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   Chapter 19 No.19

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Nevertheless, the World Government was still not very interested in Belarus and the two Baltic States, because it were just three tiny countries with a population of hardly 15 million people. The Lodge Brothers had to rule over the lives of more than 8 billion people and at that time they had more important problems than Artur Tschistokjow and his little rebellion. Moreover, the freedom movement did not make the impression, as if it could overrun Russia and Ukraine in the next months.

In the meantime, the GCF had driven the Islamic rebels out of the bigger cities in Iran and the civil war had come to an end - more or less. Anyway, the Iranian revolution had failed. There was no more doubt about that. Mass executions and a wave of arrests followed the war.

The renegate forces had to return to their old tactic of guerrilla warfare and finally disappeared in the rugged highlands of northern Iran.

Meanwhile, Japan had sent some military advisers and technical equipment to Belarus, in order to help the small country to build up a defensible army.

Artur Tschistokjow implemented the general conscription again, building up a regular army which was called the "Volksarmee of the Rus". The first military parade took place in Minsk at the end of November. In the following months, Belarus started to produce modern firearms and even a few Japanese "Gunjin" tanks.

A little later, Matsumoto gave his allies a small number of missiles with nuclear warheads, which Tschistokjow planned to use as a threat in case of emergency.

But nevertheless, all these armament efforts were ridiculous and there was not much, Belarus would have had against an army like the Global Control Force.

On the other hand, the attempts of the Rus to build up an regular national army showed the population the spirit of ability to put up a fight. Especially Tschistokjow`s supporters felt stronger now, because their country became - slowly but surely - a real state.

Back in 2018 and the following years, not only the world`s national states had been abolished, but also the independent armies of all countries. Soon after, they had completely been replaced the by GCF.

This had advantages and disadvantages for the Lodge Brothers. Of course, the biggest advantage was the fact, that the nations were disarmed and helpless.

However, the Global Control Force remained the only regular army on the planet and it was subjected to a incredibly cumbersome administration and could not react very flexible.

So the GCF was a giant organization with the task to monitor and control billions of people all over the world. Like the Roman legions, they were always moved on the world map from one hotspot to the next and were constantly in use somewhere, in order to e

nforce the New World Order with an iron fist.

Only in exceptional situations, it could happen, that the World Government allowed it to a sub-governor to recruit some kind of national militia for a short time.

So it had been in the Iranian civil war, as sub-governor Kerman had sent out his own citizen militias against the Islamic rebels, before the regular GCF units had arrived. Such a procedure spared the "human resources" of the international forces, because when a rebellion or a civil war broke out somewhere, the expendable militiamen were sacrificed at first.

"I thought that the revolutionary mood would continue to spill over from Belarus to western Russia, but I am probably wrong", said Wilden and walked beside Frank through an autumnal park in Minsk.

"Meanwhile, the collectivists take the bread out of our mouth. Apart from that, Russia is so incredibly big. You do not even know where to begin!", answered Kohlhaas contritely.

"We must try to take over the rural regions as a first step, this is our only option. The big cities are still in the hands of the system and the collectivists. Uljanin`s movement has become really huge. He has won millions of people and the number of his followers is still growing. We can only dream of things like that."

The two men sat down on a bench on the verge of a pond. Some ducks had recognized them and started to croak. Frank smiled and threw some bread crumbs into the water.

"We will never be able to win enough power in a country like Russia. This is just madness!", he muttered.

"Madness? It is the only way to survive for us, Frank! Soon, we will try to liberate Estonia. Artur is already planning the next operation", remarked the foreign minister.

"The next operation…I understand…", grumbled his young friend and beheld the ducks thoughtfully. The animals were quacking loudly and came closer, while Frank gave them even more bread crumbs.

"You know, my boy, if I had told you a few years ago, that we would be free men in our own land one day, you would have called me insane, right?"

"Yes, you`re right!", replied Frank.

"What`s about your sleep distrubances?", Wilden wanted to know then.

Kohlhaas perked his eyebrows up. "Why do you ask me that now, Thorsten?"

"Why not, Frank?"

"I can live with them. It has become better if you want so...", said Kohlhaas.

Wilden smiled paternally. "I am glad to hear this, my boy!"

Artur Tschistokjow sent thousands of his troopers to Estonia. His men had already prepared this invasion since months and had distributed huge masses of pamphlets and video discs among the people. Even a small private TV station they had set up in northern Latvia to influence the Estonians beyond the border with their propaganda.

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