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   Chapter 25 No.25

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Frank, Alfred, Sven and many others drove to northern Latvia and supported the local groups of the freedom movement in their propaganda campaigns. They made a few smaller rallies in some villages and distributed countless pamphlets once more.

At the end of February, about 8000 demonstrators marched through the streets of Tartus and overpowered the local security forces. A few collectivists appeared on that day too, but they ran away quickly, when they saw the troopers of the freedom movement.

Finally, the invasion of Estonia started. The Belarusian government mobilized all its armed forces and began a large-scale assault on the tiny Baltic country.

Several thousand armed troopers crossed the Estonian border in the early morning hours and occupied the city of Tartu. Subsequently, the local Rus made a protest march through downtown, while numerous Estonian police officers and thousands of people joined the crowd. There was no resistance at all.

But in Tallinn, Estonia`s largest city, the situation was different. Police squads and a small GCF force fought in the suburbs against Tschistokjow`s troopers and tried to stop their assault in time. Nevertheless, they had to retreat after a short fire fight and finally fled towards the main administration building in the inner city.

The leader of the Rus and his men followed them, driving them out of Tallinn at the end. Shortly afterwards, a huge mass of people gathered in front of the administration building and Tschistokjow declared the resignation of the Estonian vassal government under thunderous applause.

The Estonian policemen did not dare to resist and finally laid down their weapons. All GCF soldiers had meanwhile retreated to Finland and no counterattack followed. This time, the Global Control Force and the Estonian vassal government had been hit between the eyes by Tschistokjow`s well organized lightning attack.

Notwithstanding the above, the high command of the international forces was busy with more important things and didn`t give much attention to the events in Estonia. The Freedom Movement of the Rus had nevertheless gained a great victory overnight and this time, the Rus had been supported by the Estonian people.

Frank and his troopers breathed again. Today, there had been no bloodshed in the streets and they were able to celebrate their success in Tallinn without casualties.

Artur Tschistokjow utilized the resignation of the Estonian sub-governor as good as he could. More than 200000 people celebrated the victory a few days later in Minsk, while the Belarusian president made a mountain out of a molehill.

Even Akira Mori congratulated the Rus in the name of the Japanese nation. The Belarusian state television and the newspapers reported several days about the successful "attack of the revolution". And even in Tallinn, thousands of members of the freedom movement celebrated the liberation of Estonia with loud hullaballoo and a lot of pathos.

Walter Vogel, a man of German heritage who was living in St. Petersburg, became the new governor of Estonia. Furthermore, Estonia was no

w a member of the newly found Nation Leage of the Rus, an alliance that included the three Baltic countries and Belarus.

Shortly afterwards, Peter Ulljewski`s DSR units immediately swooped down on the few collectivist groups in Estonia to render them harmless. Now the international media paid them attention and screamed out hysterically. The time when the Rus were ignored or derided seemed to be over, while press, television and radio reported all day long about the uprising in Estonia.

The newspapers finally called Tschistokjow a "warmonger" and a "psychopath", demanding immediate political and military reprisals.

They poured out a torrent of hatred and defamation on the Belarusian president, directing the attention of the world to the newly created Nation Leage of the Rus.

Malignant television reports accused the leader of the freedom movement of mass murder and war crimes. Even the former sub-governor of Belarus, Medschenko, suddenly emerged again on television. He alleged that Tschistokjow`s men had already executed over 150000 people since the revolution in 2036.

Ultimately, the World President threatened the Rus on TV and declared that he would never tolerate their "antidemocratic policy". Soon the international forces would smash Tschistokjow`s terror regime, after they had pacified the other hotspots.

All in all, the Freedom Movement of the Rus had only conquered a tiny land with barely 1.4 million inhabitants, not much more people than in the German city of Cologne. But nevertheless, this had far-reaching psychological consequences. The people in Belarus and the Baltic countries recognized that the freedom movement was still strong and able to act. So the ranks of the organization filled with thousands of new members.

Shortly afterwards, the Rus continued their campaigns in Russia and the Ukraine with an increased morale. In Luck, in the northern Ukraine, about 12000 Rus marched through the city and prevailed against the local collectivists. Some smaller rallies, for example in Nowgorod, followed.

Kohlhaas bit on his tongue and slashed the tape on the side of the parcel with a kitchen knife. He had finally found the time to visit HOK again, and had brought his new Battle Hammer miniatures home. Like a happy little boy, he carefully opened the carton and was totally excited. Then he recognized some of the old miniatures between countless polystyrene chips. Frank smiled broadly.

"Cool!", he uttered, laughing happily and holding a small orc of tin in his hands. "A boar rider!"

Then Frank positioned dozens of little figures on the kitchen table and mumbled to himself, lost in thought. "An orc warlord, an orc shaman, goblins with spears, orcs with cleavers..."

In Minsk, Frank had bought superglue and a few colors for painting a few days ago. Now he had enough to do, because the orcs were waiting to get ready to fight. But it was necessary to agglutinate and paint them at first.

After about two hours, Alf came home and found his friend in the kitchen, highly concentrated, with a tiny brush in his hand. B?umer wondered.

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