 27 No.27

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Collectivism had meanwhile reached Poland, Bohemia, Slovakia and the Balkans. New associations and organizations, that fought for Mardochow`s principles, were founded everywhere.

The Polish collectivist leader Gregor Wainizki made a rally with over 80000 people in Warsaw and railed not only against the capitalist exploiters and oligarchs, but even more against the "fascists and nationalists" in neighboring Belarus. He warned of the danger of a "new Russian imperialism" and called Artur Tschistokjow a "monster" and a "malicious tyrant".

In the major supermarket chains, such as "Globe Food", which were meanwhile dominating large parts of eastern Europe, the food prices exploded, while the media told the public that crop failures and transport problems were the cause of it.

Furthermore, the administrative sector "Eastern Europe" got no more credits from the Global Trust Fund, what led to its insolvency in the long run. While the chaos was rising, the media reported about proposed closures of large industry complexes that increased the fear of the population of unemployment immeasurably. Within one month, the whole sector "Eastern Europe" was shaken by a wave of indignation and anger.

However, all this played into the hands of Uljanin as the hidden powers in the background had planned it. During this time, the CASJ unfolded a feverish activity and the red-black revolution came over Russia like a dark shadow.

Nevertheless, even the Rus benefited from the general discontent and the crumbling public order, although they had not the pecuniary resources of their rivals.

The summer of the year 2037 came, and with it an even bigger crisis. The food prices had already doubled and the number of unemployed and homeless people was growing at breakneck speed.

In many places, the people sank into a state of hopelessness and despair. Finally they hoped for Uljanin, who drove masses of neglected Russians like sheep into his organization.

CLJ squads took over the power in the streets of the Russian cities and the police had to behave passive by order from above. Where the Rus appeared, the collectivists immediately attacked them and were victorious in most cases, because of their greater number. On 15th of May, Vitali Uljanin spoke to a huge crowd in Moscow.

"We will soon be strong enough! It will not last long anymore, then Russia will be overrun by the collectivist revolution and capitalism will be destroyed", he preached, while countless people praised him like a Redeemer.

"One day, our maxims will reach even the last corner of this world! Then there will be only equality, freedom and justice - the kingdom of heaven on earth! No more poverty! No more hunger! Only peace and happiness!", exclaimed Uljanin, and the desperate were screaming in ecstasy.

The people raised their fists and waved their flags. Many of them seemed now to be ready to follow the

collectivist leader even to the end of hell.

"We will make all equal! There can only be injustice because there are still differences. There are still different classes, cultures, races and religions. But in a world of collectivism, there will be just equality! Equality and eternal happiness!

We will not tolerate any social differences and will not allow any private property! Everything will belong to you! To the people!

The nations of this earth, we will melt together to one happy mankind. We will remove all the various religions, all the different cultures, to create a single world culture!

You, the poor and oppressed, will win not only all the power, no, you will also destroy the remnants of the ancient world in Russia, with root and branch.

And then everything will be new and good! Then we will build up the new order of eternal equality and justice!"

"Equality and justice!", chorused the people and the asphalt was trembling under the thunder of countless voices. It was shaking with rage and brutal resoluteness.

"Look at this! Uljanin again, again huge masses of people", said Frank, pointing at the TV screen.

Wilden walked through his apartment in the center of Minsk and muttered: "The revolution in Russia will come…"

"Yes, but not our revolution!", added Kohlhaas.

"So it is! Collectivism is the final weapon of the Lodge Brothers to smash old Russia to pieces and to erase the Russian nation from history. If collectivism can`t be stopped, then the last nation of Europe, that still has some kind of inner substance, will be annihilated by the red-black revolution in the long term", said the foreign minister.

The former businessman sat down in his chair and stared into space. Frank was silent and watched the television report about the CASJ in horror, then he turned off the TV.

"There are two ways, Frank…", remarked Wilden.

"Oh, yeah? And which?"

"The first possibility is, that Uljanin is brought to power and nothing will really change - I mean the life situation of the ordinary Russians. People will continue to starve and even more chaos will rise. Finally, collectivism will turn out to be the big soap bubble that it is.

The second possibility is, that the collectivists succeed and establish their reign, because of the financial support of the World Government. Then they will bring the red-black rush into all neighboring countries. In return, our revolution and our movement will fall to dust, because we are not able to resist the power of collectivism and the World Government."

Frank perked his eyebrows up. "What`s about Japan?"

"Japan? Foreign minister Mori has told me clearly, that Matsumoto will not interfere in the internal affairs of Russia. This would lead to another war with the World Union", replied the old man.

"And if there would be a civil war in Russia? We against the collectivists and the GCF?"

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