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   Chapter 15 No.15

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Artur Tschistokjow immediately took the opportunity and announced on television, that the collectivists had shown their "devil`s faces" in Moscow.

In return, the Rus organized a number of smaller rallies in the Russian cities near the border. They marched with over 12000 demonstrators through the small town of Pytalovo and could not be stopped by the police. A few days later, Artur Tschistokjow spoke in Nowgorod, Percoy, Izborks and Sebez in front of several thousand people. These border towns could be reached and left quickly, in case of emergency. But all the rallies took place without bigger problems. Where collectivist disturbers appeared, they were chased away by the armed troopers. Slowly but surely, Tschistokjow`s organization won ground in some parts of western Russia and new local chapters and trooper units were founded.

Artur Tschistokjow made Sergei Spehar, an ambitious and combative man in the early thirties, to the supreme leader of the Russian section of the freedom movement. His younger brother, Timur, got the leadership of the freedom movement in the Ukraine.

Furthermore, Tschistokjow gave the local chapters more independence and autonomy, so that it was easier for them to organize rallies and demonstrations on their own.

And this strategy was successful. The two brothers deployed a feverish activism and expanded the influence of the freedom movement in many cities.

They made several demonstrations in the Ukraine and even one in the south of Nowgorod. But the Rus chose only smaller towns and avoided the bigger cities, which were already in the hand of the CASJ. Nevertheless, the conflict between the Rus and the collecitvists became more intense. At the end of October, four young members of the freedom movement were shot in Krestcy by some CLJ men. Four days later, masked thugs stabbed the local chapter leader of the freedom movement in Jamm. Tschistokjow`s supporters took revenge and killed three collectivists in Nowgorod. But this was just the beginning…

After weeks full of activism, Frank and Alfred had returned to Ivas and enjoyed some quiet days. Sven Weber and the other young men from the village were still on the road - somewhere in Russia. One week ago, two young men from Ivas had been caught by the police and were taken into custody, as Julia told them. Since this day, nobody had heard from them anymore.

Today, Kohlhaas had stayed in his bed for hours. Around noon, he got up and walked through the forest behind his house. How much had he missed this little village in the last months!

Then he visited Julia and went with

her to Steffen de Vries café. Towards evening, he went to HOK, the computer expert of the community.

"Let`s see, what has become of my nephew Nico!", he thought to himself, and decided to ask the corpulent computer freak to take a look at Nico`s Scanchip.

HOK`s still not renovated house appeared abandoned. The shutters were closed and no sign of life could be seen from outside.

"Holger, get out!", shouted Frank and banged against the front door. A shutter was pulled up and a rumble was heard.

"Who`s there?", it resounded inside.

"The GSA!"


"It`s me! Frank!"

Kohlhaas heard HOK coming down the stairs with loud steps. Then Holger opened the door.

"Frank! What can I do for you?"

"Am I disturbing?"

"No!" HOK grinned.

"Oh, I just wanted to visit you. Maybe there is something new on Nico`s Scanchip…"


"My nephew!"

"Oh, that Nico! Shall I look at his chip?"

"Yes, if it is not too much work for you."

"Oh, no! Since the revolution in Lithuania, I`m not very busy anymore", grumbled HOK disappointedly.

"And what are you doing all day long now?", asked Frank.

"This and that. Hanging around, surfing on the Internet and so on", answered computer scientist.

"You could join the freedom movement. It would keep you fit!", said Frank sardonically.

"To get a bullet in my head? No, street fights are not my specialty. Sorry!", returned HOK. "And now come in please."

They went to the upper floor. Meanwhile, the cyber-freak had a second computer room - with a view on his neglected garden.

"This is true luxury! Two computers! One on every floor!", explained HOK. Frank perked his eyebrows up and looked around.

Suddenly, his glance hit a dirty glass vitrine full of odd miniatures. Frank was baffled.

"Hey, that`s impossible! No, this can`t be! These figures are old miniatures from Battle Hammer, aren`t they? How cool is that?", he exclaimed.

HOK smiled. "Oh? You know Battle Hammer?"

"Sure! Once I had a lot of these miniatures: Orcs, humans, elves, dwarves and so on", answered Kohlhaas delightedly.

"Then you will know these guys…", said HOK, pointing at some great painted miniatures.

"Uh, these are some knights of the Golden Order, right?"

"Bingo! That`s right. Congratulaions! I have more than 6000 miniatures. A huge army of humans, an orc horde, several hundred dwarves…"

"Brilliant!", shouted Frank and was happy like a little boy.

"Come on!" The computer freak pulled his guest with him, leading him into another room.

Frank gaped. Here were even more vitrines full of miniatures.

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