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   Chapter 23 No.23

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"Certainly you are right, Sir!", answered the collectivist leader.

"Yes, of course I`m right, brother Uljanin", whispered the councillor and looked at his fellow with a sarcastic grin.

Then he continued: "On the territories of the former western European nations we have established multiethnic societies. The French, the Germans, the English and so on, have already become minorities in their own lands and they are dying out. Germany, France or England are no more white and European lands. Meanwhile, these formerly important countries are inhabited by a population, that consists of countless fragments of different heritage.

We have brought people from all over the world to Europe, to destroy the old white world and because we know, that a population like this is unable to unite against us in a common front. But it is different in Russia!"

Uljanin nodded. "The Russian nation is still not completely destroyed. Its culture has not totally vanished so far and a lot of Russians still have some kind of patriotism.

The gentleman in the black suit raised his index finger: "Right, brother Uljanin! You have understood me. Hence, it is the task of collectivism to raze old Russia to the ground. The brutal violence of the collectivist revolution shall smash Russia to pieces. The last European nation, which still can become dangerous for us, shall be crushed by the force of collectivism.

You, brother Uljanin, shall extinguish the remnants of old Russia with flame and sword. You shall destroy its culture and wipe out the European population in the long term, but before that, we will take away even their last property.

If you are successful, then you can extend the collectivist revolution to other countries, for example to China or maybe to India. The elders will decide what shall happen in the future, brother."

Vitali Uljanin became enthusiastic: "This is great, Sir! After the era of capitalism, that has already destroyed the old world, the collectivist revolution will be the final chapter of the Great Plan."

The councilor pushed his underjaw forward and bared his teeth. His eyes glittered coldly and cynically. "Yes, maybe, brother Uljanin."

"We are always one step ahead of our enemies, aren`t we, Sir?"

"Of course! In the long run, no one has ever been able to compete with our craftiness. We moreover don`t attribute this Freedom Movement of the Rus any special significance. This organization is ridiculous, tiny and totally unimportant."

The head of the CASJ clenched his fist and growled: "I will crush Tschistokjow and his followers. I will turn the anger of the masse

s against him and finally ring the death knell of Russia!"

The elder leaned back contentedly in his chair and returned: "So it shall be! Ring the death knell, brother Uljanin! Ring it and let its deafening noise resound across Eastern Europe. Ring it, until everything lays in ruins, until the last spark of hope has been extinguished under the boots of the revolutionaries. You are an important servant of the Great Plan, Uljanin brother! Never forget that!"

The collectivist leader humility looked at his superior and nodded. "I`m proud to make such a great contribution! And I will not disappoint the Council of the Wise!"

"What has happened?", asked Julia and looked at Frank.

"What do you mean?"

"At the demonstration in Orel!"

Frank`s distorted his mouth. "Don`t ask…"

"One day, they will shoot you", said the young woman worriedly.

"Probably…", she heard from the side.

"Oh great,! You are fearless – as always, aren`t you?"

Kohlhaas shook his head: "No, of course not. The rally in Orel has been terrible and I`m more than gald, that they haven`t killed me.

"But nevertheless, you will go on. I`m sure that Artur has already planned the next demonstrations and street fights", muttered Julia.

"Yes, that`s the way it is. I am at least responsible for a big part of the trooper units."

"And Tschistokjow can`t find another man for this?"

The rebel stared at the ground and was silent.

"Please talk to him again!", demanded Julia.

Frank stopped her with a wave of his hand. "No, that`s my job. I lead the troopers…"

"I understand, Frank. You are the great general in the first rank. Anyway, I only see riots, chaos and dead people on TV", she said.

Kohlhaas slowly became angry. "The world can`t be liberated in a few years. It is a long and exhaustive fight and…"

The pretty blonde grinned sardonically. "Liberate the world? Sometimes I think that you`re nuts, Frank."

"However, it is important that we carry the revolution further towards Russia. Artur Tschistokjow has already explained it and I agree with his strategic plans. Stagnation is no option for us."

"Your fight is a fight against windmills, Frank. Our enemies are too strong. Maybe Artur should build up Belarus at first, before he starts the next revolution in a giant country like Russia."

"You do not understand anything!", grumbled Frank.

"Oh, no? Perhaps he should help the Belarusian people first and foremost, before he fights again somewhere", she added without understanding.

"Your father also says, that we must expand the revolution to Russia", remarked the rebel grumpily.

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