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   Chapter 16 No.16

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"Wow!" Kohlhaas was more than amazed.

"I have the fantasy and the science-fiction version of Battle Hammer. And the expansion packs. Last week, I have ordered some more undeads on the Internet. Meanwhile, these old miniatures are very valuable!", remarked HOK with a grin.

"I had some undeads too…", said Frank.

"Look at this, Frank. My undeads! Vampires! Normal skeleton warriors! Zombies, Tomb crawlers...", mumbled the corpulent computer nerd and showed his astonished guest a giant army of miniatures which was standing on the window sill.

"I had to leave my beloved orcs and the rest of my collection in my apartment in Berlin, when they have brought me to Big Eye", muttered Frank.

"Do you still know the old rules of Battle Hammer?", asked HOK.

"Well, it is a long time ago…"

"I have all the rule books here, Frank!"

"Sounds good..."

"Finally, I have found someone who knows Battle Hammer. Here in Ivas! That`s crazy", cheered HOK.

"Yes, it is!" Kohlhaas became more und more enthusiastic.

"We should play in the next days. What do you think? Do you prefer Space Battle Hammer or Battle Hammer Fantasy?", urged HOK.

"I don`t really care. The main thing is we play and have some fun", replied Frank smiling.

"Hach!" The twisted computer freak tenderly stroke a monster of tin with his thick fingers. Meanwhile, the miniature was covered with dust, but HOK treated it like a treasure chest. "My little one, I thought that you would never get used again…"

A little later, the two sat in front of a computer and HOK was racing again, with inconceivable velocity, through the secret data banks of the registration authority of the administrative sector "Central Europe".

"There he is, your nephew", he said after a while.

Frank stared at the screen. It had only lasted a few minutes until HOK had found the access to the sub-files on Nico`s Scanchip.

"Oh, shit!", he suddenly shouted out.

"What`s up?", asked Frank, trying to decipher the tiny letters on the screen.

"Nico Günther, GCF Junior Academy Berlin. What the hell...?", muttered the computer freak.

Frank swallowed and could not believe his eyes. This was a bit too much for his mind…

After Kohlhaas had gone home, he was on the Internet again and visited the website of the "GCF Junior Academy Berlin".

There was a photo of his nephew, where the ten year old boy was proudly smiling in his uniform, holding a certificat

e in his hands. "Junior officer of the year 2036, Nico Günther" could be read under the photo. Frank shook his head and turned the computer off.

"That`s more than sick!", remarked Alf who had come into the living room. He clapped Frank on the shoulder and tried to calm him.

"He is the best in his class, the little boy", said Kohlhaas with a quiet sigh.

"I did not want to believe it, when you told me that", came from B?umer, who was puzzled too.

Frank gave him a cynical smile. "First they liquidate his mother, put him into an orphanage and now they make the boy to an officer of the GCF. These damn rats!"

"The GCF likes orphans, good human material…"

"I know! It is the best human material!"

"What can I say?!" Alf shrugged his shoulders.

"My last living relative becomes an officer of the GCF. That`s a bad joke!", groaned Frank.

"Maybe one day he will shoot his uncle Frank and they will tell him that he has saved the world from an evil terrorist monster."

"Who knows what they have told him about his mother and you, Frank?"

"Lies! What else?", grumbled Kohlhaas.

Alfred was silent and beheld his friend, who looked out the window with tears in his eyes.

"Welcome to the madhouse! This world is nothing but a giant pile of shit!", he whispered and went into his bedroom.

Although he had been tortured by doubts, depressions and almost no sleep, Frank went nevertheless to HOK to play Battle Hammer. After all, it was a good method to find some distraction for a few hours. The tabletop game let Frank dive into another world, where he was save from the unpleasant reality around him.

HOK had positioned hundreds of miniatures on a beautifully decorated table. Frank commanded a lovingly painted orc horde, while his opponent played the humans.

"I cast with my orc shaman the "Magic Head Butt" on your general!", said Frank and diced.

"Ha, ha! It does not work!", laughed HOK.

Kohlhaas moaned. "Well, let`s do the close-combat phase! I start with my orc warlord and his bodyguards!"

"Damn!", mumbled the computer freak, sceptically staring at the dice that rolled across the table.

"Your soldiers will be smashed by the green horde", said Frank dryly.

"Wait until my turn…", replied his thick counterplayer, waiting for revenge.

HOK moved his troops forward and put on a self-sure grin. "My knights attack your goblins!"

"And my swordsmen will kick some orc asses!"

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