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   Chapter 26 No.26

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"What are you doing?", asked the giant.

"HOK has bought a Battle Hammer orc horde for me on the Internet. That`s a lot of miniatures, but he will buy even more for me", said Frank happily, painting a grim-looking troll of tin.

"What? What is this stuff?" Alf gaped and scratched his beard.

"Battle Hammer! Don`t you know it?", asked Kohlhaas.

"No! I do not play with small figures. I′m not in the kindergarten", sneered his roommate.

"This is no child`s play, but a highly complex strategy game. Just awesome! I have always played it in Berlin", explained the hobbyist, putting on a solemn face.

"Now, clear the table, Frank. I want to eat!" B?umer pushed a bunch of goblins to the side.

"Be careful! They are freshly painted!", shouted Kohlhaas excitedly. Then he smiled again.

"Look at this, Alf! A dragon for my orc warlord. He can ride on it, you know?"

Alf beheld the winged monster in front of his nose and rolled his eyes.

"Nice wyrm! A true beauty!"", he only returned, shaking his head.

Frank did not care if B?umer liked his orcs or not. Until the middle of the night, he painted his new miniatures and slept only in the morning hours.

The next day, HOK and Frank met for another tabletop game. This time they played the science-fiction version of Battle Hammer. The portly and slightly eccentric computer freak had decorated a big table with a lot of plastic buildings, hills and other things. Two lovingly painted armies were waiting for the players who were totally excited.

For the next hours, the two men wanted to test their strategic skills with each other. Frank commanded a horde of alien monsters and HOK played again an army of humans.

"The laser guns shoot at your unit with the giant bug!", said HOK, pointing at a massive tin miniature. Then the plump man diced. "Ha! 6 hits! The giant bug loses four health points! Say good bye to it, Frank. Ha! Ha!"

"Shit!", hissed Kohlhaas and removed the giant bug from the table.

Now it was his turn. Countless smaller models were moved in the direction of HOK`s soldiers. The close combat phase followed, Frank diced. However, on that day, the luck of the dice was again not on his side.

"Damn! These small crawling creatures are nothing but useless!", he grumbled.

"Yes, that`s bad luck, my friend!", laughed HOK.

It went on for a while in this

manner. Ultimately, the computer scientist defeated his opponent again, and the portly man let out a loud jubilant cry.

"I have diced only crap...", declared the loser of the game.

"How true, Frank!"

Kohlhaas scratched his chin. "Anyway..."

"It always makes sense to attack my tanks or my heavy units with your giant bug and your swarm lord", lectured HOK.

"It has definitely been funny. That`s the main thing. The time?"

"It`s 18.13 o` clock!"

Frank perked his eyebrows up. "What? That late?"

"Yes, you wanted to play a great battle today!"

"Eh...okay...please buy some more miniatures for me on the Internet. Anything you can get. I`ll give you the money. Well, I have to go now", said Frank frantically.

"Do you have something to do?"

"Yes, I wanted to meet Julia - at 17.30 o`clock. We have planned to go to Steffen`s bistro."

"Ups!" HOK waved his massive hands, as if he had burned himself.

Kohlhaas rushed through the village and reached the house of the Wildens a few minutes later. With a meaningful look, Julia opened the door and cleared her throat.

"I`m really sorry, but everything went wrong today. My giant bug was shot in the second round and then HOK...", stammered Frank in confusion.

Julia twisted her mouth. "Giant bug?"

"Yes, the giant bug was the key to my defeat. And also the smaller bug soldiers were just disappointing..."

"Do you have a plague of insects in your garden?", asked the young woman and was baffled.

"No! We have played Battle Hammer. I usually have an orc horde, but today I tried out HOK`s "Hyperspace Termites". I mean, we have played Space Battle Hammer...", Kohlhaas tried to explain.

"And that`s why you have come too late?", Julia wanted to know.


"Giant bug? Termites?" The blonde beauty narrowed her eyes to slits. "These things are more important than me?"

Frank paused. "No, of course not! I`m really sorry, I have just forgotten the time."

Julia tapped her forehead at Frank. "Men!", she moaned.

Fake Crisis

While the collectivist movement was still growing and countless Russians were united under the red-black flags, the first signs of a massive economic crisis in the whole sector "Eastern Europe" could be recognized. This social collapse was planned by the Lodge Brothers and should accelerate Uljanin`s revolution.

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