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   Chapter 18 No.18

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"Some people say, that the implantated Scanchips contain poisoned nano-capsules. They say that registered people can be killed with a single touch of a button. It looks from the outside like a heart attack or something like this…"

The World President was silent and had his back turned to the old secretary. Now he turned slowly around and looked at Mr. Morris, perking his eyebrows up.

"What did you say?", he asked.

Morris gulped and tried to smile friendly. "Well, I have read something on the Internet, about the new Scanchips…I mean…"

"What have you read, Mr. Morris?"

"This nonsense with the poisoned nano-capsules in the implantated Scanchips. Nonsense! Conspiracy theories!", answered the secretary with trembling voice.

The World President cleared his throat. "Why should the World Government put poison into the new Scanchips? This sounds really weird, my friend."

Morris was relieved. After all, his boss looked now more friendly and seemed to be relaxed.

"I have found a website, a couple of days ago, where somebody has written that the World Government could kill people who behave politically incorrect with these new implanted Scanchips. They just press a button and then…then the poison capsule is activatet and…"

"This sounds like a bad science fiction, eh?" The World President grinned.

"Yes! Like a really bad science fiction story. Yes!", laughed Mr. Morris.

"Would a humanistic and democratic World Government do something like that, my friend?", asked his boss.

"No! This is absurd! But it`s getting worse with all these conspiracy theories on the Internet. They write a lot of stupid stuff, you know…", said Mr. Morris.

"How long do have your implanted Scanchip, my friend?", asked the World President with an impish face.

"How long, Sir? Well, I think I was one of the first people who have been registered. This new Scanchip is a great idea. It replaces the payment, the identity card and so on", explained the secretary casually.

"And you are still alive! So you do not have a poisoned nano-capsule inside your body, Mr. Morris! Ha, ha!" The World President was holding his belly with laughter and his servant nodded approvingly.

"Yes, that`s right, Sir!", came back from the gray-haired man.

"What grade have you actually reached in our organization, Mr. Morris?"


"Are you still in the 4th grade?"

The secretary was baffled for a moment. "Yes, unfortunately I am still in the 4th grade, Sir…"

"I wish you a nice day, Mr. Morris", said the chairman of the World Union and clapped on his servant`s shoulder.

The aged man looked at him and didn`t know what to say anymore. He had really enjoyed this light-hearted chatter with his master. In such a personal way

, he had never talked to him before. This had been one of the greatest moments in his life, as Mr. Morris thought.

"I go now, Mr. World President!", he muttered and fetched his laptop.

"Good bye, my friend!", replied his boss, staring after him with an expressionless face.

Mr. Morris left the skyscraper and hurried through the streets of New York City, because he still had to buy a present for his oldest daughter, who celebrated her birthday today.

When the secretary came home, he was already awaited by his loving family. After a nice party, before he went to bed, he hugged his oldest daughter like a man who was just content deep inside.

When Mr. Morris was lying on his back, he smiled to himself and remembered the interesting talk with the most powerful man on earth. Then he fell asleep with a feeling of deep happyness and satisfaction.

The next morning, his wife found him dead in his bed. Apparently, he had suffered a heart attack, while he was sleeping. But this was not unusual, because Mr. Morris was already 61 years old.

Artur Tschistokjow and Sergei Spehar were already preparing another rally, this time in Velikie Luki. Ahead of the event, the Belarusian president had announced on television, that the Rus wanted to come again to Smolensk. The Russian authorities and the CASJ reacted immediately, while Uljanin himself came to the city to speak in front of over 60000 people.

A massive police presence, this time also elite units of the Global Policy (GP), unbolted the inner city hermetically. Ultimately, even some GCF soldiers were ordered to Smolensk. Finally, everybody expected bloody riots, But nothing happened. Not a single Rus appeared - at least, not in Smolensk. Instead, more than 17000 of Tschistokjow`s supporters marched through the streets of Velikie Luki and overwhelmed the small number of their political opponents and the local police.

The Freedom Movement of the Rus triumphed on that day, while its enemies grasped at nothing. They were made to look like fools and in the end, the frustrated collectivists took their anger out on the police. A day full of riots and destruction followed. Despite the admonitions of Uljanin, the mass got out of control after the rally and went rampaging through the streets.

On the other hand, Artur Tschistokjow leaned back grinning in the president palace in Minsk, watching the television reports. With this new orgy of senseless violence, the collectivists had lost a lot of sympathies among the population and the Russian policemen.

Finally, the Belarusian president took the opportunity for his own propaganda attack on the collectivists. He called Uljanin a "Pied Piper" and his followers a "Mongolian horde" on Belarusian television.

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