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   Chapter 24 No.24

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Julia reacted with a cynical smile and answered: "My father lifes in his own world, since many years. His head is full of all the knowledge from his political books, but he is not able to see the little things around him. Little things like his wife or his daugther for example."

"I would prefer peace as well, but the World Government won`t give us any room to live. Hence, we must fight to survive!", hissed Frank.

Meanwhile, Julia was annoyed and addressed further reproaches to Kohlhaas.

"Sometimes I do not believe that you really hope for peace too, Frank! It often seems, that you are only live to fight…"

The rebel interrupted her curtly: "This is nonsense! I want to live in peace as well, but our enemies will not leave us alone! Be realistic!"

"And if you would even try it exceptionally with negotiations?", she suggested.

Frank looked at her with an condescending smile, as if he wouldn`t take her all too serious.

"Negotiations?", he muttered softly. "You can even try it once, Julia..."

Now the daughter of foreign minister jumped up, positioned herself in front of him and narrowed her eyes to slits. Then she stared grimly down on the general and clenched her fists.

"What do you want from me?", grumbled Frank.

"I would try it!", said Julia vigorously.

Kohlhaas answered with a shake of his head and walked away.

"Wow, the great hero is speechless, isn`t he?", she sneered angrily.

"Shut up and take care of your primary school children! You have absolutely no idea who our enemy is", screamed Frank.

"There he goes, the brave general! On to new heroic deeds! I promise you, that I will look after your grave from time to time, Frank", shouted Julia.

Kohlhaas did not look back and finally left her alone. The daughter of the village chiefs stared after him in silence until he was out of sight.

Frank came back to Minsk in late January and talked with Tschistokjow about the future of the movement. According to the rebel leader, who had recovered more or less, there was no other option than going on with the political struggle in Russia.

Sergej Spehar, the mastermind of the freedom movement in Russia, had been attacked by some collectivists one week ago and had almost died. Now he was in intensive care in a hospital in Smolensk. The authorities were already awaiting the day, when he could leave his bed again to put him on trial for "illegal, political activities" and "breach of the peace". For months they had chased and now finally arrested him. It was clear, that Spehar would be sentenced to death after a show trial.

Therefore, Tschistokjow made Andrej Luschenko, an unemployed and extremely fanatical academic, to his successor.

However, the advance to western Russia took place very slowly a

nd only a small number of new members could be recruited. Furthermore, Tschistokjow`s men were only able to get active in smaller towns and villages, while the bigger cities already belonged to the collectivists.

At that time, the Lodge Brothers saw no more necessitiy to fight the Rus with GCF troops. Meanwhile, collectivist groups tried to gain influence even in the underground of Belarus, while Peter Ulljewski and his DSR men did everything to drive the opponents back.

Apart from that, the new year brought a lot of further conflicts, which attracted the attention of the World Government. In Bolivia, rebels groups almost succeeded to overthrow the vassal government, and in Palestine the quarrels between Israelis and Arabs were escalating more and more. And even in Iran, the guerrillas were still not completely defeated.

So the military strike against Belarus was postponed again, because the final victory of collectivism seemed to be only a question of time.

In China and India, Mardochow`s ideology was meanwhile spreading at breakneck speed and the first collectivist groups and associations had already been founded.

But the heart of the red-black movement remained Russia, where millions of people followed Uljanin. The media supported the CASJ with all their might and reported almost every day about the collectivist leader and his "humanistic ideals of social justice and equality".

"We are concentrating all our forces on Estonia. If we are not able to show the people another success, our revolution will finally fall asleep", said the Belarusian president.

"But what is, if things go wrong again? You have success -here in Belarus. The people love you and are very content with your policy", remarked Peter Ulljewski.

"Belarus is just a tiny piece of land and no mighty fortress. We are simply too weak and our country is too small. So it won`t change anything, if we can get some more weapons from the Japanese or the Belarusians are happy!", snarled the leader of the Rus bitterly.

Artur Tschistokjow paced his apartment and suddenly turned around.

"Estonia has to be conquered in March", he shouted and banged on the table. "I order, that we mobilize all we got. The operation must be ended within one day, and it must be be successful!"

"Our men will start to organize the invasion tomorrow. I have already talked to our chapter leaders in Tallinn", returned Peter.

"I just hope that the Estonians will finally understand, that they have to break the chains of the World Union to take their nation back", said Tschistokjow with a hint of impatience and anger.

Peter Ulljewski nodded and left the room. He began immediately with the preparations for the assault on the Lodge Brothers and their minions in Estonia.

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