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   Chapter 17 No.17

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Shortly afterwards, HOK diced and a triumphant cry resounded through the shabby house. Frank scratched his head.

"Hmmm…", he muttered thoughfully.

In the end, Frank was ultimately defeated by his experienced opponent, but the game had nevertheless given him a lot of fun. The two men agreed to meet for a rematch in the next days, and Frank asked HOK to buy some more miniatures for him on the Internet.

"I`m starting with Battle Hammer again. It`s just the coolest game on earth. If you can find some of these old figures on the Internet, then please order them for me", said Frank and walked off.

"Got it!", answered HOK and smiled.

Having a Tough Time...

Frank had enjoyed his little holidays in Ivas, but now Tschistokjow had called for him again and the vacation was over. Grumbling and ranting, Frank left his home village and drove to Minsk. His friend Alf followed him, as always.

In the meantime, HOK had bought a complete orc horde on the Internet and the miniatures were waiting for their new owner, who was already on the road in western Russia. Kohlhaas was sent to Cernihiv to organize the propaganda campaign there.

The Rus had spread in some more cities and new local chapters had been founded. Tschistokjow had successfully spun his web and the freedom movement had moreover formed an alliance with the Voskhod Solnza, a group of patriotic Russians from Nowgorod.

At the same time, the conflict with the collecitivists was steadily increasing. Dozens of men had been wounded or even killed in the last weeks on both sides. A protest march through Bryansk was stopped by Sergei Spehar, when his men were attacked by a huge mass of angry collectivists.

The police had furthermore arrested several hundred Rus at that day and some section leaders were now waiting for their indictment because of breach of the peace.

In return, Vitali Uljanin was building up his movement on a grand scale and the media gave him the chance to spread his ideology all over Russia.

The collectivists demonstrated in many cities and their number multiplied within a short time. Often, the members of the CASJ attacked the russian police after the rallies, knowing that the officers had the instruction to behave passive, in order to avoid confrontations.

Uljanin now increasingly recruited Asian immigrants for the CLJ. They lived in great numbers in the bigger cities and in metropoles like Moscow, about half of the population was of non-Russian heritage. The CASJ leader promised them a lot of privileges and was eager to fill the ranks of the CLJ with these men.

In some regions, the militant arm of the collectivist movement was soon dominated by non-Russian troopers. In many bigger cities, especially in Moscow, the CLJ units consisted of a substantial part of Azerbaijanis, Georgians, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazak

hs, Kyrgyz, Chinese, Turks, Armenians and other Asians.

Another big part of the armed collectivist units were Russians, who had completely fallen through the social network and had nothing to lose anymore. These men were driven by pure desperation, following every man who promised them a better future..

Most of the CLJ troopers didn`t understand the "philosophy" of Theodore Mardochow or his political principles. But the promise of social justice and equality sounded like music in their ears.

The collectivist agitators had a great talent to instrumentalize these desperate men, and as part of an angry crowd they could become extremely dangerous and were able to smash nearly every opponent in their unbridled rage.

However, in the ranks of the Freedom Movement of the Rus it was often the same kind of men. A big part of Tschistokjow`s followers was as poor and desperate as the ordinary collectivists, who were ready for anything. The main difference was, that Tschistokjow`s men were all Russians or other Europeans.

Thus it were often totally frustrated fanatics on both sides who fought each other in the streets, driven by different ideologies.

"In Eastern Europe, almost 20 million people are already registered with an implanted Scanchip. In England, it is about 68% of the population. In North America, over 100 million people…"

"Go on!", said the World President bluntly.

His secretary, Mr. Morris, looked up briefly with a submissive smile and continued reporting.

"In Germany, it is about 16 million people…so far!"

"In France about 20 million people…"

"In Italy…"

"Good! That`s enough, Mr. Morris!", interrupted the chairman of the World Union his secretary.

"Yes, Mr. World President!", answered the gray-haired man.

"In 2034, the whole operation has started with a lot of zeal. But now, the mass registration is stagnating!", growled the politician and stood up from his chair.

"I can not explain it, Mr. World President", stammered Morris.

"You don`t have to explain anything, because that`s not your task!"

"Yes, Mr. World President!"

"The implanted chip is the key to our global reign. And only power and domination are the things in this world, which are really important for us", muttered the head of the World Government and walked through his luxuriously furnished office.

"But the media tell the people every day, that the registration is good and necessary. So why is it stagnating since a few months?", asked the secretary.

"The voluntary registration was level 1. Soon level 2 will follow. This will be the second step: the forced registration! First in North America and then in Western Europe", murmured the World President.

Mr. Morris was silent for several minutes and seemed to brood. He nervously fiddled with his pen, then he took a deep breath.

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