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   Chapter 21 No.21

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"Nevertheless, I would prefer "Julia-Wilden-School", joked the young woman, nudging Frank with the elbow.

"School-of-the-great-hero-Frank-Kohlhaas" sounds much better", he answered.


When Julia and her friend entered the classroom, the heads of about 30 boys and girls immediately turned around. Some children giggled quietly or whispered in the background.

"This is the boy-friend of Mrs. Wilden", Frank believed to have heard somewhere.

Julia went to the desk and beheld the pupils with a strict face. Frank remained in the back of the room and waited what would happen next.

"With a teacher like this, I would voluntarily go to school forever", he thought and leaned against the wall.

"Good morning, children!"

"Good morning, Mrs. Wilden!"

"Today we have a guest! Who could it be?", asked Julia with a loud voice.

A small, red-haired girl put her hand up and snapped her fingers.


"General Frank Kohlhaas, the greatest hero of our country and the whole village", said the little girl enthusiastically.

The "greatest hero" behind her back reacted with an embarrassed smile and gave Julia a wink, while the children looked at him with boundless admiration.

On the opposite wall was a large portrait of Artur Tschistokjow. Under the picture was a small plate with some biographical informations about the leader of the freedom movement. On the other side hung a big dragon head flag, shining in bright colors.

"Today, general Kohlhaas will tell us about the first days of the revolution. At that time, Artur Tschistokjow, my father and many brave men like Mr. Kohlhaas have fought against our enemy, the World Government. It was a terrible time for us and the Belarusian people, who were tortured by the terror regime of the World Union."

"Shall I start with my…?" Frank paused confusedly. He had not expected this.

"I give you a sign, okay?", replied Julia a little bossy.

"Who is governing the world and wants to destroy us?", asked the young woman.

"The Lodge Brothers!", chorused the children.

"Who are the Lodge Brothers?"

Almost all the children put their hands up and were whispered and talking. Julia eventually selected a pudgy blond boy.


"The…uh…Lodge Brothers are a secret global organization that controls the earth…uh…since 2018, they have the world domination", elucidated the boy and smiled.

It took a few minutes, because Julia led her students explain her astonished guest, which was the ruling group inside the global organization and how it was structured. Then the children talked about the political goals of the "world enemy".

Frank was stunned. The pretty teacher had just transformed into a female Tschistokjow! Finally, she beckoned Frank, w

ho looked nervously around, to come to the desk. Meanwhile, Kohlhaas tried to find some good stories he could tell the children.

"General Kohlhaas will tell you now about his experiences. Everything must be written down!", announced Julia.

"Then I just talk about some stuff, okay?", whispered the young man into Julia`s ear.

"Let us be part of all your heroic deeds, my dear…", she said softly and had to smirk because of Frank`s bashfulness.

"Well…uh…I`m Frank…I mean general Kohlhaas…uh…and I`m from Berlin. Hello, kids!", said the leader of the trooper units, who was known for his fearlessness. Julia could barely suppress a laugh…

By significantly reducing the oil and gas prices, Tschistokjow tried to become even more popular among the Belarusians. Now he could look back on almost a year of his reign and his country had already recovered a bit. But this did not mean, that the economic crisis had already ended. After long periods of decay, starvation and freezing, the people of Belarus thanked their leader for even the smallest improvements of their life situation.

Meanwhile, Uljanin`s collectivists were the dominating force in many parts of central Russia and ruled the streets of the bigger cities. They had become stronger and stronger in the last months, and the CASJ was now a giant mass movement.

Several factories in Russia had finally not been closed or outsourced to other countries, after protests of the collectivists. So millions of Russians regarded the CASJ as some kind of protecting power for the poor.

Apart from that, Uljanin`s organization now also started feeding the poor on a grand scale and successfully defused the state of general discontent that had grown in the last time. The great international banks financed these operations at the behest of the World Government.

The ordinary Russian knew nothing about the backgrounds of these things and so the ranks of Uljanin`s CASJ filled with countless new members.

The sidewalks were overcrowded with cheering and shouting people. Ugly, dilapidated buildings surrounded the Rus and hundreds of flags were waving above the heads of the demonstrators. More and more men and women joined the crowd. Soon, the main street of Orel was completely clogged with people and the marching columns reached the city center. Artur Tschistokjow was in the first rank again and about 10000 supporters followed him. A lot of citizens applauded and cheered when he came nearer, others were cursing or screamed: "Uljanin! Uljanin!"

After three kilometers, the Rus were welcomed by the first swarms of collectivists that greeted them with cobblestones and molotov cocktails. They were accompanied by a lot of police officers, who tried to encircle the demonstrators.

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