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   Chapter 14 No.14

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Gomel - this city had seen a terrible bloodbath in the times, when the freedom movement had conquered Belarus. Frank and Alf always remembered the so called "Blood Rally", when they walked down the streets here.

In the course of the infamous Gomel rally, the Belarusian police had once shot down hundreds of protesters. Today, the younger members of the freedom movement often talked about "Gomel" with a touch of heroic glorification, but Frank and Alf, who had been there, only remembered a slaughter.

And scenarios like this would return, if they tried to conquer Russia. There was no doubt, as Frank said to himself. And one day, his eternal luck would finally vanish and death would find him.

"Sisyphean task…", muttered Frank, staring at the ugly, yellow wallpaper on the opposite wall.

"If Julia goes to Vilnius to study, then I will lose her in the end", it flashed through his mind.

But what should Frank except from her? Should she wait for him forever, always hoping that he would come back one day? After decades of struggling? He would probably rather return in a coffin to his home village, Kohlhaas thought sadly. This was much more realistic than any great victories over an enemy that still seemed to be invincible.

In any case, he had Julia "under control" if she would stay in Ivas, as he explained it to himself. He would have her in sight, like a military unit or a squadron of troopers. However, Julia was no trooper on a strategic map, but a very intelligent, beautiful woman who had the right to do something with her life.

"Soon you will be vanished, my dear. And I will still be trapped in this life that becomes more and more meaningless for me", said Frank, while he beheld Julia`s photo.

What would happen, if she studied in Vilna, Minsk or another city? Would a second "Victor" appear? A nicer, wiser and better man than himself? A man who was not a hero, but a normal, lovely person?

Frank tried to ban these thoughts from his mind and his mood became worse with each passing minute.

"If she would be a good woman, then she would support me. I sacrifice myself also for her and everyone else", he hissed angrily and suddenly clenched his fist.

But only seconds later, he became aware of the fact that Julia was an independent human being. Moreover, the daughter of the foreign minister was more than just an appendage of her father. And she was no barbie doll in the hand of a depressive street fighter like him. She had not only an angelic face, but also a ke

en mind. Anyway, she would live her own life. She would study and leave Ivas, and Frank had no right to stop her.

"Fuck!", he growled and kicked against the old, shabby sofa in the middle of the room.

Shortly afterwards, the door was unlocked and a bunch of loud chattering troopers came in. Alf made a stupid joke in broken Russian and his comrades started to laugh. Kohlhaas moaned quietly and shook his head.

"Good food, my friend. Very tasty…hmmm…", said B?umer with Turkish accent, brandishing a plastic bag. A stupid grin followed.

"Tasty…hmmm…", "Yes, nice!", muttered Frank.

"Aren`t you hungry? Here my friend, good food, my friend!", bugged Alf.

"Very funny!"

"What`s up, dude?"


"Hey, Alexei! Tell Frank that joke with the young women and the car. It`s really great!", shouted B?umer at a Russian.

A broad-shouldered trooper immediately came to Kohlhaas and started to talk. Alf was laughing in advance, although he had heard the joke many times before.

"Okay, Frank…", said the Russian. "Four young women are on a hill where an old car is. Suddenly, a guy comes around and he has a huge…"

B?umer started to laugh like a drunken sailor and the sturdy Russian lost the thread for a moment. Then he tried to remember the rest of the joke, while Frank was staring at him, full of frustration and rolling his eyes…

While the freedom movement tried to expand its influence in western Russia, they CASJ conquered one city after another. Vitali Uljanin conducted the "Day of the Workers and the Disenfranchised" in Moscow, and no less than 300000 people gathered in front of the Kremlin. But his time, the situation got out of control.

After the event, thousands of frustrated people marched through the city on their own and the anger exploded. Clashes with the police, who had received the order to let the demonstrators act, followed and 23 officers were killed.

Uljanin`s supporters stormed through the streets like a marauding horde and smashed everything to pieces. Many immigrants from the republics of the former Soviet Union, which now inhabited great parts of Moscow, joined the frenzied mass and devastated the inner city. Finally, the mob was raging in the streets of Moscow for several days.

The media tried to hush up the riots, but the "Day of the Workers and the Disenfranchised", which had originally been planned as a promotional event for collectivism, remained in the minds of many citizens of Moscow as an outbreak of violence and terror.

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