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   Chapter 20 No.20

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Collectivist groups existed only in the capital Tallinn and in Tarku, but even these groups were not very strong. Furthermore, a great part of the Estonian police officers seemed to have sympathies for the freedom movement, above all in the rural regions.

So the invasion of the tiny country was planned for the 15th of December, but it should become more a military strike as a political coup. This time, Artur Tschistokjow`s armed troopers wanted to come with a lot of armored vehicles and moreover units of the newly established Volksarmee of the Rus. Frank and Alf had been in Estonia since days, helping their comrades to spread Tschistokjow`s propaganda.

In the early morning hours of 12.15.2036, several hundred troopers occupied the police headquarter and the city hall of Parnu. The operation ended without any fights and the policemen laid down their weapons or even joined the trooper units.

A few hours later, Frank was on the way to Tarku, where Tschistokjow had prepared a mass rally. The small GCF had already withdrawn from the city and about 20000 Rus were waiting for their leader. Furthermore, the most important targets in the city had already been occupied. Within a few hours, about 50000 Estonians joined Tschistokjow`s crowd outside the administration building. The head of the freedom movement finally declared the city to a "liberated territory".

His troopers camped overnight in the city streets and fought back some half-hearted attacks of the collectivsts. On the next day, they marched towards Tallinn.

But in the southern suburbs, they had to stop and withdrew again. Several thousand GCF soldiers had meanwhile gathered in the center of Tallinn and even more units of the international army were on the way to Estonia. They came from St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

Tschistokjow cursed. The operation had lasted too long and finally the attack on the Estonian capital ended with a defeat. Now the soldiers of the World Union drove the Rus back to Latvia.

At the same time, further GCF troops, coming from Poland and the Ukraine across the Belarusian border, occupied the cities of Grondo and Pinsk.

Artur Tschistokjow called the Belarusian up to defend their homeland and sent several regiments of the Volksarmee to Grodno to oust the invaders. General Frank Kohlhaas finally led about 10000 troopers to southern Belarus.

When he arrived in Grondo and the rebellious masses flocked together in the streets under the leadership of Tschistokjow`s political functionaries, the GCF troops marched off and left the city again.

All in all, it was nothing more than a mutual scanning. Tschistokjow declared on television, that "the Freedom Movement of the Rus had won against the oppressors", while the international media taunted him, because of the failed invasion of Estonia.

After a short time, the episode was over and nothing had changed. However, Artur Tschistokjow had understood the message of the World Government.

The rest of the year 2036 passed quietly, and finally the snow began to fall. Frank and Alfred went back to Ivas and celebrated a peaceful Christmas with the Wildens.

"A happy new year, Artur!", said Frank and sat down at the conference table in the presidential palace.

"Yes, thanks!", muttered Tschistokjow, examining some documents.

For several minutes, there was an awkward silence, then Tschistokjow rose from his seat and said some things in Russian. The politician looked extremely irritated.

"We have been defeated!", he said to his German colleagues and stared angrily around.

Wilden explained the Russians his view of things and a lively discussion ensued. All in all, the men agreed that their revolutionary work was stagnating.

"Japan will provide us with some machines in the next weeks, so that we can produce artillery and anti-aircraft guns", whispered the foreign minister.

"Better than nothing…", returned Kohlhaas.

"Yes, a good message, but if we can not continue our revolution, then we will loose everything in the long term!", remarked Tschistokjow.

Yuri Litschenko, the Interior Minister, told Wilden that the collectivists were the main enemy, not the GCF, because they had successfully absorbed the revolutionary energy in Russia so far.

Finally, the heated debate lasted for hours, but Artur and his followers came to no satisfying result. Only one thing seemed to be clear: If they were not able to expand the revolution to Russia, the GCF would end their reign in the near future. Tormented by frustration and doubt, the men went back home and continued to rack their brains. This state of stagnation was the worst, that could happen to the freedom movement.

Street Fights and Miniatures

The bad mood, Frank had to struggle with since days, was still there, when he returned to Ivas. In his mind, the disappointment about the failure in Estonia and the generally poor state of the freedom movement, was always rumbling under the surface.

Even Julia, who wanted to show him the new village school today, could not liberate Frank`s mind from all the sorrows and concerns. However, the daughter of the foreign minister had a much better vein, because she was still busy with her educational mission.

Now they walked down the main street of Ivas which was covered with a thick blanket of snow and Julia led Frank to a small house - the "school" of the village. Actually, it was not more than a large, lovingly renovated room, in which about two dozen chairs and a few wooden tables had been set up.

"This is the place, where I am teaching the children of Ivas", explained Julia with a proud smile and walked through the front door of the house. A sign mit the inscription "Thorsten-Wilden-School" hung above the door sill and Frank grinned when he saw it.

"We didn`t name it "Artur-Tschistokjow-School", because it seems that meanwhile every second school in Belarus is named after him." She smirked.

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